What Kind Of Gas Does Mercedes GLC Take?

Putting in the correct type of fuel is essential to keeping the performance of a vehicle at its optimal level. This is more important for higher-end cars since the wrong type of fuel may negatively affect your car's engine. We have consulted automotive experts on what gas the Mercedes GLC takes. Here is what we got from them.

The Mercedes GLC has many different engine options, but the most common engine that it uses requires you to use premium fuel. Premium fuel is needed for the turbocharged engine to run in optimal condition. 

Also, the Mercedes GLC has many models and trims with different engines. Other engines of the Mercedes GLC will use diesel or is a hybrid. For more information about the Mercedes Benz GLC, keep reading below. 

Types of fuel needed for Mercedes Benz GCL 300 for essential performance, What Kind Of Gas Does Mecedes GLC Take?    

Fuel Types For The Mercedes GLC

The Mercedes GLC has multiple engine types across all its models and trims. Having this feature means that the GLC can cater to the needs of different users from base models to higher performance vehicles.

Multiple beautiful engine of Mercedes-Benz GLC

Running lower-quality fuel must only be used if you have no other choice. Also, you never use diesel on a gasoline car and vice versa.

Here are the types of fuel the Mercedes Benz GLC takes:

Premium Gasoline

Gasoline is different from one another, and it's not one type fits all. The most common numbers you'll see in gas stations are 93, 89, and 87. These numbers correspond to the fuel's octane rating.

The octane rating is a measurement of how well the gas resists "knocking" at the time of its combustion. The knocking sound is caused by a bad mixture of air and fuel in the engine. Having a lower octane may cause early combustion, creating the knocking sound that may even damage your engine.

Since most Mercedes GLC require premium gas to operate in optimal condition, you should be fueling up with 91 octane or above. This is due to the GLC's engine being turbocharged. Here are the models of the GLC that need premium fuel (This is for both the GLC and GLC Coupé):

  • AMG GLC 63 S 
  • AMG GLC 63 
  • AMG GLC 43 
  • GLC 300
  • GLC 300 4Matic
  • GLC 350e 4Matic
  • GLC 250 4Matic
  • GLC 200

The models of the GLC listed above are powered by different engines such as a V8, V6, and inline-4. It is essential that all these engines get premium fuel since they are high compression and turbocharged engines.

Putting a lower fuel octane in the GLC may damage the engine, make you lose a bit of power, and in some cases, your vehicle will not start in one click. The best way to prevent putting the wrong octane level or fuel type is always to double check what you're putting in your car when fueling.

Also, you have hybrid models that will still require you to fuel up with premium gas. With a hybrid car, you will both be using an electric motor and a combustion engine.


GLC model mercedes benz run on diesel fuel

While the diesel engine is not widely used in the GLC line, you still have a few models that run on it. The Mercedes GLC models that run on diesel fuel (for both the GLC and GLC Coupe) include:

  • GLC 350d 4Matic
  • GLC 250d 4Matic
  • GLC 220d 4Matic

Diesel engines work differently from gasoline engines that's why it's important not to mix the two. Other than the GLC's badging, the gasoline and diesel versions look the same.

When looking at a Mercedes GLC look for the 'D' after the model name. This will indicate that that model requires you to use diesel fuel. Filling gasoline in a diesel engine is much worst than filling a gas engine with diesel.

Diesel is not only fuel it's the vehicle's lubricant—a quality that gasoline lacks. A gas engine can't combust diesel fuel, but a diesel engine can combust gasoline. Gasoline in a diesel engine will combust too early and will create a lot of "knocking."

The "knocking" will damage your engine, and with gasoline, your fuel pump will be out of lubrication, which will lead to its failure. Overall when you make a mistake of putting gas on a diesel engine and vice versa, be prepared to replace some parts of your vehicle.

What Engine Does The GLC Have?

255 horsepower og glc mercedes benz glc 300


Currently, the base engine of the GLC is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that pushes out 255 horsepower (hp) and 273 pound-feet of torque. This engine can be currently seen on the Mercedes GLC 300.

The MPG of the turbocharged 2.0-liter for the GLC 300 is 22 in the city, 27 on the highway, and 24 combined. The total driving range of the GLC 300 is 469.80 miles on the highway, and 382.80 in the city.

There are also other engines for the GLC and are also available for the AMG models. Other available engines for the GLC are as follows:

  • Twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 with 385 hp and 384 pound-feet of torque (AMG GLC 43)
  • Twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 with 469 hp and 479 pound-feet of torque (AMG GLC 63)
  • Twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 with 503 hp and 516 pound-feet of torque (AMG GLC 63 S)

AMG is the performance division of Mercedes, and most of the vehicles with this badge will have a lot more engine power and better aesthetics when compared to base models. AMG models will also cost much more than a base model, sometimes it's even twice its price.

They also have a diesel engine for previous models, a 6-cylinder turbocharged engine that pushes out 254 hp and 457 pound-feet of torque. There is also a 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that pushes out 201 hp and 369 pound-feet of torque.

What's The Fastest Mercedes GLC?

Gorgeous mercedes benz glc 300 and it's beautiful features

The fastest Mercedes GLC would be the 2022 AMG GLC 63 S SUV. This vehicle has a 4.0-liter V8 bi-turbo engine that's pushing out 503 hp at 5,500 - 6,250 rpm and 516 hp at 1,750 - 4,500 rpm. This is also paired with an AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9-speed transmission.

The AMG GLC 63 S has 0 to 60 of 3.6 seconds. This is very quick since the AMG GLC 63 S is classed as an SUV and is electronically limited to 174 mph. This vehicle has great acceleration because of its drivetrain, which is an AWD system.

With impressive performance numbers, the AMG GLC 63 S can compete with a lot of high-performance cars available on the market today. This is a great car if you want a vehicle with a lot of storage for everyday use and has the performance to go on the track on the weekends.

If you want to get the 2022 AMG GLC 63 S SUV, it will cost you around $82,000. It may be costly but it has the power and features that can justify its high price range. 

The only downside to this vehicle is it has bad fuel mileage. It has an MPG of 15 in the city, 22 on the highway, and 17 combined. The AMG GLC 63 S may not have the best MPG but it sure is a fast SUV.

How Big Is The GLC 300?

Suv type Glc mercedes benz for bigger cargo and a lot of passenger

For some people, the size of the vehicle is important since they may live in a place where a larger vehicle won't fit, or they may want a bigger car to fit a lot of cargo in it. The exterior dimensions for the 2022 GLC 300 consist of the following:

  • Wheelbase - 11.3 inches
  • Length - 183.3 inches
  • Width - 74.4 inches
  • Height - 64.7 inches
  • Front Track Width - 63.9 inches
  • Rear Track Width - 63.7 inches

The GLC 300 is a decent-sized SUV. It's not too big nor is it too small. Its size can be compared to the C-Class. This is a great vehicle to be driving in the city since it does not feel like you're driving a big truck, but it still gives you some height advantages compared to sedans.

The vehicle also looks smaller than its true size because of its sleek design. Unlike other SUVs with a more aggressive design, the GLC 300 has smooth corners that continue from the front to the rear.

In Closing

Types of fuel needed for Mercedes Benz GCL 300 for essential performance

The Mercedes GLC both have a gasoline and diesel engine, but if the model has a gasoline engine you must put 91 octanes or higher. This is a must to avoid damaging your engine and is needed so that your car will run in optimal conditions. 

If you're looking for a practical and powerful GLC, your best option will be the 2022 AMG GLC 63 S SUV. This is a high-performance SUV that can keep up and even surpasses other performance cars—just be prepared to pay its high price tag.

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