Ford Truck Bed Light Won’t Turn Off

If you've been driving for a while, you'll know that having any interior light on while your engine isn't running will slowly drain your battery. To avoid getting unexpectedly stranded, you make every effort to make certain that there isn't anything left on that will interfere with the battery's charge. If you find that the truck bed light in your Ford refuses to turn off, we can help. We researched this issue so that you'll know for sure how to get it turned off.

There are two sets of lights on the rear exterior of the cab of your Ford truck. One is the cargo light, and the other is the LED light. Depending on which one is on, you will need to either press the cargo light button in the cab or manually flip the LED light on/off switch under the LED lights.

Now that we know the potential causes for the light in your Ford truck bed staying on, we'll look at some ways that will get the light to turn off. You might also be wondering what daytime running lamps are or how you can turn these lights off. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've uncovered in our research.

Up close photo of a Ford F150 high powered LED light, Ford Truck Bed Light Won't Turn Off

How To Turn Off The Truck Bed Light In Your Ford Pickup Truck

Newer model Ford trucks (2009-present) will have a dimmer switch that will control the cargo light. This is usually located below and to the left of the steering column above your left knee.

Using this switch, you can turn the cargo light on and off. So, if you notice that it is illuminated after the engine has been shut off, you might have accidentally bumped the light on. 

Back end of a Ford F150 photographed under the bridge

This light can be turned on while you are driving, but when you exceed four miles an hour, it will begin to fade out. Should you accidentally bump them on while on the road, the light will come on for about ten seconds before fading off.

The LED lights above the bed of the truck are controlled manually by on/off switches. If someone turned them on and you're wondering how to get them off, simply locate each switch under their respective light and turn them off. 

How To Turn Off The Interior Lights In A Ford F-150

The interior lights that illuminate whenever a door is opened can also be turned on with the push of a button. They can also be turned off so that no interior light is created when entering and exiting your truck.

Look Up For The Control Panel

On the ceiling of your cab, just above your windshield, is a control panel with buttons and two lights. The lights are reading lamps, and there is one for the driver and one for the passenger. Below these lights are five buttons.

The far-right button will turn on and off the passenger reading lamp while the far left button will do the same for the driver's reading lamp.

The button second from the left will turn on and off all the interior lights in the cab. The middle button can be pressed to have the interior lights come on when the doors are opened or set to keep them off. 

Lastly, the button that is second from the right is a kill switch for all of the lights. Pressing it will keep the other lights from coming on, even when their respective buttons are pushed.

Preserve Your Battery

Should you have your lights set to come on as soon as a door is opened, remember to close your doors firmly when you exit the vehicle.

If the doors are not shut properly, the mechanism in the doorframe that signals to the control panel to turn the overhead lights off will not engage. Leaving the interior lights on in your truck will drain your battery. 

Close all doors, and wait for the interior lights to fade off before walking away. This will help you avoid getting stuck with a dead battery.

If you want a step-by-step video tutorial on how to turn on and off your F-150's interior lights, we've included one below:

What Are Ford Daytime Running Lights?

Have you ever noticed that some of the vehicles you see approaching you have front lamps that are glowing during the day? These are daytime running lamps. They were put into use for the first time in the early 1970s and have since fallen into widespread usage. 

Manufacturers put these lights on your vehicle for safety reasons. It's not to help you see your surroundings better but rather to help others in traffic see your vehicle.

Approaching cars and trucks are better noticed during the day if they have a bit of illumination. The bit of advanced warning will help other vehicles and pedestrians take better notice of your vehicle. 

A light gray painted Ford F150 on the dessert

How Do You Turn Off Daytime Running Lamps On A Ford F-150?

You know the daytime running lights will turn off when your engine is disengaged. But maybe you want to turn these off while the vehicle is in motion. 

Using the buttons on your steering wheel, you'll need to go to the menu on your dash screen. From there, scroll down to settings.

A Ford F150 parked under a bridge

After scrolling down to the advanced settings, select "vehicle," then "lighting," followed by "daytime lights." If the daytime running lights are enabled, the box next to "daytime lights" will be checked. Simply press "ok" to uncheck the box, and the daytime running lights will be disabled.

For a short video tutorial on how to turn these lights off on your Ford F-150, we've included a step-by-step instructional guide below:

Why Are My Daytime Running Lights Not Working?

Should you notice that one or both of your daytime running lights are not working, it could be due to one of several reasons. But no matter what the cause, you'll want to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. 

The most common reason for daytime running lights not illuminating is a dead bulb. These can be replaced easily enough.

Car mechanic holding a diagnostic tool to check for engine errors

Getting replacement bulbs at an automotive parts store is pretty inexpensive, and they usually have someone on staff that can answer questions about the process if you're not sure how it's done.

But if replacing the bulbs doesn't work, it's most likely a faulty switch or a bad fuse. These can be a little more tricky to replace than a bulb depending on the vehicle that you drive. As with most things electrical, we encourage you to consult a trusted mechanic if you aren't experienced with this sort of troubleshooting.

Do Daytime Running Lights Drain My Battery?

You know that anything onboard your vehicle requires power. Everything from your radio to your dome light to your headlights can only function if the battery has enough charge. When the engine is off, the power is generated solely from the battery.

A blue Ford F150 crawling on artificial terrain at a car show

Daytime running lights are not an exception to this. When they are on, they are using power for illumination. But these running lights aren't getting power from the battery, because they will only come on when the vehicle is started.

With the engine running, the alternator constantly charges the battery. The alternator acts as a mini-generator under the hood of your vehicle, powering its electrical system. Since the daytime running lights are only on when the engine has been started, they will not drain your battery.

In Closing

Up close photo of a Ford F150 high powered LED light

There are several reasons why the bed lamp in your Ford truck might be on, but they are easy to remedy. Your newer Ford car or truck most likely has daytime running lights, which are there for safety reasons.

These will not drain your battery, and the bulbs are usually pretty easy to replace when they burn out. Drive safe!

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