Does GMC Canyon Have Adaptive Cruise Control?

The GMC Canyon is a popular mid-size truck that has had many new standard features added in 2021. Safety is certainly an important feature to consider when you're searching for a new vehicle. With that being said, does the GMC Canyon have adaptive cruise control? We've done the research to bring you the answer. 

The GMC Canyon does not currently offer adaptive cruise control as a standard or premium feature. However, the Canyon model does include other safety standard safety features that will help keep you and your passengers safer on the road. These features include:

  • A rear vision camera
  • Tire pressure monitoring system
  • "Teen driver" feature
  • Forward collision alert/lane departure warning (Denali model only)

In this post, we'll explain the standard safety features offered for the GMC Canyon model, how they work, and why they keep you and your passengers safer. We'll also discuss some features of adaptive cruise control and how adding this component to the GMC Canyon would make this truck even safer on the road.

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GMC Canyon Safety Features


The automotive industry has come a long way in regards to making their vehicles safer for its passengers. Safety belts and airbags being mandated by law as standard safety features have saved countless lives over the decades.

And as automotive manufacturers look toward the future, they are including more and more standards and add-ons that both reduce the severity of injuries as well as saving lives. GMC has made many of the latest safety features available on their latest Canyon model pickup trucks.

A GMC Canyon parked outside a car dealership

Rear Vision Cameras

This feature uses a small camera, positioned just above the rear license plate. When your Canyon is in reverse, a video feed from your rear camera will appear on the monitor on your dashboard. A tracking system will be visible on this screen. It will alert you to your vehicle's proximity to curbing or to vehicles parked behind you.

This safety feature helps to avoid minor fender benders caused by backing up, as well as makes parallel parking a less daunting task. In order for this feature to work properly, it's important to make sure that the camera lens is unobstructed and clean.

Snowy and icy conditions can sometimes create debris that builds on the lens, as does frequent driving on mud or gravel. Keeping the lens clean will make parking a breeze. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Properly inflated tires ensure better overall gas mileage, greatly extend the life of the tires, and decrease the likelihood of a highway blowout. GMC Canyons come equipped with a tire monitoring system. It has an in-dash warning when one or more of your tires are below factory-recommended tire pressure. An exclamation point will appear on the RPM gauge to alert you that your tire(s) pressure needs to be checked as soon as possible.

To make this even easier, the Canyon has added a comprehensive pressure monitoring system. It alerts the driver to which tire(s) are low and what the current tire pressures of all four tires are reading. This takes the guesswork out of determining on your own which tire is low.

"Teen Driver" Feature

While your teen getting a driver's license is a proud milestone, this moment leads to another series of worries and concerns from parents. To help keep young, inexperienced drivers safe and to enhance their awareness, GMC offers "Teen Driving Mode." It's a new technology that locks in the vehicle's equipped safety features. It also logs the driving habits of the teen so that the parent can help coach and teach them to be safer on the road.

When this mode is activated on the key fob by the parent, maximum speed warnings can be turned on, as well as a maximum volume (or mute) on the vehicle's stereo system. In addition, a "report card" is generated. The parent can review the following:

  • Driving distance
  • Hard braking
  • High speeds
  • Forward collision alerts (select models)

Review the data from this mode in order to monitor how they drive while you're not there to supervise. This also ensures that the teen has another tool to help them learn to be a better driver. 

Forward Collision Alert/Lane Departure Warning

GMC's Denali edition of the Canyon includes a forward collision alert and a lane departure warning. Using a combination of cameras and sensors, GMC has added technology that alerts the driver of obstructions in the lane ahead.

Not to be confused with adaptive cruise control (which will apply the brakes when there's something too close in front of the vehicle), the forward collision alert system will give both an audible and visual signal to the driver that warns the driver of the danger ahead. A "brake" light will appear on the dash control of the truck simultaneous to a loud beeping. Ideally, this will give the driver a split second more time to react.

Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS) have been a popular feature since their debut in 2001 Mercedes models. Vehicles with this technology will beep loudly whenever the vehicle begins to sway out of its lane (unless a turn signal is engaged). This feature helps to combat distracted driving, drowsiness, and carelessness, some of the leading causes of highway collisions.

Will adaptive cruise control stop the vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle, when adaptive cruise control is engaged, it can follow the lead vehicle to a stop. However, adaptive cruise control is not meant to be a substitute for attentive driving. Rather, it is meant to be a feature that enhances the safety of the vehicle's passengers by acting as an alert system.

Adaptive cruise control will only allow a vehicle to brake so much. Therefore, it relies on this safety mechanism to make a sudden stop when the vehicle in front of you brakes hard and suddenly and would most likely result in a rear-end collision. Adaptive cruise control will also be impeded by rain, bad lighting, and smudges on the front-facing camera lens. In addition, vehicles with this add-on should also know that adaptive cruise control has no way to detect stop signs or stoplights.

The best use of adaptive cruise control is to remember that it is a great alert system for the driver who might have momentarily been distracted while the vehicle in front of it has braked, all the while being fully aware of the limitations of this technology.

For a comprehensive explanation on adaptive cruise control, read Adaptive Cruise Control For Pickup Trucks: What You Need To Know.

How useful is adaptive cruise control?

This evolving safety feature is quite useful, especially on long drives on highways. This system allows the driver to decide when and where to engage it and to set the timing between them and any vehicle it would follow. While engaged, the vehicle will begin braking if the camera detects that it is following a vehicle too closely.

A brake alert is signaled if the lead vehicle has braked hard and sudden. As noted above, adaptive cruise control should never be considered a substitute for active, alert driving.

What is the GMC Premium Package?

Since 2017, GMC has offered the Canyon model truck with the Denali upgrade option. This is a feature that offers a luxury look to their mid-size pickup truck. With the Denali upgrade, you'll be able to enjoy more standard features and benefits than the Canyon Standard Elevation model, including:

  • 20 diamond-cut machined aluminum wheels (an upgrade from the 18" black-painted aluminum)
  • Heated leather seats
  • Wireless smartphone charging
  • Standard Driver Alert package
  • Bose audio system

In Closing

Consumers face a multitude of decisions when purchasing a car or truck. The many standard features and premium add-ons can vary from model to model. Carefully analyzing your needs as a driver, your driving habits, and your budget will better prepare you for your visit to the auto dealership.

Safety is one of the most primary concerns with drivers. It's important to know what safety mechanisms your prospective vehicle has on board, and what ones you could consider adding. The technology is ever-evolving, so don't worry if the features you might like aren't all currently available in your favorite model vehicle. Keeping up on the latest advances and doing your research beforehand will save you a lot of time at the dealership. Be safe!

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