Jeep Grand Cherokee – How Summit and Overland Trims Differ

With so many trim level options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to determine which model best fits your needs. Trim levels will offer more amenities, engine options, and interior comforts from the base level up to the premium ones, adding additional costs with each successive one. Should you be considering a Jeep Grand Cherokee and want to know how the Summit and Overland trim levels differ, we can help you. We did the research so that you'll know for sure what each one offers. 

Besides carrying different sticker prices, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and Overland trim levels differ in what they offer onboard. In addition to the standard features the Overland is equipped with, the Summit will have more onboard features including but not limited to:

  • Automatic parking
  • Rear air conditioning controls
  • Seat massager

Now that we know the areas in which the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit and Overland will differ, we'll take a much closer look at them. You might also be wondering what the Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Package entails or which Jeep Grand Cherokee is the most luxurious. For the answers to these questions and more, keep reading.

Comparison betweenJeep Grand Cherokee Summit and Overland, Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Vs. Overland: What Are The Differences?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit Vs. Overland

The Summit and Overland trim levels for the Jeep Cherokee have a lot in common. These two upper trims are both equipped with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine capable of 293 horsepower. Both are able to tow up to 6,200 pounds and have a maximum payload capacity of 1,219 pounds. 

But these two four-wheel-drive Jeeps have dissimilarities. Here, we'll break down the three areas so that you'll have a complete guide to determining how they differ.

Onboard Features

The creature comforts that are standard for the Overland will not be as luxurious as the ones aboard the Summit. While both trims do have amenities that lend for safe and comfortable driving, the Summit is the more premier trim level.

Let's take a look at three of the features the Summit carries that are left off on the Overland trim level.

Automatic Parking

This feature is part of a driver's assist program that also included a drowsy driver alert. By pulling up next to your desired parking space, you can have the Cherokee park itself with the push of a button. Press "Park Assist," and select "parallel" or "perpendicular." The onboard computer will look for a spot.

You will notice the Cherokee controlling its own direction when it is parking. You will need to work the pedals, however. Accelerating and applying the brakes as needed, you'll be able to park like a pro when this feature is engaged.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Rear Air Conditioning Controls

Ventilation hole in a luxury passenger car for rear sets with air condition control

A great luxury for rear seat occupants, the Summit adds air conditioning controls in this area. The ability to control the flow of air will make long trips more comfortable for a Grand Cherokee full of passengers.

Seat Massager

Another onboard feature that makes the Summit trim level a great road trip vehicle is the seat massager. The quilted leather driver's seat has this built into it, making long trips or a ride home after a stressful day a lot more relaxing.

Off-Road Capability

While the Summit and Overland are both capable of an off-road adventure, the Overland was designed more for this in mind. Better shock absorbers and a more durable suspension system make the Overland a better ride in rugged conditions. Additionally, the Overland comes equipped with tow hooks.

The ground clearance for each of these trim levels is the same at 10.9 inches. Clearly, both of these were built to go off the paved road. But the Summit was designed more for a luxurious ride than it was for an off-road adventure.

Sticker Price

There are differences in the price tags across every model vehicle when you go from one trim level to another.

The 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland has an MSRP that begins at $56,635. The Summit has a starting price tag of $60,695. Of course, any additional packages or optional features will increase the sticker price, sometimes substantially. Your dealership will have complete package upgrade and pricing information.

What Jeep Grand Cherokee Is The Most Luxurious?

Earlier in this post, we outlined the differences between the Overland and the Summit, touting the latter as the more premier trim level available for the 2022 model Jeep Grand Cherokee.

There is one more trim level above the Summit, however. The top tier trim offers a few more features than the Summit, which we will outline below.

The Summit Reserve trim level has more exterior color options to choose from as well as giving you the option of upgrading the engine to a 5.7 liter HEMI. This four-wheel-drive Jeep has a larger infotainment screen onboard.

It also boasts quilted leather seats, adding optimum comfort to your ride. As opposed to the 10-speaker sound system, this trim level has an impressive 19 speakers on board.

The ultimate luxury Grand Cherokee vehicle also carries a bit higher price tag. The starting sticker price for the Summit Reserve is $65,175.

SUV drives in rocky mountain national park Colorado USA

What Is The Difference Between The Overland And The High Altitude?

Earlier in this post, we highlighted the standard features of the Overland trim level for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The High Altitude trim level is a step above the base model and doesn't have near the amenities of the Overland or Summit.

But it also has a price tag that is noticeably easier on your wallet, with a starting sticker price of $45,430. 

The Altitude has slightly smaller front tires and only has a compact spare instead of the full-sized one the Overland is equipped with.

The Altitude also has very few exterior color options and lacks the premium sound system, satellite radio, and high def radio of the upper trim levels. Heated and ventilated seats, while the standard for the Overland, are not even available as add-ons for the Altitude.

The seats are cloth upholstery in the Altitude in contrast to the leather seats aboard the Overland. Additionally, the Altitude's seats are not powered.

Graphite Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited SUV on a parking lot close to the sea

How Long Do Jeep Grand Cherokee Overlands Last?

Knowing what to expect as far as longevity and your prospective vehicle is key for long-term financial planning. No one wants a lemon, and not everyone replaces their family vehicle every few years.

Some consumers will keep vehicles for a decade or longer, trying to maximize the amount of time and mileage they can accrue before they are forced to replace them.

If you want longevity, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is worthy of your consideration. These vehicles are known to last an average of 300,000 miles, with many exceeding this high mileage milestone. 

Of course, getting your vehicle to tick up this many miles or last that many years means some work on your end. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the owner's manual so that you know what factory-recommended maintenance needs to be performed as well as when it should be completed.

Take care of this vehicle, and it will last you many years beyond others in its class. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee display at a Chrysler dealership

In Conclusion

Both the Grand Cherokee Overland and the Summit trim levels are great for off-roading and are wonderful road trip vehicles.

While the Overland is better suited at rugged terrain, the Summit counters with a bit better onboard technology. The lower trim levels of the Jeep Grand Cherokee won't have near the onboard features, color options, or safety features, though they are all still solid and reputable vehicles to own. Drive safe!

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