How Big Is The Ford Edge Cargo Area? [Dimensions For 2021 Models]

When considering a new SUV, the Ford Edge is worth a look for its two-row seating and surprisingly spacious cargo space. With seating for five people, the Ford Edge still has lots of space in its cargo bed. Or you can fold down the second row for even more carrying capacity. The research on the Ford Edge's cargo dimensions is here so you can make the best buying decision.

Ford engineers have made the cargo space the same for all five models and trim levels. The second-row seats fold flat in all models. The cargo dimensions are:

  • Volume behind 1st-row seats – 73.4 cubic feet
  • Length behind 1st-row seats – 74.8 inches
  • Volume behind the 2nd-row seats – 39.2 cubic feet
  • Length behind 2nd-row seats – 41.7 inches
  • Cargo bed width at beltline – 63.3 inches
  • Cargo bed width between wheel housings – 45.3 inches
  • Cargo bed height - 34. 5 inches

Now that we have the numbers, what do they mean for carrying capacity and storage? The Ford Edge has lots of storage options. With the 60/40 split-folding bench seat, you have more cargo-carrying space. You have room for some furniture, even a small loveseat. The square design makes carrying boxes easy. Keep reading to learn even more!

A 2016 Ford Edge stopped on the grass, How Big Is The Ford Edge Cargo Area? [Dimensions For 2021 Models]

Ford Edge - Big Capacity, Midsize SUV

2016 Ford Edge stopped on the grass

The Ford Edge sits between the smaller Ford Escape and the Ford Explorer. Like the bigger 2021 Ford Explorer, the new Ford Edge has options for configuring the seating and cargo space. The five models are the SE, STL, ST-Line, Titanium, and Edge ST. 

Ford Edge Passenger Seating Options

All five models seat up to five passengers. The front bucket seats can be adjusted to easily fit a six-foot tall person. The second-row passengers will still have four inches of space for their knees.   

The second-row is a 60/40 split-fold flat reclining bench that is most comfortable for holding two people in its outer seats with its 57.5 inches hip room and 60.5 inches shoulder room. In the middle is a fold-down with two cup holders that can be folded up, forming the back of the seat for a third person.  

Do Ford Edge seats fold flat?

The second-row bench seat folds flat on top of itself.  For the SE, STL, and ST-Line models, the latch to fold them is on the sides of the seat. The Titanium and ST models' seats have power fold. These seats can also be folded manually. All models are manually folded back up for passenger seating.

By folding the second-row seats down, you can carry some longer items, with 74.8 inches from the liftgate to the back of the front row.  

Ford Edge Cargo Options

How wide is a Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge's exterior is 75.9 inches wide without mirrors with an interior beltline width of 63.3 inches and a wheel housings width of 45.3 inches. This gives a lot of space for passengers and your stuff.

How Is Cargo Space Calculated?

Cargo space's cubic volume is figured by multiplying the length by width by height to get the cubic foot measurements. With the second-row seats folded flat, the total cargo space is 7.34 cubic feet. With those seats up for passengers, the cargo bed has 34.5 cubic feet of carrying space.

2016 Ford Edge stopped on the grass

What are Ford Edge Storage Pods?

The Ford Engineers have taken space that is often wasted in other vehicles and added storage pods. When you lift the cargo bed floor, you will find three pods of storage space adjoining the spare tire and jack.  These pods have good depths for storage.

Can a loveseat fit in a Ford Edge?

Folding the second-row seats down creates lots of cargo space. With the second-row seats down, you can carry some loveseats home. Others will be too large. When checking the dimensions of height, width, and length, also note if the height is with or without the legs? Some legs on furniture easily unscrew. Another consideration is any packaging that the store might use that can be removed before transport.  

Can you carry golf clubs in the Ford Edge?

Golf clubs will usually fit at an angle in the cargo space, so there is no need to lower the second-row seats. The driver club, which has the longest length, might need to be removed not to hold any tension against the vehicle's frame. Another option is to lower the second-row seats or just one side of them so the clubs can lay full length.  

Can a sheet of plywood fit in a Ford Edge?

A standard sheet of plywood is four feet wide by eight feet long.  With the second-row folded down, a sheet of plywood will fit at an angle over one of the wheel housings.  The difficulty is that it will also extend two-feet out of the back of the vehicle. This is doable for short drives as long as the liftgate is locked or manually strapped in place.

Does the Liftgate Lock in place on the Ford Edge?

The power liftgate is standard on the ST-LIne, Titanium, and Edge ST models. When pressed, the liftgate has a button that will lock the liftgate at the opening level you choose. To release the lock just manually press the door higher. The SE and STL liftgates are manual only.

The power liftgates can be controlled with a remote. If the car is unlocked, the power liftgate has a foot sensor that will power open the liftgate when you move your foot beneath the license plate. Remember to step back as the door comes up toward you. 

Where is the spare tire in a Ford Edge?

The spare tire and jack are found under the cargo bed floor. The spare is a compact spare tire and is not identical to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) tires on the Ford Edge.

Can you add a roof rack on a Ford Edge?

All models have the option of adding black roof rack side-rails. On the Titanium and Edge ST, you add silver roof rack side-rails. Ford offers lots of options for cargo carriers, bike racks or ski/snowboard carriers, and more. 

Click to see SnailAuto silver roof rack side rails, compatible with Ford Edge, on Amazon.

Can you add a tow package to the Ford Edge?

All models can have the additional Class II Tow package which is capable of pulling 3,500 pounds with a tongue weight of 150 pounds.


The 2021 Ford Edge is a great option for carrying passengers and cargo. The Ford Edge cargo dimensions are 39.2 cubic feet with all seats up and 73.4 cubic feet with the second-row seats folded flat. The interior width is 63.3 inches at the beltline and 45.3 inches between the wheel housings. This is a lot of cargo space for getaways, weekend projects, or just living daily life.

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