10 Harley Davidson Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets You Should Check Out

10 Harley Davidson Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jackets You Should Check OutLeather jackets are a popular selection for bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts, and good reason. Not only do they give off that outlaw vibe and classic biker tough-guy (or gal!) appeal, they’re durable and offer some of the best protection for you while you’re riding.

Not only does leather look tough, but it is also tough. Leather has been used for nearly all human history as a peak form of personal protection, up until we began manufacturing bullet-resistant synthetic materials.

With that in mind, you might wonder how much protection these jackets offer. According to a study conducted by the George Institute for Global Health, leather motorcycle jackets decreased the likelihood of injury following a motorcycle accident. It reduced the chances of abrasion injuries as well as bruising.

Leather also has natural durability, not only for protecting you but also for ensuring its longevity. Leather will, with age, become more supple, but as long as it’s cared for, it won’t crack or split. With proper care and attendance, your leather jacket can last a lifetime.

Harley Davidson Women's Leather Jackets

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the official Harley-Davidson leather motorcycle jackets for women.

Harley-Davidson Women's Intrepidity Leather Jacket

The Intrepidity jacket is made of washed, midweight buffalo leather. It has sanded seams that give it an attractive, classic vintage look. This jacket also has a polyester mesh lining, which helps with breathability and comfort.

It also comes with plenty of pockets. With body armor pockets on the elbows, shoulders, and back, along with an interior zipper pocket and zip-up hand-warmer pockets on the outside at the front, you have plenty of places for your phone, keys, and other items. Additionally, there’s a snap-flap coin pocket and two-way zipper front and cuffs.

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Harley-Davidson Women's Wild Distressed Leather Biker Jacket

This distressed leather biker jacket creates an attractive, classic silhouette when worn. It’s made with cowhide leather and has a wax finish. It’s washed and tumble-dried during production, then hand-sanded individually to create an aesthetic of being well-worn and classically appealing.

The cowhide leather is relatively lightweight even when you consider the polyester taffeta lining. It features chunky-style zippers with underarm grommets, studded snap epaulets, and a snap-down collar to complete its classically appealing look.

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Harley Davidson Women’s Flection 3-in-1 Colorblocked Leather Jacket

This is another midweight jacket, and it’s made of cowhide leather. This is a two-in-one jacket that includes a removable polyester fleece hoodie. It helps to provide additional warmth when you’re riding or showing in lower-temperature climates or colder months of the year.

It has a comfort action back and stretch panels for fit and comfort.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Black Leather Jacket

Looking for the classic Harley Davidson look in a slimmer fit? Then the Alameda jacket might just be perfect for you! With a traditional side-zip front and metal snap-down collar, this heavy-duty motorcycle jacket checks all the boxes!

IT has pre-curved sleeves, and armor pockets right where you need them most: in the elbows, shoulders, and back.

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Harley-Davidson Women's Haunt Plaid Leather Jacket

The Haunt Plaid is made of 100 percent goatskin leather with a waxed finished that is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. It has been buffed for a suede-like appearance and has a subtle buffalo plain print.  This jacket is stylish without being overbearing. With embroidered graphics on the interior and printed graphics across the back, there’s no mistaking that this is a Harley-Davidson jacket. 

It’s also got pockets! This includes the body armor pockets at the elbows and shoulders and hand-warming pockets, and a vertical, single-zipper interior pocket.

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Harley-Davidson Women's Jennite 3-in-1 Leather Jacket

This is a 100 percent pebbled leather jacket that’s lightweight with a fully removable hoodie for extra warmth. Additionally, it has body armor pockets in the elbows, shoulders, and back if you are looking for a little added protection.

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Harley-Davidson Women’s Line Stitcher Leather Biker Jacket

If you want a jacket that’s got lots of vintage charm that will wear well and last for years to come, check out the Line Stitcher. Crafted of washed buffalo leather with polyester lining, this jacket will keep you warm on your longest road trip. 

It has two sleeve vents and two back vents. This allows for customizable, versatile airflow. It has snap waist tabs and hip release zippers, and two-way zippers as well as hand warmers. A metal badge and embossed logo let you know that this is authentic Harley Davidson!

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Harley-Davidson Women's Slim Fit Lace Up Leather Biker Jacket

The Slim Fit Lace Up Leather Jacket is a sexy take on the traditional biker jacket. With its body-hugging fit, cropped length, and corset-like lacings, this jacket will fit like a glove, showing off all your curves!

It is crafted from ultra-soft lambskin leather and lined with cotton for comfort and flexibility. It has a zipper front and sleeves,and a hidden zip up stach pocket for your valuables as you zi down the highway.

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Harley-Davidson Women's Triple Vent Leather Biker Jacket

This official offering from HArley Davidson has its patented triple vent system for increased airflow and customized cooling as you ride. It has a Cool Core lining for enhanced moisture-wicking in the heat and stretch Cordura panels for a better fit.

It’s got padded shoulders, an action back, and pre-curved sleeves for added comfort. The interior features printed graphics, while the embossed graphics on the back show off the jacket's authenticity.

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Harley-Davidson Women's Gauges SuedeJacket

Harley-Davidson’s Gauges Suede jacket is perfect if you are looking for something different than the standard black biker jacket. 

It features heavy-weight brown cowhide suede and polyester twill lining. It is shaped like a denim jacket for a comfortable fit and snaps close with metal studded snaps for a vintage feel. 

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How to Choose the Right Jacket

You should consider several factors to help you select the right jacket for your needs and preferences.

Jacket Length

The length of your jacket is essential in determining how you’ll use it and when you’ll wear it. Leather jackets are just that, though - they’re jackets, not long, weatherproof coats. As such, there are some things to remember to ensure a proper fit.

For starters, the bottom hem should fall to around your waist. High, snug-fitting hems are more stylish for events or gatherings. Loose-fitting jackets that go past the belt have a more rugged appeal and aesthetic, though.

Generally, you want your jacket to allow the belt of your pants to be visible when you zip or button it up unless you’re also planning to use it to work outdoors.


Your leather jacket will be made of leather. However, not all leather is created equal, even when it comes from the same animal as another leather type. There are five main types of leather that your jacket may be made from.


Cowhide is the most common type of leather that you’ll come across. It’s tough, thick, and might be a little stiff at first. As a result, you should be aware that it may take a while to break these jackets in.


Deerskin is more flexible and tends to be lighter than cowhide, but is just as sturdy and naturally weatherproof. It’s usually softer to the touch and has a small amount of surface fuzz to it.


Goatskin is lighter than cowhide and usually has a more visible texture when new. It also weathers more obviously, developing surface lines and creases over time that makes each jacket unique.


Lambskin is the lightest, softest leather you’ll see used for a jacket and is usually lined with fleece. It needs to be treated more gently than other leather types and is usually best for three-season jackets that won’t be used in the winter.

Bison or Buffalo Leather

Bison or buffalo leather is the toughest. It’s textured and rugged, with fine creases throughout and natural ruddy color. It’s becoming more common with the uptick in bison farming, so keep an eye out!


Yes, pockets, something that seems to be missing from a lot of clothing for women. Thankfully, this trend doesn’t seem to extend into the field of leather jackets, as most usually come with at least two usable pockets.

The styles of these pockets may vary significantly from jacket to jacket. Many fashionable jackets will have vertical, or diagonal-slit jetted pockets for a more streamlined shape and feel.

However, if you want a more casual jacket, you’ll likely find some with flaps and rotated or horizontal pockets. Some may also have pockets sewn into the interior of your leather jacket. You may also find jackets with much larger patch pockets.

We hope our reviews and guide have been helpful! For another idea for fun motorcycle accessories, check out our post on 10 Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mounts!

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