10 Best Ford F-150 Bedliners

10 Best Ford F-150 BedlinersBedliners serve many purposes, such as keeping your cargo and equipment from shifting all over the back of your truck and thus safeguarding you stuff from getting banged around. You can choose from two types of bedliners, either spray-in (or on) or drop-in liners.

A drop-in liner is more temporary, in that you can put it on and take it off in a snap. If you ever want to give your F-150 a thorough cleaning, including the bed, you can remove the liner and do so. With a spray-in or spray-on bedliner, you apply the liner via an aerosol can. Spraying more and more layers creates a more durable coating. This solution isn’t super permanent, either, as spray-on liner could come off if the coating doesn’t stick to the bed of your truck well enough.

If you’re looking for the perfect bedliner for your Ford F-150, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the 10 best liners to keep your cargo in tow. They’re almost all available on Amazon for your shopping convenience.

The 10 Best Ford F-150 Bedliners

1. Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat

Let’s start with this pick from Dee Zee. Their heavyweight bed mat fits all sorts of F-150s produced over the years. They even designed this bedliner so it would curve around your truck’s wheel wells and leave no gaps.

You won’t have to stress about oil or fuel spills making your truck bed slick and filthy, as this bed mat catches them all. It’s built to handle temperature extremes without breaking, cracking, or rusting thanks to its rubber compound base. Dee Zee’s bed mat is 9.52 millimeters or 0.375 inches thick.

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2. BedRug Full Bedliner

An Amazon’s Choice product, this bedliner from BedRug has a cushioned surface made of polypropylene with a thickness of ¾ inches. If you need to get on your truck bed and kneel here for any prolonged amount of time, you’ll find you quite appreciate the cushioning.

The material also prevents staining, chemical damage like battery acid, and water damage, says BedRug. When this bedliner gets wet, the liquid either moves out of the drain holes that were factory-installed, out of a zippered perimeter, or off the edges. Within 20 minutes, the liner should dry completely. It also won’t fade due to UV exposure.

You still get an anti-skid surface so your equipment and cargo doesn’t move, just like you’d expect.

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3. Rough Country Rubber Bed Mat

If you have a Ford F-150 that was manufactured between 2015 and 2019, then you should consider this rubber bed mat from Rough Country. With a magnificent thickness of 3/8 inches, this is one tough rubber mat. It can even resist mildew and mold.

Unlikely to tear and resistant to most abrasions, Rough Country’s liner even has non-skidding and other texturing that will alleviate load shifting issues. They use Nyracord rubber for each bedliner, so it’s not just any ol’ type of rubber going on your truck bed. With custom molding, your Rough Country mat should fit on your F-150 like a glove. If it by chance doesn’t, the manufacturer does offer a lifetime warranty.

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4. Penda Bed Liner

Promising two times better protection compared to other bedliners, Penda’s Pendaliner SR includes vertical board holders. These allow you to do double-layer loading if you’re so inclined as well as segment your load on your truck bed.

The under-rail design features a skid-proof bottom and top. Now your stuff really isn’t going anywhere. Each liner comes with detents that allow the boards to lock into one another and never shift. You don’t even have to pull out your drill or other power tools for installation.

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5. Westin Truck Bed

An incredibly highly-rated pick on Amazon, Westin’s bedliner has a heavyweight rubber base you can feel good about, as it’s recycled. Covered in ribbing to make it non-slip, this bedliner won’t let your cargo move an inch.

While it does come in universal sizes not exactly specific to any one truck make or model, with its custom fitting, your Westin bedliner should match the bed of your F-150 well. Westin does offer a warranty on its products that’s good for three years should you need it.

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6. BedRug Bed Mat

Another pick from BedRug, this time it’s their bed mat we’re focusing on. This eliminates the need to use a spray-in liner, which means you can skip the sticky adhesive and get straight to the good stuff.

With the same protection from stains, chemicals, and water damage that you’ve come to expect from BedRug products, this too comes cushioned so it doesn’t kill your knees. The polypropylene base makes another return here as well.

The main difference between this and the other BedRug pick? That one was only five feet, five inches while this one is six feet, five inches. If you have a bigger F-150 then, go for this bedliner.

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7. DualLiner Bed Liner

Designed for F-150s made from 2015 to 2019 only, the DualLiner bed liner measures five feet, six inches. The cuts allow room for your trucks’ box link system as well as its factory LED lights.

The liner boasts DualLiner’s ZeroSkid polyethylene flooring. This practically glues cargo to the spot, as it has that little room to move. The floor is 3/8 inches thick, so it’s plenty durable. It also includes hardened sidewalls that will prevent denting and thus damage to your precious truck.

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8. BDK Heavy-Duty Utility Truck Bed

While it may not fit newer F-150s (check Amazon’s vehicle fitting option to be sure), if you have a Ford truck from at least 2009, then you should be in the clear. The BDK heavy-duty utility truck bed can handle all sorts of things, including mud, snow, rain, debris, and spills. It takes care of these messes so your truck bed doesn’t have to.

Four feet by eight feet in size, you might have to trim this bedliner down depending on which F-150 model you own. It’s thicker than expected, 0.3 inches, and made of hardy rubber polymers that won’t deform, split, or crack. You could even use BDK’s product on your garage floor if you wanted to. It works just as well there.

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9. WeatherTech TechLiner

Another dependable option for your F-150 is the WeatherTech TechLiner. The thermoplastic elastomer base doesn’t have an odor; plus, it’s recycled, too. With no need to drill or use a spray-on adhesive, you can either opt to install the TechLiner on its own or with another high-sided liner for twice the coverage.

With UV protection, each TechLiner comes fitted exactly for your truck’s year, make, and model. If the temperatures get extremely hot or freezing cold, the TechLiner will never warp, break, or crack. Still, it’s soft to the touch, so feel free to work in your truck bed if necessary.

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10. Boomerang Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Our last pick for a great F-150 bedliner is courtesy of Boomerang. Their bedliner is a commercial-grade rubber with a thickness of 5/16 inches. This toughened rubber shouldn’t break or crack when you need it most. In fact, Boomerang says their products are “nearly indestructible.”

Just choose your F-150 on the list and Boomerang will ensure your bedliner has a perfect fit. To install your liner, make sure your tailgate is open. Then, unfurl the mat and stick it down. After that, you’re done! Begin enjoying your new bedliner.

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If you use your Ford F-150 truck bed for transporting gear, equipment, or cargo of any sort, then you can’t afford to go without a bedliner. You don’t want what you bring scuffing up your truck bed, nor do you want it moving wildly as you drive. A bedliner will eliminate both problems.

The 10 liners we showcased in this article all promise the protection you crave for your F-150 truck. With inches of thickness, anti-slip texturing, and other features for durability, you can finally use your truck the way it’s intended without any spillage or damage to the bed. Good luck!

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