10 Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mounts

10-Best-GoPro-Motorcycle-Helmet-Chin-MountsEver since the invention of the GoPro, more and more people have been sharing with the world their adventures. Whether you’re going down a black diamond on skis, snorkeling next to color    ful corals, or cruising down Route 66 on your new Harley, wearing a GoPro is a great way to capture what’s going on around you. Many motorcyclists use these action cameras for safety and security purposes. They are small and compact, fitting right on your helmet without disrupting your view.

These cameras have caught accidents live, helped the police with crimes, and can help insurance companies see who’s at fault after a collision. Because GoPro cameras aren’t cheap, it’s essential that you find a high-quality motorcycle helmet chin mount to keep it in place. The last thing you want is to be going 65 miles an hour only to have your GoPro fly off your helmet. That can be distracting and will likely leave you with a beaten up device.

There are plenty of different GoPro models on the market, and quite a few off-brand versions of the camera as well. How can you find the best mount for your needs? ">Is it hard to attach a mount to your motorcycle helmet? To make the decision as clear cut as possible for you, we’ve reviewed and described 10 of the most popular GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mounts that are available today. Keep reading to find a product that perfectly fits your needs.

Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mounts Reviewed

Here are our reviews of the top 10 choices when it comes to GoPro motorcycle helmet chin mounts.

Full Face Helmet Chin Mount for GoPro

This is a basic high-quality motorcycle chin mount that people tend to enjoy for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s incredibly easy to mount. You won’t waste a lot of time reading directions or becoming frustrated after trying to attach the mount. When the GoPro is recording, this mount provides an amazing POV angle.

You’ll also be able to easily remove the mount and transfer it to another helmet if and when necessary. It’s affordable, and you can easily access the camera with your helmet if needed.

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RUIGPRO Fixing Bracket Motorcycle Helmet Chin Holder

The RUIGPRO motorcycle chin mount is perfect for those who have older GoPros, as this is compatible with several different models. There is a convenient strap design that makes it incredibly easy to install. Even though it’s a strap, you don’t have to worry about it slipping or creating a shaky look to the footage you capture.

It has a unique non-slip and shock absorption technology to prevent any of that from happening. This motorcycle chin mount is universal and will work on any motorcycle helmet that you own. It’s also made of incredible material that keeps it durable and prevents any damage from falls, harsh wind, or extreme weather.

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SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

As you can tell by the name, the SUREWO Aluminum Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount is crafted out of high-quality aluminum. This makes it incredibly durable and resistant to falls or intense weather conditions. Aluminum is also lightweight, which is helpful when the product is going to be sitting on the chin area of an already heavy helmet.

It stays on the motorcycle helmet firmly, without the worry of it slipping off or moving around while you’re riding around. It is also designed as a single piece that is easy to install and adjust when needed.

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Motorcycle Helmet Chin Swivel 3 Way Pivots Rotation Mount Kit

If you want a motorcycle helmet chin mount that swivels, this is a great choice. It allows for different angles and a smooth transition while you’re driving. It comes with a heavy-duty and waterproof sticker pad that keeps it in place, even during heavy rain. It comes with a wrench that makes it incredibly easy to make adjustments as needed.

This is another motorcycle helmet chin mount that can fit most action cameras, including GoPro 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Lastly, there is a rope attached to the camera that also connects to your helmet. This makes it practically impossible for the camera or mount to fall off.

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PROSHOT Helmet Cam Mounting System

The PROSHOT helmet cam mounting system is another excellent option. If you find yourself taking part in extreme sports in addition to riding a motorcycle. This is likely the best mounting system for you. It can also be worn on off-highway vehicle helmets, making it versatile.

There is no drilling required for installation, and you’ll be ready to ride in just a few minutes. You can easily see the recording light without having to distract yourself and look down or move the camera at all.

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TELESIN Motorcycle Helmet Strap Mount Front Chin Mount for GoPro Hero

If you’re looking for a lightweight and heavy-duty motorcycle helmet strap mount for your GoPro, there is the Telesin model that is available on Amazon. It’s incredibly easy to install, remove, and adjust as needed.

This strap and mount combo are made out of high-quality materials that make it easy to keep shooting no matter what the environment is like. You can switch the view of the camera so that it’s a POV shot, or pointed upwards towards you. It can fit a variety of different GoPro cameras.

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SUREWO Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Compatible with GoPro Hero

SUREWO makes another appearance with this helmet chin mount for GoPro devices. This is specially made for motorcycles and comes with a handful of amazing accessories that come in handy and save you money down the road. It is comprised of four joints that allow the mount to rotate up to 180 degrees.

Like other SUREWO products, it stays on with a durable sticky pad that is waterproof. There is also the safety rope that the other SUREWO motorcycle helmet chin mount has.

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AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount Kits

AxPower makes a durable and reliable motorcycle helmet mount that comes with a variety of accessories. It has a J-Hook mount that allows you to put the mount on the chin of your helmet, the side, or even the top. It is equipped with a swivel arm that provides a 180-degree view of whatever is happening around you.

It is easily adjustable and can catch footage that is in your natural eye’s blindspot. This motorcycle helmet chin mount is easy to install and take off as needed. It doesn’t distract your view and is incredibly inexpensive.

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Vamson for Gopro Helmet Chin Mount Motorcycle Accessories Kit

The Vamson motorcycle helmet chin mount comes with 33 accessories. The mount itself has three-fold protection that includes a safety buckle, silicone lock buckle, and a lanyard that makes it nearly impossible to lose your camera while you’re driving down the road at high speeds.

There is a jaw swivel arm mount that allows the camera to be adjusted and pan up to 180 degrees. It comes with an industrial-strength sticky pad that keeps the mount in place at all times. When you want to take the mount off, you can put it in the waterproof storage bag that keeps it safe and secure. Lastly, there is a handy wrench that makes last-minute adjustments a breeze.

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GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (All GoPro Cameras) - Official GoPro Mount

From the company itself, the GoPro helmet with front and side mounts are perfect for those who own several GoPro cameras. As the name suggests, your camera can be placed on the side or front of your helmet. The swivel mount is incredibly easy to adjust and rotate as needed, even with a camera in place.

The mounting buckle prevents any falls or opportunities for the mount or camera to leave the helmet. It works with all GoPro cameras and comes with a convenient one year manufacturer's warranty. It isn’t expensive and can be bought at the same time you buy your new GoPro.

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Bottom Line

There are plenty of fantastic motorcycle helmet chin mount options on the market. Hopefully, this list allows you to see what type of products are on the market and what will work best for you. Try to find something that can be easily adjusted, and that comes with a durable sticky pad to prevent your mount from flying off. Before you know it, you’ll be recording incredible videos of your adventures or feel safe and secure knowing that you have a device to capture what’s happening in front of you.

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