10 Best Ford F-150 Bed Covers

10 Best Ford F-150 Bed CoversAs a Ford F-150 owner, you're well aware of the benefits of a truck bed cover. You know how important it is to protect your . A good truck bed cover is a must have accessory that can protect your cargo from the elements and keep it locked up and safe.

There are many different options on the market, so to make it easier for you we've put together a list of the very best options to choose from.

1. Peragon

Peragon has created a truck bed cover that's truly state of the art. Made out of sturdy metal, this accordion-style bed cover is both watertight and lockable.

Situated on 2 robust rails, this bed cover easily folds in and collapses when you need more bed space. The cover itself is also easily removed with the press of a button. This feature is convenient because it allows you to utilize the bed cover when you need to, but it can be removed completely when you need to maximize bed space.

This bed cover also comes with a long fabric handle that makes it easy to close. What's more, this handle doubles as a carrying handle when the cover is removed.

The installation process is somewhat lengthy, but once installed, you'll have a bed cover that'll stand the test of time.

Depending on the thickness of your bed liner, this bed cover might require additional spacing washers to get the right fit.

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2. Extang Trifecta 2.0 Trifold

The Trifecta Trifold 2.0 by Extang is a great option if you're looking for a soft tonneau cover that still provides weather protection and security.

This bed cover neatly folds back and buckles in place when more bed space is needed. When in use, the bed cover can be easily locked using 2 handles on the underside. This locking mechanism is only accessible when the tailgate is down, so if you have a locking tailgate, this is a secure option.

The Trifecta 2.0 is available in either leather grain vinyl or premium canvas.

Reviewers say that this product does a great job of keeping moisture out of the truck bed. Reviewers also like how easy this cover is to install.

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3. BAKFlip MX4

The BAKFlip MX4 is a hard trifold tonneau cover. The cover flips back quickly and easily if you need more bed space. This product is composed of 3 durable heavy-duty aluminum panels that are sure to last for a very long time.

Reviewers say that this bed cover is easy to install and that it provides a nice, snug fit. The best part about the installation process is that no drilling is required. They also say that this cover has a great weather tight seal.

Depending on the thickness of your bed liner, this cover might require spacing shims to get the best fit.

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4. Tyger Auto T3 Tri-Fold

The Auto T3 Tri-Fold by Tyger is another great soft tonneau cover. It has a secure locking design and weather tight sealing around the edges. While this is a soft tonneau, the material is particularly robust.

Reviewers say that this bed cover is very easy to install. What reviewers like most is how this product is an overall exceptional value given the price point and quality of the cover.

This is a great product if you're looking for a particularly cost-effective way to keep your cargo secure and protected from the elements.

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5. Tyger Auto T1 Roll Up Truck Tonneau Cover

The Auto T1 Roll Up is another cost-effective solution for truck buyers looking for a simple but high-quality bed cover.

This cover is similar to Tyger's trifold cover, with the only notable difference being that this cover rolls up toward the cab, allowing maximum bed space when you need it. This is helpful because the rolled cover has a smaller overall profile than its trifold counterpart.

Reviewers like the fact that this cover is so easy to install and that it does such a good job keeping water out. One reviewer claimed that this cover kept his cargo completely dry even in a car wash.

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6. TruXedo Truxport Soft Roll-up Tonneau Cover

The Truxedo by Truxport is another great softcover solution for your F-150. This product functions the same way as other roll up bed covers, and it conveniently buckles in place in the rolled-up position when you need full bed access. This feature is helpful because it'll keep the rolled-up cover secure in the event that you need to drive with it open.

This bed cover provides a great weatherproof seal. It locks in place with a simple latch system, so with a locking tailgate, your cargo will be secure.

Reviewers insist that this tonneau is another great product for F-150 owners looking to protect their cargo on a budget. What's more, the installation process for this cover couldn't be easier.

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7. Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

The Hard Tri-Fold bed cover by Rough Country is another sturdy, robust option for F-150 owners that need a locking, weather-tight bed cover. The hard metal panels coupled with this particular locking mechanism make this product very safe and secure.

One of the most appealing features of this cover is that it buckles down flat when folded toward the cab. This means your rearview won't be obstructed when you need the cover open.

Reviewers think very highly of this product, primarily due to its easy installation process and reliable watertight seal.

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8. UnderCover Elite One-Piece Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

This one-piece truck bed cover by UnderCover is a simple but proven design. Made from a strong composite material, this is a reliable product that's guaranteed to keep moisture out and prevent theft.

This product covers the entire truck bed, including the side rails. This design ensures that rain and other water has no way of getting into the bed.

In terms of function, the side of the bed cover closest to the tailgate lifts up and is supported by hydraulic arms. This allows easy, hassle-free access to the bed and your cargo.

Reviewers say that the installation process is relatively easy and that this product is sure to last a long time.

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9. BAK Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Truck Bed Tonneau Cover

The Revolver X4 Hard Rolling Tonneau by BAK is made from industrial grade vinyl and heavy-duty aluminum. This bed cover functions the same as other roll-up tonneau bed covers, but this one has a sturdy backing that reinforces the cover and adds a greater level of security. In this way, this cover is a particularly attractive option for F-150 owners that might be worried about a softcover being cut open.

Reviewers say that this bed cover is very easy to install and that it fits perfectly. They also say that this product does an excellent job of repelling water.

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10. Leer 100XR

The Leer 100XR is a unique type of bed cover that essentially gives you the same amount of cargo space as a large SUV. These truck toppers are a great way to increase storage space and ensure that your cargo is safe and protected from the elements.

This model has a rear window hatch which gives you easy access to your cargo without having to open the tailgate.

These kinds of bed covers are more pricey, but their sturdy, resilient design and unmatched utility make them an excellent investment for F150 owners looking get the most out of their truck.

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