How Much Does A Ford F-150 Really Cost?

How Much Does A Ford F-150 Cost?Are you in the market for a new truck? Perhaps you are looking to sell your current F-150? Maybe your considering an upgrade from an older model? In any of these situations, knowing how much your Ford F-150 costs is vital to success.

The dealer cost of a 2019 Ford F-150 starts at $28,155 and goes to $67,135. The price for a used F-150 can be as low as $7000 for an old model with high mileage and can get to be as high as over $60,000 for a relatively premium new truck with low mileage. There a few factors that affect the price and value of a used vehicle we will talk more about that later. 

The F-150 is an impressive machine. The F-150's aluminum-alloy body, steel frame, and Ecoboost engine make this truck worth every penny. Leading in its class the F-150 is made to haul, tow, and work hard for you. Now that we know how much a brand new Ford F-150 cost, we need to answer a few other questions that can impact the cost of the F-150. Wondering what those are? Read on.

The True Costs Of The Ford F-150

We know that dealer price for a Ford F-150 starts at $28,155. However, there are a few considerations that we need to think about related to the cost of a Ford F-150. Those considerations include MPG ratings, cab style, and box style, age, depreciation, and more.

Dealer Pricing

The price range for a brand new Ford F-150 is $28,155- $67,135, the range exists on the dealer site because there are several models of the F-150 available along with trim packages and add on features. Dealer pricing also changes based on the trim packages that you purchase, and if you are buying additional features. Additional features for the F-150 include power handling and safety packages.

Assuming you want to buy new, build, and enjoy a customized truck, there are many packages you can purchase for your vehicle. Ideally, you choose the paint color, chrome, power equipment features, sports packages, EcoBoost payload, hitch, offroad, and tow packages.

You can also choose to add attachments like crossbars, a bike rack, a rotating toolbox, tailgate lock, roof-mounted cargo boxes, a kayak carrier. Each of these choices will affect the price of a custom-built truck.

The line of F-150 trucks includes:

  • XL
  • XLT
  • Lariat
  • King Ranch
  • Platinium
  • Limited
  • Raptor

Another factor that affects the price of a new Ford F-150 is the choice of the cab, and box sixes. The option for the cab includes the regular cab, crew cab, or the super crew cab.

Box size is an important consideration when buying a truck because you need to haul stuff, and it needs to fit in your vehicle. Options for the box include five and a half foot, six and a half foot, and eight-foot box lengths.

The Ford F-150 has ratings among the top eight trucks of 2019 for its miles per gallon rating. The Ford F-150 averages 22 city MPG and 30 highway miles per gallon.

How Much Does The Ford Raptor Cost?

The 2019 Ford F-150 Raptor costs anywhere from $52,855 at its lowest to $75,000 when fully loaded. The 2019 Raptor weighs less, has a military-grade aluminum body and several upgrades that previous generations lack. The tech is what sets this generation of Raptor apart from the rest. This truck is ready for adventure.

The tech for the 2019 model includes Trail Control to aid in safer driving while off the road. Additionally, Terrain Management this truck distributes power for you so you can concentrate on the trail.

The box styles for the Raptor include 5.5 feet, 6.5 feet, and 8 feet lengths, and cab styles include Super Cab and Super Crew Cab.

Cost Of A Used F-150

Subsequently, another consideration for how much an F-150 price is a depreciation. Depreciation is a fancy word for a truck or other item becoming less valuable over time. Depreciation for a truck is typically a 20% loss of value in the first year and a 15% loss of value every year until ten years, in which case it is usually worth 10% of its value.

Kelley Blue Book recommends knowing the 5-year costs of owning a vehicle to help your decision making. To find the five-year price, you take the total out of the pocket cost of owning the vehicle (gas, maintenance, insurance, state fees, financing, repairs, and maintenance) then add the depreciation cost. The sum is the five-year cost of owning a vehicle.

Kelley Blue Book states the depreciation cost in five years of life a 2018 F-150 Supercab XL to be around $15,402. At this point, the cost per mile ends up being about $.52.

The cost of a used Ford F-150 truck at five years old would be around $7,700 and would be 15% lower every year until the truck is ten years old. In which case, the cost of a 10-year-old F-150 would be anywhere from $7000- $14,000 depending on mileage, condition, and depreciation.

Is The Ford F-150 Costly To Insure?

According to The, the average yearly cost to insure an F-150 is $1049.

What Is The Cheapest Truck To Buy?

According to Car and Driver, the Ford F-150 at its lowest trim packages is one of the cheapest trucks to buy of 2019 models. Coming in under $30,000 and yet even the most economical trim package still has the power of the 3.3-liter V6 engine, and it's good looks.

A customer favorite is the Ford F-150 XL extended cab, which costs $4085 more than the base trim F-150.  It is worth the extra space as it allows you room to haul a crew to each job.

Pricing the Competition

Before you buy, sell, or trade a truck, it is always a good idea to price competitors. The Chevy Silverado's starting cost is $28,300. Most of the Chevy Silverado trucks that are in pictures on the Chevy website cost about $48,000, as shown. Its lowest-priced engine model is a 4.3L V6. Find out more about the Chevy Silverado on our post found here.

Similarly, the Dodge Ram 1500 starting price on the Dodge website is $33,440. Its engine lowest engine option starts with a 3.6L V6 and has several options for upgrading.

Other half-ton trucks include the Toyota Tundra the last redesign of this truck happened in 2007; its starting price is $33,165. Similarly, the Nissan Titan, the starting price point is $32,085. It is a vehicle that made an effort in its class but may not keep up with the top-class candidates.

Maintenance of your F-150

The upkeep and maintenance are a sizeable portion of the cost of any vehicle.  If you are purchasing a new vehicle, this data is essential for when you sell the vehicle. If you are buying a used truck, it is a great idea to ask if there is a list of maintenance and dates to go with the truck.

Ideally, the list should include regular oil changes, major repairs, preferably minor repairs, and any damage the vehicle sustains.

Enjoying A Ford F-150

If we could give you a discount just for reading this article we would. Since we cannot, be sure to ask the Ford dealership what discounts they have available. If you are purchasing a used truck, be sure to negotiate.

If you are still not sure exactly what you want to buy visit the Ford website or a dealership to get an estimate on the pickup truck and features your heart desires. Here is the link to the Ford website.

When you purchase your new, or new to you Ford F-150 leave a comment here and show us your new toy. Tell us about it, and what you paid, the discount you wrangled, and your favorite thing about your new truck.

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