How Much Does A Ford Expedition Cost?

How Much Does A Ford Expedition Cost?There are a number of different trim options that are available for the Ford Expedition, and some wonderful optional extras to make your driving experience even better, which affects the price. The base model costs $52,810, and the most expensive of the trim option costs $80,250.

We are going to look here at some of the great options that you can get with the Ford Expedition, and how that affects the price of the vehicle, and also how the Expedition compares to some of the other full-size SUVs on the market. You will definitely have some food for thought about what SUV is going to be right for you.

Model Price And MPG Comparison

As you can see, the model that you choose can greatly impact the overall cost of your Expedition, although there is not much a change to the gas mileage.

Model Price (MSRP) Combined MPG
XL $52,810 19-20 mpg
XLT 2WD $52,950 20 mpg
XLT 4WD $55,960 19 mpg
XLT MAX 2WD $55,975 19 mpg
XLT MAX 4WD $58,985 18 mpg
Limited MAX 2WD $66,515 19 mpg
Limited MAX 4WD $69,635 19 mpg
Platinum MAX 2WD $77,105 19 mpg
Platinum MAX 4WD $80,250 18 mpg

What Optional Upgrades Can You Get?

  • 20" Luster Nickel-Painted Aluminum Wheels
  • Panoramic Vista Roof
  • FX4 Off-Road Package
  • Driver Assistance Package
  • Special Edition Package
  • Voice-Activated Touchscreen Navigation System with Pinch-to-Zoom Capability; SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link

Color Options

There are some things which you can get changed that do not affect the price of the vehicle, such as exterior colors, of which there are a number of choices. As far as interior color choices go, most of them are not something you get charged for either. The one color that you do have to pay for is White Platinum Metallic Tricoat, which has an MSRP $555.00.

Cargo Package

If you are planning on doing some traveling you are going to be interested in the Cargo Package. This involves the Advanced Cargo Manager & Black Roof Rail Crossbars and has an MRSP of $285. Standardly you are not going to have too much of an issue moving around your day to packages, and even with some light travelling, you are going to be fine. If you are going for a little bit longer, or you have a large family, this package is going to be invaluable.

Trailer Tow Package

Some people are going to be doing even more traveling, and you may want to invest in a travel trailer, or you may have a boat or something else you need to move around by towing. In that case, you are going to want to buy the trailer tow package. This gives you a3.73 Axle Ratio with Electronic Limited Slip Differential, HD Radiator & Integrated Trailer Brake Controller. You also get Pro Trailer Backup Assist. The MRSP is $1570 for this package.

Safety Packages

To help you with your driving there are two further packages which are worth looking at. Firstly, you have the Driver Assistance Package, and when you get this you get Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Automatic High Beam Headlamps, Lane-Keeping System, Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection & Forward Collision Warning & Rain-Sensing W/S Wipers. Added safety features are a great investment and may reduce your premiums on your insurance. The MRSP on this is $715, which is really reasonable.

Secondly, you can purchase the Navigation System. This great package gives you a Voice Activated system with Pinch-to-Zoom Capability. You also get SiriusXM Traffic & Travel Link with 5-yrs of Service all for an MRSP of $740.

Floor Liners

For both aesthetic and practical reasons you can get floor liners for an MRSP of $160.


The Power Panoramic Vista with Power Sun Shade has an MSRP of $1,475.00

Custom Wheels

You can get some beautiful Wheels in Luster Nickel-Painted Aluminum for an MSRP $995.00.

What's The Difference Between A Ford Expedition Xl And Xlt?

There are obviously a number of differences between the base model of the Ford Expedition XL and the Ford Expedition XLT.

Both of them have a 5.4-liter V8 engine.

The XL wheels are 17 inch aluminum as standard, and the XLT has 18-inch machined aluminum wheels as standard. You can get the grille the same color as the bodywork with the XLT. You are also going to get a power moonroof with the XLT, as well as a universal garage opener, rain-sensing wipers, and a power liftgate as standard, while these are not included with the XL.

The XLT has dual-zone automatic temp control, while the XL climate control is manual. The XLT gives you a color-coordinated leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel with audio controls standard. You can also get a navigation system as an option.

How does the price of a Ford Expedition compare to other full-size SUV's?

Full Size SUV Price Comparison Table

Model Price
Kia Telluride $31,890 — $41,790 MSRP
Hyundai Palisade $31,550 — $46,400 MSRP
Land Rover Range Rover Evoque $42,650— $47,200 MSRP
Lincoln Navigator $76,185 — $97,135 MSRP
Chevrolet Suburban $52,995— $66,795 MSRP
Ford Expedition $52,810— $80,250 MSRP


As you can see, the Ford Expedition, depending on the trim that you choose sits around the mid to high range of prices for full-size SUVs. It is a very solid car that comes with some great standard options, and has an OK fuel mileage, with the combined 19 mpg between the city and highway performance.

The optional extras that you can get, depending on what they are, can drive the price up, but some of them are very reasonable. Depending on the amount of usage that you are going to get out of them, something like the trailer tow package or cargo package is not only essential but will pay for itself over time package.

The nice aesthetic touches are really nice, but not necessary for this great looking vehicle.

The navigation and driver-assist packages are a great idea for your insurance. Your Expedition is an investment, as are these features. They are reasonable and cost-effective additions to your vehicle.

Is A Ford Expedition Reliable?

Yes, it is very comfortable as a ride, has pretty good fuel efficiency, a reliable engine, and more cargo space than its competitors.

Is The Ford Excursion Still Made?

Unfortunately not. The last Ford Excursion was made in 2006. In 2007 the Expedition EL/Max was introduced and replaced it.


If you’re in the market for an SUV and you’re not sure which one to go for, then hopefully we have given you some food for thought. The Ford Expedition is a really good choice if you are looking for a reliable and affordable choice when it comes to full-size SUVs

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