Ford Expedition Remove Middle Seat – How To?

There are several reasons for removing the middle seat of the second row of your Ford Expedition. It could be you want extra space for luggage, a new aesthetic look, or ease of movement inside the car. But, how do you remove the seat without causing any damage? We researched to show you how.

To remove the middle seat from your Ford Expedition, follow these steps:

  1. Loosen the bolts at the front and back of the seat
  2. Lift up the seat and disconnect the wires
  3. Pop out the seat and put it aside
  4. Tuck away the wires underneath the carpet and cover with a piece of plastic
  5. Cover the gaps from the bolts
  6. Place a mat over the spot

Continue reading to learn the steps from start to finish on how to remove the middle seat. You'll also find out how to adjust the 2-nd and 3-rd row seats. Included, are some common problems that occur to the 3-rd seat.

Backseat or rear seat of a ford expedition, Ford Expedition Remove Middle Seat - How To?

How Do You Remove The Middle Seat Of Your Ford Expedition?

You can remove the seat that’s at the center in the 2-nd row of your vehicle. However, you have to be careful not to cause any damage to the seat, or the car. Below are steps you can take to remove the seat safely:

Expedition 2019 white Premium Family SUV

Loosen The Bolts

You can find this socket set on Amazon.

  1. Fit a T-55-star bit in a 7/16-inch socket.
  2. Slide the middle seat backward and loosen the bolts that are at the front.
  3. Next, slide the seat forwards to access the bolts at the back.
  4. Loosen the nuts using a ½-inch socket.
  5. Lift the seat up, and disconnect the wiring that’s under the seat.
  6. Fold the third-row seats to remove the middle seat.

Remove The Seat

Car service worker cleaning car seat with a steam cleaner

  1. Pop out the seat and set it aside carefully.
  2. There’ll be some wires popping out from underneath the carpet.
  3. Tuck in these wires underneath the carpet, and place a piece of plastic on top of the wires. Place the carpet back and cover it with duct tape. It prevents one from stepping on the wires and the plug.
  4. Get some foam to cover the spaces where the bolts were, and cover with tape.
  5. Purchase a mat and place it over the space where the seat was.

Watch the video below that explains the steps above in detail:

How To Adjust The 2nd And 3rd Row Seats In Your Ford

Mitsubishi Outlander rear seater

After removing the middle seat, you may want to learn how to adjust the 2nd or 3rd-row seats. You can do this by:

Adjusting 2nd Row Seats

The guide below will show you how to adjust the seats on this row:

Folding Forward  

If your Ford has a second seat tumble control, press the button once. The seat will fold forward and tumble, giving you access to the 3rd row.

Moving Seat Forward Or Backward

To move the second-row seats forwards or backward, lift the bar, which is under the seats. While still holding the bar up, slide the seat in the direction you desire.

Reclining The Seats

The side of the right or left seat nearest the door has a handle. Pull up this handle when you want to recline forward or backward.

To fold the seats forward until flat, pull this same handle. To tumble the seat forward, pull up the handle until you release it from the floor. Take hold of the seat and push it forward.

To return the seat from the tumble position, flip it back until you hear a locking sound. Afterward, lift the seat upright. You should hear the latch click as it locks.

Adjusting 3rd Row Seats

To adjust the seats on the third row, follow the steps below:

Folding Seats Using The Third Row Power Fold

If your Ford has a third-row power fold, you can press the appropriate buttons to adjust the seats. By doing this, you can fold one or both seats flat, in a stow, or tailgate position.

Folding Seats Manually

To manually fold flat or tumble the seats to the floor, first fold the head restraints. Do this by pulling the strap at the back of the seat.

Next, pull and hold the number 1 strap, while pushing the seat to the forward position. As you continue pushing the seat forward, let go of the strap when the seat starts to fold.

To tumble the seats to the floor, simultaneously pull the number 2 strap and the strap at the back of the seat.

To lift the seat up from the stow position, squeeze and pull the handle while lifting the seat. You should be able to lift the seat from the floor when it's folded. Push it back until it locks into the floor latch.

Finally, pull the seat back to an upright position by pulling number 1 and the strap at the back of the seat.

The video below explains the steps above in detail:

Can You Remove The 3rd Row Seats In Your Ford Expedition?

It’s good to know that when you remove the rear seats from your Ford, you’ll interfere with the distribution of the weight of your vehicle. It can also interfere with how you handle your vehicle.

Thus, you should not drive while your vehicle in such a state for very long. In fact, if you had an accident without your rear seats, the insurance may not cover you. 

But, if you want to remove the 2nd or the 3rd-row seats and your car remains that way, you have to declare it.

Now that you know the legal aspect of removing your rear seat, you also need to find out if it is designed to be removed. In some Ford Expeditions, you can only remove the backrest.

But, if you want to remove the whole seat, you’ll have to identify the bolts and unbolt them. Check the manual of your model for the correct procedure. 

Most Common Problems Of The 3-rd Row Seat 

When you fold the 3-rd row seat, it creates more space to place your cargo. However, some common problems that occur with this seat include:

Seats Not Folding

If your seat is faulty, it may not fold. This can be due to the headrest that's not folded completely. So, first ensure the headrest can fold fully, and then fold the seat.

Your seat may also not fold if it has a faulty release latch, which in most cases should be replaced to solve this issue.

Faulty Heating Feature

If the heating feature in your seats is not functioning properly, it may have a blown fuse. Locate the fuse and replace it.

The electrical wiring that activates the heating feature could also be faulty. In most cases, it has damaged wires, which you'll need to replace.

Terminal boxes and electric multi-colored wires of an automobile wiring

Unable To Move The Seats

At the press of a button, you can move the seat. This function can be interfered with due to faulty motor gear, making it difficult to move or adjust the seat.

Besides, if the connection cables are dirty, you may not be able to move your seats despite pressing the buttons. You can solve this problem by opening up the terminals, cleaning them, and reconnecting them.

Clicking Sounds

Sometimes as you fold or adjust the seats, you may hear a clicking sound. To get rid of the noise, which is most likely due to a mechanical failure, inspect the seat mechanism for any obstruction.

If there is no issue here, check the motor. It can produce a squeaky sound if it’s worn out. But, if the motor is in good condition, you may want to check the actuator. If faulty, replace it.

Cost Of Repairing Car Seats

Check out these car seat covers on Amazon.

To repair your seat irrespective of the material it’s made of, the cost is between $70 and $350 for parts and labor. If your seat has a split seam, you may pay from $200 to $350 for repairs. To upholster the seats instead of repairing them, expect to pay between $600 and $700.

In Closing

Backseat or rear seat of a ford expedition

There are several reasons for removing the middle seat of the 2-nd row of your Ford Expedition, including easy maneuvering within the car or creating space for luggage. When you learn how to do it, you can remove it without damaging your seat or the car.

You can also adjust the 2-nd or 3-rd row seats for extra comfort. However, these two seats sometimes can experience problems, which are common with Ford Expeditions, which you can troubleshoot. 

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