Ford Expedition Sunroof Won’t Close – What To Do When It’s Stuck Open?

Are you having a problem closing the sunroof on your Ford Expedition that is stuck open, and you want to know what you can do to fix it? You’ve come to the right place, for we have researched this question, and we have the answer for you.

You can manually close the automatic sunroof on your Expedition by removing the center console. You can then look for the hole under the motor where you can insert a screwdriver. Turn the screwdriver to close the sunroof.

Don’t stop at knowing how to manually close your sunroof. Learn how to fix it in the succeeding sections. We also have other sunroof-related information below that you might find interesting.

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A new model Ford Expedition seven passenger SUV at a dealership, Ford Expedition Sunroof Won’t Close - What To Do When It’s Stuck Open?

How to fix a stuck sunroof on your Ford Expedition?

The steps above are for closing the sunroof until you have time to fix it permanently.

If you have a sunroof that is stuck open, then chances are, the motor is no longer working properly. But don’t go out and buy a new motor just yet. You might still be able to fix it without replacing the motor.

Ford Expedition SUV display at a dealership

Check Sunroof Fuse

The first thing you need to do is to check the fuse block of your Expedition.

The fuses in your car are there to protect the circuits and the electrical wiring in case there is an electrical surge or a short circuit. In case there is an electrical surge or a short circuit, the fuse will break to stop the unwanted electrical current from causing damage.

Follow the simple steps below to check the automotive fuse for your sunroof.

  1. Park your car on level ground.
  2. Engage the parking brakes.
  3. Shift your gear to “Park(P).”
  4. Turn off the engine.
  5. Consult your user manual. You need to find out the exact location of the fuse block. This is usually under the hood and close to the car battery. 
  6. Pop open the hood.
  7. Locate the fuse block and open it.
  8. Consult your user manual once more. This time, you need to find out the location of the sunroof fuse inside the fuse block.
  9. Once you find the sunroof fuse, take it out and check it with the light behind it. The light will allow you to see the filament inside the fuse. You need to replace a fuse with a broken filament. Inspect the fuse closely. Sometimes there is a barely visible hairline crack on the filament, and this is enough to break the continuity of the fuse. If the fuse looks worn and you doubt that it is still functional, err on the side of caution and replace it. Automotive fuses are cheap, anyway. Bring the broken fuse to an automotive store to buy a replacement.
  10. If the fuse is still working, then you need to replace the motor.

How to replace the sunroof motor?

The steps below are for replacing the sunroof motor. It assumes that you made sure that the sunroof fuse is still working. It also assumes that you have the part number of the motor and that you already have the correct replacement motor with you.

Now, on to the steps for replacing the motor:

Removing The Center Console

  1. Follow the first four steps in the section “Check Sunroof Fuse” above.
  2. Unscrew the center console of your Expedition. If the center console has a glass compartment, look for screws in there. Set aside the screws. Make sure you remove all the screws before you proceed to the next step.
  3. Use a plastic scraper to get between the center console and your roof liner. Pull off the center console.
  4. In some models, you’d be able to get the sunroof motor off by just removing the center console. However, if your Expedition’s sunroof motor is buried deeper into the roof liner, you’ll have to loosen the front part of the roof liner to get to the sunroof motor.

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Loosen The Roof Liner

  1. Unscrew the rearview mirror. Set aside the screws and the rearview mirror where it will not fall easily.
  2. Remove the cover of the sunshade arm to access the screws underneath. Unscrew the sunshade and set aside the screws. At this point, it is a good idea to keep the screws from the same part together so that you don’t end up mixing them later when it is time to put them back.
  3. Disconnect the wiring harness that connects the sunshade control buttons to the rest of your Expedition’s wiring.
  4. Unscrew the passenger side sunshade. Disconnect the wiring harness.
  5. Unscrew both sunshade holders.
  6. Remove the screw cover for the pull handles and unscrew it. This will also let you remove the post covers that keep the roof liner in place.

Replacing The Sunroof Motor

  1. Reach behind the roof liner to disconnect the wire harness from the back of the sunroof motor.
  2. Sunroof motors have two to three screws, and there is always one close to the center. Remove the screws.
  3. Connect the wires to the new sunroof motor.
  4. Insert the sunroof motor behind the roof liner.
  5. Install the screws to keep the sunroof motor in place.
  6. Turn your Expedition on. Test the sunroof. Check if it is now working.
  7. Reverse the steps to reinstall all the parts back.
  8. Consult your user manual if you need to reset your sunroof so that the system will adjust to the new motor. Follow the steps to reset the sunroof from the manual.

How do you clean a sunroof track?

Clean sunroof and view at the sky from the inside or car interior

The sunroof track is a smooth rubber material where the sunroof glides. It keeps the sunroof waterproof even after opening and closing the sunroof many times.

The sunroof track can easily get dirty over time because it is open to the environment.

Most modern sunroof mechanisms have sensors that make them stop closing if the sensor detects anything in the way when closing the sunroof. Thus, dirt and debris in the sunroof track can prevent the sunroof from closing because the sensor can interpret it as something in the way.

  1. Follow the first four steps in the section “Check Sunroof Fuse” above.
  2. Vacuum any loose debris surrounding the sunroof.
  3. Have the car vacuum in one hand and a soft bristle toothbrush in the other. Gently brush the track while vacuuming the dirt and debris that comes loose. Brush the frame and all the surrounding areas in the sunroof cavity.
  4. Apply some light degreaser on a clean cloth and wipe the sunroof track with it. Never use a paper towel when cleaning the sunroof track. Paper towels will break down and leave debris on the track that you will need to remove later.
  5. Once the track is clean, apply rubber grease to lubricate the rubber track.
  6. Close and open your sunroof several times to spread the rubber grease. Do not apply too much at one time to prevent the grease from getting to the surface of the sunroof.

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Common Issues Of Sunroofs And Moonroofs

Panoramic sunroof in a car


A leak is the most common problem with sunroofs. Exposure to the sun can make the rubber seals crack and weaken.

Replacing the rubber seals will fix the issue. Apply rubber protectant to lengthen the service life of the new rubber seals.

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Cracks And Scratches

One of the greatest weaknesses of the glass in your sunroof is that it is breakable. Glass can be made tougher, but it is still a delicate material. A sunroof crack needs to be replaced immediately before the glass breaks and lets the elements into your Expedition.

Electrical Issues

All the steps above are for fixing an electrical issue in the sunroof. And this problem is not uncommon.

The sunroof motors are always inside the center console. This exposes it to the heat of the sun. Even though you’re operating it for the first time one hot afternoon, the motor could be close to overheating already because of the heat.

Mechanical Issues

Dirt and debris on the sunroof track can cause the sunroof to have difficulty opening and closing or can completely prevent it from opening or closing.

Exploding Sunroof

While this is not really a common issue, this can still happen. The sunroof will not exactly explode like a C4. Instead, it will immediately shatter for no apparent reason.

This can happen if there are imperfections in the glass. Small air bubbles in the glass will expand when exposed to the sun's heat. The expansion of the air bubbles may not immediately shatter the glass, but it can create tiny cracks that will weaken the glass.

Once the glass is weak enough, even the force of a strong rainfall or the wind when driving at high speeds on the highway can be enough to shatter it.


Blue sky through an open car sunroof

Mechanical and electrical issues can get the sunroof stuck and uncooperative until you fix the underlying issue.

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