How To Get A Motorcycle License In Georgia

Whether driving a car or motorcycle, you'll find that the laws governing driving any motor vehicle will vary from state to state. If you are considering getting a license to operate a motorcycle in Georgia, we can help you. Let's dive into the facts below.

Getting a motorcycle license in Georgia is a multi-step process. To be able to operate a motorcycle in this state legally, you will need to:

  • Apply for the license.
  • Complete an eye test.
  • Complete a Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course.
  • Pass a skills test/complete a Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course.

Now that you know the steps you need to take to get a Georgia motorcycle license, we'll look at each one in-depth. You might also be wondering if you can ride a motorcycle without a helmet in Georgia or what makes a motorcycle street legal in this state. Let's dive in!

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How To Obtain A Georgia Motorcycle License

Earlier in this post, we listed the steps you'll need to complete to operate a motorcycle in the state of Georgia legally. We'll go over each of these steps below to make them easier to understand.

Apply For The License

You can apply as long as you are at least 17 years of age.

You will need to bring in the required documents to the license bureau. These documents are necessary to verify your identity, residential address, and U.S. citizenship or lawful status.

If you have a license issued in another state, it must be surrendered at this time. If you have lost it, you will need to provide a motor vehicle report (MVR) dated less than 90 days ago.

You'll fill out an application and pay the $32 fee.

Complete An Eye Test

Like every other state, the powers want to make sure that you can see when you are operating a vehicle on the road. Be sure you are wearing your glasses or contact lenses if you are prescribed to need corrective lenses.

Pass The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course

Now it is time for the written exam. There are two separate written tests you'll need to pass. These are the Road Rules test and the Signs test.

Each test has a total of twenty questions. To move to the next step, you will have to pass each test with a minimum of 75%. You will need to get 15 out of 20 correct answers.

If you completed the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course within 90 days of applying, you would not need to pass the written or skills test.

Pass A Skills Test Or A Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course

After successfully passing both written tests, it is time for your motorcycle skills test. This is a monitored test in which the licensed agent verifies that you can maneuver a motorcycle on a roadway.

Like with the written exams, you will be exempt from this test if you have completed the Georgia Motor Cycle Safety Program Course.

 When all of the above are satisfied, you'll be issued a Georgia motorcycle license. Keep in mind that if you are under the age of 18, there will be several other steps that you'll need to complete.

We'll address those ahead in this post.

Can I Drive A Motorcycle With A Driver's License In Georgia?

Motorcycle rider sitting on his Kawasaki Versys 650

Georgia will not allow anyone to operate a motorcycle on any public roadway with only a motor vehicle license.

Concerned with the safety of their citizens, Georgia wants to ensure that anyone riding a motorcycle is proficient in both the laws regarding operating a bike and their physical ability to do so.

Operating a motorcycle without proper licensure will subject the violator to expensive fines and potential jail time. Consider enrolling in a Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course.

This comprehensive course will help you get the skills needed to safely ride a bike and make it legal to obtain a permit.

Can I Ride A Motorcycle Without A Helmet In Georgia?

Currently, only three states have no helmet laws on their books. These states are Iowa, Illinois, and New Hampshire. Many states require a helmet for all riders and a great deal of them require them if you are under a stated age.

Motorcycle rider cruising with his bobber at sunset

Georgia is a state that requires all riders to wear a motorcycle helmet. It doesn't matter your age or skill level; you will need to have one on at all times while the bike is in motion.

The only exception to the helmet law in Georgia is if you are operating a moped.

This small scooter is defined by Georgia law as having "engine displacement of 50ccs or less, the braking horsepower of 2 or less, and a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour."

Do I Need A Motorcycle License For A 1500cc Scooter In Georgia?

Motorcycle rider photographed on his motorcycle

If you are operating any bike with more than 50cc engine displacement, you will need a motorcycle license in Georgia.

The law in this state defines a motorcycle as any vehicle with less than three wheels on the ground with a saddle seat, as long as the engine displacement requirements mentioned above are met.

How Else Can I Get A Motorcycle License If I'm Under 18?

As we mentioned earlier in this post, you can get a license to operate a motorcycle at 17 in Georgia. But a few items need to be checked off your to-do list if you apply for this license before your 18th birthday.

Joshua's Law Requirements

Prospective drivers beginning at 16 and motorcycle operators at 17 need to fulfill educational and training requirements under Georgia's Joshua Law.

This comprehensive course includes a combination of classroom learning (virtual or in-person) and parent monitored windshield time.

Many school districts offer the classroom portion of this requirement under various driver's education programs. A certified driver's education instructor can supervise and instruct the windshield time portion of Joshua's Law.

Alcohol And Drug Awareness Program

This is a course all applicants for driver's licenses and motorcycle licenses must pass if they are under 18. Known as ADAP, it presents the dangers of combining drug and alcohol use with operating any motor vehicle.

School Enrollment Documentation

Georgia won't give you a license as a minor unless you are in school. A copy of your transcripts, last report card, or a valid school ID will work to verify enrollment.

A high school diploma or GED will also suffice if not enrolled in school. Enrollment verification in a GED or trade school program will also be acceptable.

What Makes A Motorcycle Street Legal In Georgia?

Motorcycle rider banking on a chicane with his Kawasaki z1000

Georgia has some specific requirements for a motorcycle to be considered "street legal."

So if you have a used bike or are fixing an old one, you'll want to make sure that the bike has the following:

  • Rearview mirrors
  • Handlebars that are no more than 25 inches higher than the seat
  • Footrests for passengers (if carrying any passengers)
  • Working turn signals (bikes manufactured after 1972)
  • Daytime headlights

Our Final Words

A group of riders cruising on a cliff road

Getting a motorcycle license in Georgia will require you to complete a few steps, but it's not a complicated process.

For first-time riders, you want to enroll in and complete the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Course.

This gives you the knowledge and skills you need, but it also allows you to skip steps at the license bureau. Regardless, wear a helmet, and ride safe!

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