Ford Expedition Window Bounce-Back Reset – How To?

The newer models of the Ford Expedition come equipped with a bounce-back feature that prevents your windows from accidentally injuring your family members and pets. However, this feature can also malfunction sometimes. So how do you reset Ford's window bounce-back feature? We've done the research for your convenience.

Resetting your Ford's bounce-back power window feature requires extended presses on your power window switch.

First, press and hold the switch down to lower the window, and extend the press for two more seconds after the window has fully opened. Next, pull and hold the switch up to raise the window, and hold the switch up for two more seconds after the window has fully closed.  

Would you like to know more about Ford's power window bounce-back feature? Keep reading because we've prepared a list of possible reasons why this feature can malfunction as well as their recommended solutions.

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How Do You Fix A Bounce-Back On A Ford Window?

Have you ever experienced trying to roll up your Ford Expedition's window, only to see it roll back down after a certain point? This is Ford's power window bounce-back feature in action, or sometimes, in a malfunction.  

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If there's an obvious obstacle preventing or resisting any part of the window from moving up to its closed position, then you simply need to clear that obstruction. 

However, if your Expedition's window keeps rolling back down even without any visible obstruction, then you may need to reset the feature.

Before proceeding with the actual resetting steps, you'll need to park in a safe and well-ventilated area. It is best to keep the engine running to avoid discharging your battery. Finally, you need to close all doors and windows.  

If your window keeps rolling back down, then you will need to override your bounce-back feature. Within two seconds after the window reverses down, lift and hold the power window switch to raise the window to a completely closed position.  

After you've closed all the windows, you'll need to complete all of the following steps within 30 seconds.

Ford Window Bounce-Back Reset

  1. Press and hold down the driver-side window switch to roll the window down to its lowest position. Do not let go of the switch yet; instead, hold it down for a few extra seconds (two or three seconds should suffice) after the window opens completely.
  2. Lift and hold up the same window switch to roll the window up to its highest or "closed" position. Hold up the switch for a few extra seconds after the window closes completely.
  3. Repeat step 1 (extended switch press for window opening).
  4. Repeat step 2 (extended switch pull for window closing).

After completing these steps, your Ford's one-touch power window function as well as the bounce-back feature should work as intended. If not, then you should repeat the steps. 

Moreover, please remember that you will need to do these steps for both front power windows after you've disconnected or replaced your car's battery.

Here's a short video to help visualize Ford's bounce-back window resetting procedure.

What Is Window Bounce-Back?

Ford's bounce-back feature is the automaker's anti-pinch power window mechanism. This feature stops and rolls down the windows when they encounter a complete obstruction or even just resistance along their paths.

An anti-pinch mechanism's goal is to protect passengers from injuries that may be caused by closing power windows. To do this, automakers equip the power window motor with a sensor to measure the resistive force going against a rising window. 

When the sensor detects an obstacle or a sufficiently resistive force, it sends the information to the body control module (BCM). Within milliseconds, the BCM commands the power window motor to stop and roll the window back down to a pre-determined "bounce-back" point.

Why Does My Car Window Keep Going Up And Down?

Your Ford Expedition's power windows may refuse to close due to a few reasons. Before we try to isolate the culprit, let's ask a few important questions first.

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Bounce-Back Point

Does the window bounce back down after it reaches the top, or does it stop and reverse before it even closes completely?

If your window reverses down after it reaches its topmost position, then it's highly likely that your bounce-back feature needs to be reset. This problem usually happens when you disconnect or replace your vehicle's 12-volt battery.

Window Accessories

Next, did you install any vehicle accessory that obstructs your power window's seals or channels, even partially? 

Some accessories like external window visors may use clips that attach to your window channels and thus add some resistance against a closing window. This can trigger the bounce-back feature. 

You may try resetting the bounce-back feature to see if it can work with the accessory installed. However, the feature still prevents your window from closing completely, you'll need to choose between keeping your accessory or keeping a working bounce-back feature.

Window Seals and Channels

Finally, are your window channels and seals clean and in good condition?

Ford's bounce-back feature can roll your Expedition's window back down even if you don't see an obvious obstacle blocking your window. In this case, you may want to check your window seals and channels.

Dirt or ice buildup along the window channels can exert enough resistance against a closing window to trigger the bounce-back feature. Ice can melt on its own with the right ambient temperature. However, you'll need to clean out any accumulated dirt along your window channels.

Many people recommend using silicone spray for window channel cleaning. However, some people may also recommend popular aerosol lubricants such as WD-40 as an alternative.

Check out this popular WD-40 lubricant spray on Amazon.

Of course, your rubber window seals may warp or degrade over time due to exposure to the elements.  These rubber parts can deform to create some tight spots along your window channel, so you may want to get new rubber seals if needed.

How Do You Reset A Ford Moonroof?

View of the ceiling of the car with a transparent glass hatch for airing, opening so that you can see the sky and clouds in the gray cabin of the vehicle.

Aside from bounce-back power windows, the Ford Expedition also has a bounce-back feature for its power moonroof. Like the door windows, the power moonroof also stops and reverses some distance once it detects an obstacle while closing.

Here's a short video on how to operate your Ford Expedition's moonroof:

Like the power windows, your Expedition's moonroof may also act up occasionally due to an electrical reset or a physical obstruction. Worry not because we've also researched how you can override, reset or re-learn your Ford moonroof.

To override your power moonroof once, you need to press and hold the moonroof's slide-closing button within two seconds after a bounce-back. This step overrides the bounce-back feature and will allow you to close your moonroof completely.

In case your Expedition's moonroof needs resetting, you need to do the following steps. Please note that all button presses here should be done at half-press, without letting it click. Fully pressing the moonroof close button beyond the first click activates the one-touch function instead.

  1. Press the moonroof close button to move the moonroof to its fully closed position.
  2. Press and hold the moonroof close button again until the moonroof shifts into a fully vented position.
  3. While the moonroof is in the vented position, press and hold the moonroof close button for about 15 seconds until the moonroof starts to move.
  4. Release the moonroof close button, then press and hold it again for about three seconds. This step should cycle the moonroof position from fully closed to fully open and finally back to fully closed.

Do Ford Windows Roll Down With Key Fob?

Newer Ford Expedition models have the global open/close window function. Using this function, you can control your vehicle windows remotely through your key fob. It's a very convenient feature to vent your car on a hot day before you start your engine. 

As explained in the video, you need to activate the global window opening and closing feature from your Expedition's infotainment display screen. Alternatively, you can ask your dealership to help you configure the feature.

Once you have done the proper setup in your vehicle's infotainment system, here are the steps to open your windows remotely.

  1. Press and release the "unlock" button on your key fob once.
  2. After the vehicle unlocks, press and hold the "unlock" button until the windows begin to roll down. You may release the "unlock" button at this point, and the windows will keep rolling down to their fully open position.
  3. If you wish to open the windows partially, just press either the "lock" or "unlock" buttons when the windows reach your desired position.

You may also close the power windows remotely using very similar steps with your key fob. This time, however, you will need to use your "lock" button.

Finally, please note that Ford's bounce-back feature, if programmed, will also work during the global open/close window operation.

Wrapping Up

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Ford's bounce-back power window feature can malfunction due to physical obstructions or electrical problems, especially with the battery. Either way, resetting the bounce-back feature requires two cycles of extended opening and closing presses on the power window switch.

Thank you very much for reading. We hope we were able to help you reset your Ford Expedition's window bounce-back feature.

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