12 Fun RV Accessories That Will Take Your Rig to The Next Level

You have all the basics for your RV, and traveling itself is lots of fun. But now it's time for an upgrade to make your trips even more enjoyable.

You don't have to buy a new RV, though. There are tons of gadgets and products out there that can enhance your experience in your existing RV!

With that in mind, we put together this list of ideas to get you started. Make sure you read to the bottom for tips on finding the best spots to have fun with your new toys. Without further ado, here are 12 fun RV accessories that will take your rig to the next level listed with more details.

12 Fun RV Accessories That Will Take Your Rig To The Next Level

Fun decorative accessories for RV's

Sometimes, all your camper needs is a little decoration to make it more enjoyable. Most stock rigs have very little in the way of decor to make the place feel more like home. Here are some items you can use to customize your space.

RV Travel Map

It's RVer's rite of passage to get one of these maps and mark off the states they've visited. The colorful stickers commemorate each location's famous landscapes and landmarks, so it could also give you ideas of where to go next.

This one has thick border lines for easy placement of stickers and the name of each state printed on the stickers so that it can work as an excellent learning tool for kids.

Additionally, because it's meant to for placement on an exterior window or sidewall, this map is UV-protected, and the adhesive will not damage the surface. I also like that it ships flat, so you don't have to deal with curling edges when you apply it.

Decorative Pillow Covers

These zippered covers can be removed and switched out as you wish. Since these covers don't come with pillows, you can use them to cover existing square pillows.

Since RVs are notorious for using florals and other dated patterns on their fabrics, this can help add a more modern feel to your space.

I like that they are neutral enough to match with just about any color scheme, while still adding some interest. They are also machine-washable, which is a must for camping with children or pets.

See even more RV-themed throw pillows here.

Customized RV Signs

Making a place feel like home is simple when your name is on the wall. This hilarious customized sign is a great addition to your rig (or an RV friend's). It comes in three size choices, so you should be able to find a spot inside, but you can put it outdoors as well. The corners are rounded for safety to prevent getting cut on sharp metal edges.

The sign makers are also willing to customize further, adding different types of RVs, figures in different positions, and different colors for the sign. If you don't like this sign, when you go to the shop page you can take a look at other choices.

Outdoor fun RV accessories

RVing is all about the outdoors, so your RV upgrades wouldn't be complete without getting some outdoor gear. Here are all my favorites for improving your outside experience.

Inflatable Lounger

RVs are often short on space and have to be careful about weight. This inflatable lounger solves that problem. It folds down to about a foot long and has a storage bag. It only weighs three pounds but can support the weight of a few people.

It's listed as a portable hammock, but you can also use it as a sofa, at the beach, and even in the pool. This inflatable furniture comes in many different colors and has pockets to hold books and other gear. You can also stake it down, so it doesn't blow away when it's windy.

Outdoor Rug

If you love nature and are concerned about treading lightly on the environment, this outdoor rug is for you. Made from eco-friendly and recyclable material, it's durable and resistant to mold and mildew.

It's also easy to clean; you can wipe it down or hose it off if needed. It comes in four different sizes and weighs only a few pounds, so you can pick the size that works for your storage area while not worrying about weight. And it's pretty enough that you might even want to use it inside.

See even more RV outdoor rugs here.

RV Awning Screen Room

A screen room is an ultimate way to extend your indoor space to the outdoors. It's great for keeping out bugs, too. There's a tight seal all around, even a skirt to block off the wheel well area.

It has screened windows with roll-down shades for added sun protection and privacy. Depending on your awning, using a screen room could nearly double your useable living area. All that's needed is an outdoor rug, and it's like having a screened-in porch or sunroom for your RV.

This model also appears to be easy to install. There is no drilling needed; it just connects to your awning using the existing equipment. It comes in several sizes between 12 and 21 feet so that you can match it to your awning's width.

Folding BBQ Grill

RVing and outdoor grilling usually go hand in hand. This BBQ grill is made with portability and weight in mind. It folds flat and weighs less than eight pounds; it even comes with a carrying case. The food-grade stainless steel grill and base don't have any annoying enamel-like your standard BBQ to ship off or rust.

This grill is simple to take apart and put back together, with no tools required. So you can quickly clean it before you put it away and keep your storage area free of ashes. Either charcoal or wood can be used with this unit. That means you can save your propane for your appliances during your camping trip, and not worry about carrying extra hoses and connections.

RV-themed Party Lights

These cute lights are shaped like retro trailers or class As and safe for both indoor and outdoor use. If you don't want mini RVs, they also have beer mugs and bottles, chili peppers and cactus, fuzzy dice, or patriotic-themed lights, and more. Each strand is eight feet long and contains ten lights.

You can chain them together as well. Plus the light covers are plastic and not glass, so there's less chance of them breaking when you're driving down a bumpy road in your RV. Also, these lights come from Camco, a well-known RV product manufacturer that's been in business for over 40 years.

Low Smoke Campfire

I love the idea of a fire pit, but I can't stand the smoke. Soon enough it has me coughing and sneezing, and I don't like the smell of it in my clothes and hair. That's why this low-smoke campfire is so unique.

It uses wood kindling and very little of it. It weighs in at 1.4 pounds and is less than 5.1 inches in diameter by 6.9 inches high, which would probably fit in an average-sized storage bay.

Through design I don't claim to understand fully, the creators of this fire pit made it burn more efficiently than the average hole in the ground you find at most campgrounds. There's a video you can watch to see how it works.

Cool RV Electronic Gadgets

RVing is really more glamping than camping. So people often bring electronics in their home on wheels. I picked out some cool electronic gadgets to upgrade your fun.

Lithium Generator

Generators are usually noisy, smelly, and heavy. Not this one. This 500-watt generator runs silently off lithium batteries, so it weighs in at only 11 pounds and is less than 12 inches square.

You can charge it through a 110V outlet or 12V car charger, and the batteries hold a charge for up to one year. You can even connect it to a solar panel and charge it that way. With 11 outlets used simultaneously, everyone can recharge their electronics at the same time.

Use it as an emergency back-up power source, primary power when you're doing off-grid camping, or to use your electric toys away from your rig.

Satellite TV Antenna

RVs have some nice TVs these days. Why waste those fancy screens on an old-fashioned TV antenna? Now you can take a satellite antenna with you when using your RV. This antenna can mount on the roof or sit on the ground. You can use it with DISH or DIRECTV networks.

With a home satellite, it's usually fixed in place by and positioned by a professional. A roaming satellite needs repositioning with each new location. Luckily, this dish does so automatically.

If you have satellite service at home, you can add a receiver to this package and keep the billing together. Or, get a standalone pay-as-you-go plan to use when you need it.

Mini Espresso Machine

Espresso lovers no longer need to settle for choosing between plain old coffee or a bulky espresso machine while on the road. This mini machine is about the size of a thermos and weighs less than one pound.

It takes any ground coffee, comes with a coffee scoop and even a cup. The pod is built in, so no need to buy and carry expensive pods that have to be thrown out later.

The best part is you don't even need electricity to make your espresso. Just a few quick pumps and you're done. If it only cleaned itself after, this might be the perfect mini espresso machine.

More ideas for 12V RV coffee makers here.

You might also want to check out these Outdoor RV Speakers.

How do I know if these RV accessories will work for my RV?

You'll notice that I mentioned weight for each of these items. That's because it's so important for safety reasons to never load your rig above its maximum weight.

You also have to be careful about not putting a strain on your towing vehicle, if you own a towable RV like a travel trailer or fifth wheel. We have a helpful article, Towing Capacity And Trailer Weight – What RV Owners Need To Know that you can read to learn about this topic.

Another concern is the size of each item. It's never a good idea to store something loose inside your RV while traveling. It could get damaged, or damage the inside of your RV. So before purchasing anything, check the manufacturer's dimensions against measurements you take of your storage compartments. Make sure you always have a designated place for everything in your RV; it makes packing and unpacking for trips much easier. We have some suggestions in our post: 15 RV Organization Tips that will make your life easier.

Lastly, if any products require electricity, check their power draw (in Amps) against your RV's capabilities. When choosing an outlet to plug something in, see what other items are running on that circuit, so you don't exceed your power capacity. You may have already experienced tripping a circuit when you've tried to run two energy hogs like a hair dryer and toaster on the same circuit.

Read more about your RV circuit breaker panel.

RVs do have different limitations than houses when it comes to things like storage and power. But you can still have lots of fun with some new RV accessories. Now get out there and enjoy your new toys!

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