How To Hang A Trasharoo Without A Spare Tire

Bringing Trasharoo during travels and camping is always a great decision to have as storage. We've got you covered if you want to discover how to hang Trasharoo without a spare tire. We've extensively researched this method and found the top guide.

Below is the guide on how to hang a Trasharoo without a spare tire:

  1. Open the hatch glass
  2. Place the Trasharoo
  3. Fasten the buckles and straps
  4. Tie loose straps
  5. Close the hatchback
  6. Close the hatch glass

We will discuss in this article the steps to hang your Trasharoo without a spare tire, how to hang Trasharoo in a truck and the benefits of using a Trasharoo. So, keep reading to learn everything about Trasharoo.

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How To Hang A Trasharoo Without A Spare Tire

Several businesses have released their versions of the spare tire garbage carrier on the market during the past few years. Trasharoo is one of the popular trash bag models designed to mount over your car's spare tire. However, you can still do it even without a spare tire.

Here's the guide on how to hang your Trasharoo without a spare tire:

1. Open the Hatch Glass

Unlock the hatch glass and pop it out to attach your Trasharoo.

2. Place the Trasharoo

Ensure the Trasharoo is below the window glass so you can clip the straps into it.

3. Fasten the Buckles and Straps

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Get the buckles close together. Make sure to adjust the strap correctly. If you think it is still too loose, continue tightening the straps.

Please ensure that you do not over-tighten it.

4. Tie Loose Straps

Tie the straps' loose ends together so they will not hinder when you close that hatchback.

5. Close the Hatchback

You may now close your hatchback after you fix the loose straps. Verify that no straps are hanging outside your hatchback after you close it.

6. Close the Hatch Glass

Position your Trasharoo once again to ensure it is below the hatch glass. Gently close the hatch glass. Push it slightly to ensure that the straps of Trasharoo are correctly fitted.

How To Hang A Trasharoo In A Truck

You may hang your Trasharoos on trucks too! These are the steps on how to hang your Trasharoo in a truck:

1. Disassemble Buckles and Adjusters

Loosen the straps of your Trasharoo and gradually remove all the buckles and length adjusters.

2. Cut the Straps

Cut two straps from your top strap, as you will use this later on to attach your Trasharoo. You may cut each with a length of 16 inches.

3. Assemble the Buckles and Adjusters

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Buckles consist of male and female sides. Flatten the top straps of your Trasharoo and place the male side on one end and the female side on the other.

Do this also to the straps that you cut. Also, attach one length adjuster to each cut strap.

4. Unfasten Bolts

Unfasten the bolt on one side of your truck to which you will attach your first cut strap. 

5. Make a hole

Make a hole that has the exact size of the bolt. You can use a sharp screwdriver to produce a hole in the strap.

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6. Insert the Bolt

Insert the bolt into the hole in your strap and melt it with an electric lighter to strengthen the hole.

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7. Fasten the Bolt

Fasten the bolt together with the strap using an electric wrench. Make sure to tighten it so that it will not come off.

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8. Attach Super String Nut to the Strap

On your second cut strap, you must also make a hole into it to have a hole in which you will attach your super string nut. This nut can mount your Trasharoo to your bed rail.

Use a rubber bumper for further fitting of your screw and nut. Insert the rubber bumper and washer into the bolt and put them into the hole of the strap. 

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9. Attach the Strap to the Rail

Place the super string nut into the rail and insert the strap that contains the rubber bumper, washer, and bolt.

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Make sure to fasten your strap to the rail tightly.

10. Attach Sticky Velcro Strips

Place the sticky Velcro strips on the surface of the female side of a buckle so that it can protect your car from scratching whenever the buckle makes contact with it.

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11. Attach the Buckles

Attach the female and male sides of the buckles to finish your work.

Benefits of Using A Trasharoo

You will significantly benefit from the practical convenience of Trasharoo. Here are the benefits of using a Trasharoo during your travels:

1. Storage

A Trasharoo bag is best for storage of your trash. Keep smelly garbage in the trash bag outside of your vehicle. This bag is handy, so you can avoid dealing with a loose garbage bag that might flap around the wind, potentially spilling, which can affect the environment.

It offers a healthy, secure, and green substitute for plastic bags. This protects the environment by safely biodegrading after repeated usage.

You can also use it to transport equipment or carry other objects for camping, like firewood, tent supplies, and sleeping bags. The Trasharoo has extra pockets on the bag's exterior to carry tools and small stuff, which you can quickly access.

This bag is excellent for a clean, well-organized vehicle interior. Anything you don't want stored inside the car may be easily packed in and packed out using Trasharoo. 

It is available in colors black, olive green, and tan. 

2. Robust

Trasharoo is well-made as it is constructed with 900 denier canvas. This fabric is made with thicker threads. 

Its strap design makes it strong and durable.

Due to its high denier rating, less light flows through, limiting the visibility of the contents. 

3. Large

Trasharoo has a larger size that can carry loads of materials. A larger size is the best option if you prefer long road trips.

4. Easy to Adjust

It consists of wide straps that you can just quickly adjust. You may also place the Trasharoo anywhere with the help of its straps.

5. Simple to Clean

Trasharoo is simple to clean because of the interior's smooth design, and it contains drainage holes on the bottom, from which you can easily drain the water when cleaning. It is also easier to clean out your trash since it is contained in one area.

6. Water-Resistant

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The interior of this bag is water-resistant, which is another fantastic feature. Such containers guarantee that any droplet will not soak through the bag and leave a strong odor. 

It can handle everything from food and drink waste to disposable wet wipes because of its 100% leak-proof construction.

7. Affordable

It is a reasonably priced method of keeping trash and other materials contained.

8. Foldable

Foldable trash bags like Trasharoo will make it simple to store when not in use.

How Much Weight Can Trasharoo Handle?

You can always transport extra items that will not fit your vehicle using Trasharoo bags. Trasharoo can support 50 pounds which is more than enough for any road trip. This is practical for vehicles like SUVs and trucks.

How Big Is Trasharoo?

When buying a trash bag, it is crucial to consider its size, especially when traveling long distances. Trasharoos are big enough that they can carry plenty of materials. They have a length of 26 inches, a width of 21 inches, and a width of 8 inches on their base.

In Closing

dark blue glossy paint pick up truck vehicle very shiny like brand new rear view

Keeping everything in your vehicle tidy and hygienic while reducing clutter is possible with a trash bag. The high-quality material and sturdy design make Trasharoo an excellent value purchase. They are the perfect traveling companion since they help you stay organized.

They are excellent for keeping your trash and carrying items like wood and tools you might need for your travel. It has a top-notch design and is versatile, making it a piece of equipment you can use for years.

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