11+ Ford F150 Floor Mats That Can Protect Your Truck

Buying a set of floor mats for your Ford F150 is a great idea, so today we'd like to walk you through some great options. And as you'll see, there is a lot of variety out there.

Floor mats provide protection to your F150’s factory carpet. Keeping your Ford F150 in tip-top condition should be a priority. Not only do you want your ride to look nice for your passengers and for yourself, but you want to retain its resale value. This is why getting a new set of floor mats is the first order of business for many F150 owners.

11+ Ford F150 Floor Mats That Can Protect Your Truck

Choosing the right floor mats for your truck

There are many colors, materials, and styles available in the market. We’ve decided to create a list of the best floor mats to help you make an easy purchase decision. The following list is our pick of the top rated floor mats.

1. Laser Measured Floor Liners Ford F150 by Bizon

The floor mats made by Bizon are designed to perfectly fit your F150’s specifications. They feature proprietary elastomeric material that retains its flexibility over a long range of temperatures without undergoing wear and tear. Furthermore, these mats are highly resistant to damage from chemicals, oil, and gas.

Going one step further, the mats have raised outer edge that prevents spills from pooling near the carpets. Nibbed carpet backing ensures that the floor mats don’t slide from stress and other forces. The floor mats can be purchased for both the first row and second row.

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2. 4 Piece Fabric Floor Mat Set by TruSheild

The genius of TruShield’s floor mats is not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Indeed one of the first things you notice are the plush and comfortable gray die carpeting, featuring elegantly stitched trims at the right places that instantly elevate your F150’s interiors. What sets these floor mats apart however, are the high-grade rubber nub-backing that keeps them glued in a fixed place when undue stress is applied.

Furthermore, the mats are easy to install in place of old and worn out floor mats. They are designed for comfort and long drives, preventing the driver from feeling fatigued. Make sure you select your F150’s make and model to get the perfect fit.

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3. Ford F-150 Floor Mats by RoadComforts


The All-Weather floor mats from RoadComforts are designed using precision laser engineering tools to guarantee a perfect custom fit from edge to edge. RoadComforts used environmentally friendly materials that are void of harmful chemicals or toxic odors, most noticeably the thermoplastic elastomeric rubber compound (TPE).

The durable rubber construction is at least 1/2” inch thick using heavy duty TPE. This not only keeps spilled liquids from reaching the factory floor but also retains its flexibility at an impressive range of temperatures. The 1/8” anti-slip nibs are designed to secure the floor mats in place to maximize safety.

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4. Velourtex Ford F-150 Carpeted Floor Mats by Lloyd Mats

From the tried and trusted Lloyd Mats brand, Velourtex floor mats guard your F150’s factory floor, while sprucing up the interiors. They feature silky smooth texture designed from high quality nylon yarn. The carpet is fairly dense, giving you a feel of luxury and comfort. A high selling point of the Velourtex floor mats is their two year warranty, which protects your investment in long run.

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5. Front and Rear Thermoplastic Floormats by Newsmarts

These Newsmarts floor mats are made from a thermoplastic material that is resistant to a range of chemicals including oil, gas, and acids. This ensures both longevity and durability. The mats feature raised edges to prevent spills from sloshing around until you can clean them off. Furthermore, the use of laser scanning allows the floor mats to perfectly fit your particular Ford F150.

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6. Power Black Finished Diamond Floor Carpet by HS Power

The high quality carpet from HS Power is made from stylish rubber which is designed to look plush and glossy. These floor mats are designed using high quality of rubber that has more thickness and weight of most factory mats. These floor mats will protect your F150 from dirt, dust, and the occasional spills. They will spruce up your interior and take quite a beating over the long term.

Installation couldn’t be easier, simply roll them out over the floor mats and you’re done. Furthermore, the cleated underside prevents the floor mats from sliding out of place.

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7. Waterproof Non-Slip Floor Mats by Footpadus

Forged from form fitting XPE leather, the thick elastic sponge from Footpadus are durable enough to handle the harshest of conditions. They are designed specifically for Ford F150 drivers who are always on the go.

Footpadus managed to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, allowing your car to look soft and luxurious and fully equipped to brave inclement weather conditions. Furthermore, the floor mats are fully waterproof and designed to resist all weather conditions including both rain and snow.

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8. Custom F150 Front and Rear Floor Mats by 8X-Speed

8X-speed uses computer technology to measure the exact specifications of your F150’s make and model for a perfect match from inch to inch. These floor mats will protect the factory mat with durable leather. This low density material is both durable and flexible, stylizing your Ford’s interiors without sacrificing quality.

The use of environmentally friendly material further cements these floor mats as the ideal choice for the avid traveler. They are easy to install feature non-slip backing that secures them in place. Furthermore, they are easy to clean, simply wipe dust and smudges away with a moist towel. The floor mats are designed to maximize comfort, allowing your foot to reach the pedals without issue.  A wide range of color options for the floor mat are available.

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9. Heavy Duty Floor Liners by Rough Country

Rough Country is one of the biggest names in the industry, known for durable and tough floor mats that are made from a precise and engineered, laser-measured process through which they attain a near-perfect fit. The material of choice is Rough Country’s line of Floor Armor which is backed by a lifetime guarantee of never cracking, splitting, or breaking down over time.

The ultra durable polyethylene material is incredibly strong, grips your F150’s floor, and stays in rigid shape that is incredibly easy to clean. Furthermore, the floor mats feature a raised lip design that keeps the interior protected from moisture, mud, spills, and more. Rough Country also provides their Lifetime Replacement Warranty, staying true to their reputation.

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10. Proliner Heavy Duty Floor Mats by BDK

Owners of F150 can count on these floor mats from BDK Auto. They are easily one of the top tier car mats in the market, and if you have a compatible vehicle, such as Ford’s F150, then you can expect only the best protection, precision fit, and an elegant style that will improve your interior’s aesthetics dramatically.

These floor mats feature BDK’s popular FlexTough technology that utilizes advanced rubber polymer for those extreme conditions. In terms of maintenance, these floor mats are easy to clean using a moist towel. Installation is also easy, simply place the mats on the floors without worry. If you want round-the-clock protection for your F150 from snow, rain, mud, and more, then this is the product you need.

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11. Floor Mats by AKM

Regardless of the brand or model of your F150, these floor mats by AKM are always a great choice to have. They’re made using super durable and super tough TPE material that is both environmentally friendly and durable and waterproof. It is odorless, which satisfies a fundamental requirement of the government.  At least your F150 won’t be smelling like rubber.

It can retain flexibility during the summer heat over a large range of temperatures. Furthermore, installation takes less than one minute. What’s even more impressive is the lifetime support and the 30 days money back guarantee if you don’t like the product.

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12. Floor Mat Liners by Ford F150

Owners of Ford F150 models, specifically the 2015 to 2019 versions, will rejoice at the availability of these floor mats. Because they are specifically designed to fit the front and back of your F150 from edge to edge. It takes advantage of high quality of TPE material that is 100% environmentally friendly, durable, and resistant against all kinds of weather.

The floor mats are easy to wipe using a moist towel. Installation couldn’t be easier, just place them over the factory floor and the signature ODERO floor liners will provide an excellent grip with absolutely no slipping.

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As you can see, there's a huge selection of floor mats for the Ford F150 out there. Hopefully, this review helps you find the right set for your truck!

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