Ford Expedition Has A Park Aid Fault – Why And What To Do?

Are you trying to park your Ford Expedition in your garage or a safe spot when a message on the dashboard appears and says, “Park Aid Fault.” What does it mean, and why did it appear? Also, how can you fix this error? We researched these concerns, and here’s what we found.

The “Park Aid Fault” error message may appear on a Ford Expedition if the sensors aren’t clean. Otherwise, these instruments encountered significant harm, which means they need replacing. So troubleshooting the source of the issue comes first. Then, use the correct steps based on your findings.

It’s also a good choice to know how Ford’s Park Aid assist feature works. That way, you can gain insight into this feature, allowing you to troubleshoot and repair the error message efficiently. So continue reading as we discuss this feature. We’ll also talk about the possible causes and solutions to the Park Aid Fault error in greater detail.

Ford Expedition Has A Park Aid Fault - Why And What To Do?

What Is The Park Aid On Ford Expedition?

New model Ford Expedition seven passenger suv at a dealership.

Like other car-parking assist systems, Ford’s Park Aid on their Expedition models allows you to park the vehicles without relying on the mirrors significantly. You can also find this feature on other vehicles from this vehicle manufacturing brand.

The standard Active Park feature will only allow its driver to step on both the accelerator and brake pedals. Manual transmission vehicles may also require you to step on the clutch or shift pedal as well. But once you step on those pedals, the Park Aid system will move the steering wheel for you.

With the Park Aid feature active, you may not need to worry about bumping into other cars and objects while parking your Expedition or other Ford vehicle. Also, if your vehicle has the Enhance Active Park Assist, you can use it for both parallel and perpendicular parking.

Watch the video below to gain additional insight into this feature:

Why Does My Ford Expedition Have A Park Aid Fault?

Rear View Monitor for car reverse system. Car display and rear view camera

Although quite helpful, the Ford Expedition’s Park Aid isn’t a perfect feature. It can still be susceptible to mishaps, which can generate the “Park Aid Fault” error message. This error can appear because of reasons like:


Ford uses multiple parking sensors around the Expedition. If one of these sensors has dirt on top of it, the Park Aid Fault error message may appear on the dashboard. Aside from dirt, leaves, snow, and other debris may cause the parking assistant to malfunction.

Improper Installation

The Park Aid sensors are modular assemblies, which means you can remove and replace them if necessary. If you tinkered with the sensors recently, the reinstallation may be incorrect.

Low Battery

Take note that a vehicle’s battery typically has the role of providing sufficient startup power to a car’s systems, including the parking sensors. So if your Expedition’s battery power is low, it might not provide adequate energy to make the parking sensors function as intended.

Faulty Wiring

The wires connected to the Expedition’s Park Aid sensors might be frayed, or their insulation may be damaged. If so, the parking alarm might go off randomly, and it can lead to the Park Aid Fault message appearing on your car's dashboard. Replacing the bad wire or the entire sensor assembly may help solve this problem.

Other Forces

Bumping your Ford Expedition into objects, such as a concrete wall, may harm one or more of the vehicle’s parking sensors. If so, these instruments may become misaligned. However, if the damage to the sensors is quite substantial, you may need to replace them to restore proper functionality to the Park Aid assist.

How To Troubleshoot Ford Active Parking System?

First, find the Park Aid sensors on your Ford Expedition. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to locate these assemblies. You may also contact Ford’s customer or technical help hotline if the handbook doesn’t indicate the information you need clearly.

Once found, troubleshooting the cause of the Park Aid Fault error often means understanding what the malfunction is indicating. Some examples are:

  • No parking space found: The car’s traction control might be off or faulty.
  • Park Aid assist won’t search for a parking space: This error may come from a variety of reasons, including blocked sensors, loose connections, or incorrect readings.
  • Miscalculated vehicle position: Incorrect tire installation or an attachment is blocking the parking sensors.

If you need help in searching for a faulty parking sensor, you can invest in a car diagnostics tool. Make sure to use one that can tell you which parking sensor in your Ford Expedition is malfunctioning.

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How Do You Fix Park Aid Fault On A Ford Expedition?

Fixing the Park Aid Fault error message often means solving the source of the malfunction. In this section, you’ll learn some possible solutions to fix this error based on your troubleshooting results.

Clean The Parking Sensors

Warning: Don’t use any sharp objects or other rough materials to clean a Ford Expedition’s Park Aid assist sensors. If you do, you might harm its components, causing more harm than good.

Instead, follow these steps to clean an Expedition’s parking sensors properly:

What You’ll Need

  • Car sensor cleaner
  • Bucket
  • Microfiber cloth

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Mix and/or dilute the car sensor cleaning solution based on the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Dip the microfiber cloth into a bucket filled with the cleaning solution.
  3. Wipe the sensors until they’re clean.
  4. Once cleaned, turn on the Ford Expedition’s engine and activate the Park Aid assist to check if the error message persists.

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An alternate solution is to use WD-40 to displace the dirt and moisture from the unclean parking sensor. However, don’t use more of this product than necessary. If you do, the solution might enter the sensor’s internals, causing irreparable harm to it.

Watch the video below to learn additional details about this procedure:

Replace The Sensors

A dirty parking sensor under the snow does not work correctly - constantly activated

Replace the faulty parking sensors if they’re clean and the Park Aid Fault message is still on the dashboard. Also, this procedure will be different based on the location of the malfunctioning sensor.

Still, here are the general steps to replace a rear parking sensor on a Ford Expedition manufactured from 2003 to 2006:

What You’ll Need

  • Compatible replacement parking sensors
  • Screwdriver
  • Panel remover

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open the tailgate.
  2. Unscrew the fasteners on the plastic enclosure above the rear bumper.
  3. Remove the casing with your panel remover and set it aside temporarily.
  4. Use the panel remover to remove the tabs underneath the rear bumper that are securing the sensors. Make sure to be careful in taking out this component to avoid harming the nearby wire.
  5. Push the faulty sensors out of their mounts.
  6. Disconnect the old sensors and replace them with the new models.
  7. Turn on the engine and activate the Park Aid assist feature to check if the problem persists.
  8. If these steps solved the issue, return the components that you remove and secure them back into place.

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You can also watch this video if you need a visual representation of the steps mentioned above:

How Do I Turn Off Park Assistance On Ford Expedition?

button for turning on the rear view camera in the car parking assistance

The precise location for the Park Aid assistance button is often different for each Ford Expedition model. Still, it generally should be on your vehicle's central control panel in the cabin. If it's not in that location, it might be near the door handle near the driver's seat.

Watch the video below to see the location of Ford’s Park Assist button and how to use it:

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Park Assist Sensor?

terior of the luxury motor car BMW 520d

Although park assist sensors are relatively inexpensive, taking advantage of professional automotive services to replace these modules can be quite costly. For instance, replacing rear warning sensors often have costs ranging from $512 to $539. But substituting more than one old parking sensor with new models may make you spend up to $1,600.

Final Words

Ford Expedition SUV display at a dealership, Ford Expedition Has A Park Aid Fault - Why And What To Do?

If the “Park Aid Fault” error appears on your Ford Expedition’s dashboard, you may need to clean its parking sensors. Otherwise, a replacement of a faulty sensor is in order. Make sure to find the malfunctioning sensor and use the appropriate solution based on your discoveries.

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