Does GMC Canyon Have Push Button Start?

With on more onboard features and technology seeming to be added to vehicles every year during the new model rollouts, you'd be hard pressed to find one model that encompasses every bit of the latest technology that's offered. There's just so many things being made available these days. While some manufacturers race to be on the cutting edge of every conceivable piece of high tech equipment out there, some take a more cautious approach in what they offer onboard, and when. GMC fits into the latter school of thought, as we have discovered when researching the GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado.

The GMC Canyon does not have push button start. GMC has been slow to roll out this technology, and currently only offers this feature with premium models of the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra. GMC has taken a more conservative approach in implementing this relatively new technology, and seem to be committing themselves to a slow rollout with other models and trim levels for the time being.

If you've never driven a car or truck with push button start as a feature, you wouldn't be alone; only about 18 percent of new vehicles on the market offer this keyless start system. We've researched push button starts to help give you the information you need in deciding if getting a car or truck with this feature will be of benefit to you. We've also looked at whether you can add push button start in the aftermarket, and if the feature is even worth the hype. We've also run a comparison of two GMC model pickup trucks, the GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado. Read on to see what we've discovered in our research.

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Are GMC Canyon and Chevy Colorado the same?

While there are some obvious differences between these two model trucks, there seem to be a lot more similarities. This is no coincidence, as they were built on an identical platform to start.


From an appearance perspective, you will notice a few things that definitely set these two model pickup trucks apart. The Colorado's front end hold smaller, thinner front lamps, while the Canyon's headlights are more bold. Likewise, the Canyon has a much more dominant front grill than the Colorado, making it easy to distinguish between the two models from the front.

The rear ends of both the Canyon and Colorado are similar, both being dominated by giant logos. The main rear end difference is the style of taillights from one to the other. The Canyon's rear lights are both clear and red, while the Colorado's taillights are completely solid. 

The Canyon and Colorado also have three body styles to choose from. Both pickup trucks have crew cab short beds, crew cab long beds, and extended cab standard beds as options. As with other model trucks, all of the body types have multiple trim levels to select from. The Colorado offers five levels of trim, while the Canyon boasts seven of it's own.

Payload and Towing Capacity

For those that are looking at these two model trucks to compare payload and towing capacities, you'll find that even these specs are fairly similar from truck to truck. The payload capacity is only separated by less than 30 pounds, with the Canyon having a slight edge. In regards to towing capacity, both have trim levels that boast a maximum of 7,000 pounds.

On the interior, the base models virtually mirror one another. However, the Colorado does offer a few more interior options that might interest some prospective truck owners.

Does Chevy Colorado have push button start?

Currently, the Chevy Colorado does not have the push button start feature. As noted above, GMC has so far only made this technology available in the Chevy Silverado and the GMC Sierra, and then only in their premium trim levels. To find out whether push button start can be added as an aftermarket installation, read ahead.

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Is push button start worth it?

Every piece of technology will carry with it advantages and disadvantages, which you will realize if your vehicle is equipped with the push button start feature. On the plus side of things, having push button start is a great security piece. It's so much more difficult to steal a vehicle with this technology, as a would-be thief would almost certainly need a copy of your key fob to get it started. 

A push button start ignition is also very convenient. Since all you need is your key fob, your key chain will be much lighter and will take up considerably less room in your pocket. 

Keeping the above in mind, the fob's small size makes it easier to misplace. Replacing the fob is much more costly than getting a replacement key made.

There's also a danger associated with leaving your vehicle running unoccupied. When you exit your vehicle, it will stop running on it's own eventually, but only if the key fob is no longer in the vehicle. If you were to drop it in the truck cab without realizing it and leave, then the truck will keep running. 

Another con is the expense. All features will wear out at some point, and replacing the push button start ignition isn't necessarily the cheapest. Basic components can cost up to $150 to replace, while an entire system could be up to $500.

Whether this feature is worth it is up to you as a prospective buyer. While the convenience and safety aspects make it attractive, some buyers might be turned off by the prospect of losing the fob or making a replacement.

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Can I get push button start installed in my vehicle?

Most newer model vehicles that do not come equipped with a push button start ignition system can have one easily added as an aftermarket installation. Kits range anywhere from $50 to $500. Should you choose to install it yourself, you'll save the labor costs, although we've discovered that the labor itself usually isn't more than $200 if you have a mechanic do it for you.

You can view this model push button start kit on Amazon with this link.


We've digested a lot with this post. We've learned that while the auto industry waits for GMC to catch up with push button technology, you can still enjoy this feature with an aftermarket installation. Even with the above listed disadvantages, most consumers will probably find that the advantages far outweigh them. We also learned that whether or not you select the GMC Canyon or the Chevy Colorado, we now know that both model trucks are extremely similar in design, capabilities, and basic features, and remain competitively priced with each other

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