Front AC Not Working But Back Is – How To Fix This?

The car's air conditioning system is vulnerable to failure and malfunction over time. However, if the front car's AC is not working, but the back is, there should be a critical analysis of the issue. It should be attended to as soon as possible. Luckily, we've done plenty of research and have the answer.

If your car's front air conditioner is not working but the back is, you most likely have a clogged front air conditioner vent.

Sometimes, the car's airflow system may be blocked, preventing proper air circulation. You may also want to consider these possible reasons:

  • Low refrigerant 
  • Faulty fuse or relay 
  • Defective motor blower

As you continue reading, we will discuss them with you individually, so you can understand them more. With that said, let's dive right into this topic below!

A car air conditioning on the car dashboard and the back seat, Front AC Not Working But Back Is - How To Fix This?

Why Is Only The Back AC Working In My Car And Not The Front?

Before we fix the problem, we should determine the cause first.

The air conditioner problem starts when the front air conditioner is not working, completing the breakdown of the entire system.

However, let us consider another aspect: the front air conditioner does not work.

Air Vents

A detailed photo of a car dashboard with all the buttons

You can successfully detect a faulty Ford Expedition air vent system through different components of the car's HVAC system. This can be very technical.

So, be attentive to these possible causes, which are listed below:

Low Refrigerant

Car mechanic replacing the freon of the car AC

When your car's air conditioner stops working, it has a low refrigerant level. This is the most common cause for most vehicles such as Chevy Tahoe.

When this happens, you may notice a substantial reduction in the cooling effect of the air being blown. It may come to a point when it blows hot air.

The air conditioner cannot produce cold air if there is insufficient refrigerant.

Faulty Fuse/Relay

Technician checking the car battery

This area needs to be checked and might be responsible for malfunctioned air vents. When there is a bad fuse in the ventilation system, the blower motor cannot carry out its function to blow through the vents.

This occurs when there is a faulty relay. The relay provides the blower motor to work. If there is no blowing in the motor, then there will be not enough ventilation happen.

Defective Resistor Or Motor Blower

Car mechanic removing the car blower air

The blower motor is one of the essential parts of the vehicle's ventilation system. This is a fan located behind the car's dashboard. It is responsible for air blowing through the vents.

Some factors could affect the functionality of the motor - such as electrical issues, long-term use, and the like. Once the blower motor fails to function, there will be no cold air or hot air blowing when you turn on the air conditioner.

The motor functions with the help of a resistor.

The blower resistor regulates the flow of the air. So, once the blower resistor gets bad, it can be why the car heater is not blowing air, affecting the flow of cool air inside the car.

What Happens If My Car Has A Bad Compressor?

Up close photo of a car engine

The air compressor is the heart of your car's air conditioning system. The AC compressor performs for the entire system just like the same function of the human heart.

It does the circulation of refrigerant throughout the system.

What Does A Compressor Do?

The compressor is responsible for the refrigerant to turn into its liquid state, sending it to the condenser, which acts as the heat exchanger that removes the hot temperature from the refrigerant.

From there, the refrigerant will flow through a tube where it turns into a gas.

The accumulator keeps off moisture from the refrigerant. It is then transferred to an evaporator located in your car's cabin or underneath the dashboard.

The refrigerant will cool the air, which passes through the evaporator and resembles a radiator. Cool and dry air is being sent out from the air vents into the entire interior of the car.

How Do I Know If My Car's Compressor Isn't Working?

Knowing whether your vehicle's compressor is working correctly can be challenging. Here is what goes on when the compressor fails to work:

Cool Air Feels Warm

If you turn on the car's air conditioner, turn the temperature down, and the air does not seem to cool as it used to be, this can be an early sign of something wrong with the compressor.

The problem might be the leak from the air conditioning system.

Noise Coming From The Hood

When you notice a strange noise inside the car, it is already a bad sign. As we have mentioned, the compressor works by compressing the refrigerant.

It is an on and off-cycle during your daily rounds of driving. It can fail over time. Often, the compressor has a sealed bearing which can wear and tear especially if it lacks lubricant.

It may produce a high-pitched grinding sound. If the bearing freezes up, it will result in the shrieking of the drive belt, which can no longer spin.

Compressor Clutch

The compressor clutch is attached to the engine by belt and pulley. It could have problems too. If there is a clutch, the compressor will work on and off rather than be used all the time.

The compressor is less at risk to wear and tear, and it provides fuel efficiency as it does not have to turn on when it is not needed. However, the compressor clutch may fail.

It can be turned on all the time while driving your Dodge Durango.

What Happens If My Car's Cooling Fan Is Broken?

The cooling fan and the condenser work hand in hand within the AC system.

The condenser is the receiver of the proper cooling of the fan, so it will convert to a pressurized gas it receives from the compressor as a liquid form. This will enable the AC to produce cold air.

If your car has a faulty or broken cooling fan, it affects the condenser resulting in an HVAC malfunction. In some cases, it results in blowing hot air. In other cases, the front air conditioner stops working, but the back does.

How Do I Fix These Problems With My Vehicle?

If any of the problems arise, the first step you need to take is to diagnose. Once you determine why your Ford Expedition's front air conditioner fails but the back is, the next step is fixing it.

We have unlocked possible solutions to fix the problems mentioned above. However, you must apply the proper solutions to achieve great results.

Clean The Vents

Hot steam cleaning the car air conditioner blower

Take time to inspect your car's vent and dashboard. If there is dust or dirt, get water and detergent and mix in a bowl. Clean the ducts using a foam paintbrush.

While cleaning, avoid splashing water inside the vents. Wipe it dry using a towel.

Seal Any Leaks

During your diagnosis, if you have found leaks into the hose, seal it. You can do this yourself. Get a quality sealant. This won't cost much.

If you are not sure what to perform, contact an expert or a technician to do it for you. The cost of labor and the sealant will not significantly affect your pocket.

Replace The Compressor

Before replacing the compressor, ensure it is not getting worse. To do this, run the air conditioner on full blast for 15 minutes. Do it every three weeks without fail, irrespective of the weather.

However, if your car has already malfunctioned the compressor, replace it with a new one.

Check out this compressor on Amazon.

Replace/Repair The Cooling Fan

Sometimes, electrical faults and fuses are responsible for cooling fan malfunction. In this case, replace the fuse or repair electrical wirings.

If the cooling fan is the main problem, get a replacement, so it will not become a big problem in the future.

If your Ford Everest's air conditioner is not blowing out air and the air conditioner is not working, then now is the time to implement these solutions.


A car air conditioning on the car dashboard

We have exposed common reasons why your car's front AC is not working, but the back is. Solutions have also been revealed at the same time.

So, if you are battling against those issues at the moment, make sure to apply those solutions mentioned above. You may also ask professionals for help if you are in doubt about doing it yourself.

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