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My Honda Accord Key Is Stuck In The Ignition – What To Do?

Although all 2022 Honda Accord trims in the U.S. have a push-button ignition system, many older Accord models with keyed ignitions still drive the roads. If you own one of these older but reliable cars, then there might be a chance that you'll get your Accord's key stuck in the ignition. What should you do in this situation? We've compiled our research to help you out.

If your Honda Accord's key gets stuck in the ignition, then you could do one or more of the following solutions.

  • Make sure that your key is in the "Lock" position.
  • Unlock your steering wheel before turning the key to the "Lock" position.
  • If the shift lever is in "Park," lightly prod the lever forward a few times before turning the key to the "Lock" position.
  • If the key is in the "Lock" position but is still stuck, then you may try pushing the key inwards several times before pulling it out.
  • Disconnect your car battery.
  • Spray pressurized lubricant or compressed air into the keyhole while gently jiggling the key out.
  • If the key is broken, then you might try to use a key extraction tool.
  • If the key is broken, or if you used the wrong key, then you could also try calling an automotive locksmith or have your dealership help you.
  • In case the ignition cylinder is worn out or defective, then you might need to get it repaired or replaced.

Is your Accord's key stuck in the ignition now? Perhaps you are wondering why you are having a hard time getting your key out of the ignition once in a while. Either way, you've come to the right place. Do read on, and we'll try our best to help you out.

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Honda Accord dark color on the walkway of Dnipro city street, autumn time, My Honda Accord Key Is Stuck In The Ignition - What To Do?

Before we dive into the different solutions for this problem, we need to get one thing clear - did you use the correct key?

If you own two 2015 or older Honda cars with keyed ignitions, then there's a very small possibility that their keys can fit into each other's ignition cylinders. However, if your keys already have transponders, then the wrong key will not start the engine.

Alternatively, the wrong key may be cut similarly enough to go partially into the ignition keyhole.

In both cases, perhaps you or one of your family members tried to use a little too much force to jam the wrong key in or to start the engine. If this wrong key gets stuck, then it is possible that the key damaged the ignition cylinder, and you'll need help from your dealer or a locksmith.

black Honda Accord in the city

If you're sure that you used the right key, then let's continue.

Make Sure That Your Key Is In The "Lock" Position

As the Honda Accord's owner's manual states, you can only insert and remove the key from the "Lock" or "0" position. This is the farthest point you can turn your key counter-clockwise. You will need to push the key slightly towards the keyhole before you get to the "Lock" position.

This situation can frequently happen when the driver is in a rush to get out of the car. After hearing the engine turn off, always make sure to turn the key all the way to the "Lock" position before you pull the key out.

Never attempt to pull out the key while you are driving. Even if you are able to take it out forcibly, Honda tells us that your steering wheel will lock. You will lose control of your vehicle.

Unlock The Steering Wheel

Modern cars have a safety feature that locks the steering wheel in place when the engine is off.  This can happen if you leave your car's steering wheel turned to the left or right while switching the ignition off. This steering wheel lock can also cause your key to bind up in the ignition.

To get the key out, you will need to unlock your steering wheel.  Step on the brake pedal and wiggle your steering wheel while lightly pushing in and turning the key to the "Acc" or "On" position. Once the steering wheel frees up, you can turn the key back to the "Lock" position.

Once your key is back in the "Lock" position, you should be able to pull it out.

Never attempt to pull out the key while you are driving. Even if you are able to take it out forcibly, Honda tells us that your steering wheel will lock. You will lose control of your vehicle.

Jiggle The Ignition Safety Switch

The ignition's safety switch keeps your car keys in the keyhole as long as it's not in the "Lock" position. To disengage this switch in a Honda, you need to push the key lightly towards the steering column before you can turn the key to the "Lock" position.

As the safety switch is a mechanical part, some dirt, plastic, or tiny foreign objects may cause it to lock in place. You could try pushing the key inwards several times to loosen the switch up before trying to turn the key to the "Lock" position.

Put The Shift Lever Into Park

Modern automatic transmission cars only allow the car's engine to start and stop when the gear shift lever is in the "Park" or "Neutral" position.

However, if you don't put your lever into the "Park" position after turning the engine off, your key may lock up in the "Acc" position. You might not be able to put it back into the "Lock" position to pull the key out.

As a practical and safe habit, always put your shift lever into "Park" before you turn off the engine.

However, on some occasions, your car's gear position sensor might malfunction. If the sensor does not recognize that your shift lever is already in the "Park" position, you may need to prod the shift lever gently forward a few times. Afterward, try turning the key to the "Lock" position.

Once your key is in the "Lock" position, you should be able to pull it out of the ignition.

Disconnect The Car Battery

Battery charging cables transferring

Dirt or small objects may accumulate under the gear shift lever's cover. Moreover, the shift lever itself may have some damage. In these cases, the gear position sensor still cannot sense that the lever is in the "Park" position.

As a temporary fix, you can disconnect your battery. Based on Honda owners' videos and Honda car forums, you can turn your ignition to the "Lock" position once you disconnect the battery. Once in this position, you can take the key out.

Alternatively, if you are confident enough to disassemble your steering column's plastic covers, you can disconnect one of the plugs that lead to the ignition switch. See this video below.

In both cases, however, we suggest having your Honda checked by your dealer ASAP.

Clean The Ignition Keyhole

Your Honda key has to pass through mechanical tumblers inside the ignition's keyhole before you can turn it. If there's dirt in the keyhole or the tumblers, the ignition may bind your key. In this case, you can try using pressurized lubricants such as WD-40 to clean the keyhole.

Check out this great offer for WD-40 on Amazon.

Check out this video below on how to lubricate and clean your keyhole using a WD-40.

What Do I Do If My Car Key Is Breaks In The Ignition?

Car key and house key dangling from the ignition of car

If you try a little too hard trying to get your key out of the ignition, you might break your key and have a part of it stuck in the ignition. This would indeed be a nightmare situation. However, don't panic just yet. You have a few options at your disposal.

  1. Use a broken key extraction tool
  2. Hire an automotive locksmith
  3. Call your Honda dealership for assistance

You will need to disconnect the battery to disengage the ignition cylinder's lock on your key.

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What Do I Do If The Ignition Cylinder Malfunctions?

Car engine coils on a dirty engine

There may be some instances when the key is not the problem, but the ignition cylinder is. As your car ages, so do the tumblers, springs, and other mechanical components inside the ignition cylinder. 

Some Honda enthusiasts would try to repair or replace the ignition cylinder themselves. However, for most regular drivers, the best options are to hire a mechanic or to call your dealership for service.

Does The 2022 Honda Accord Have Push Button Start?

If you're having problems with stuck ignition keys in your Accord, then there's a big chance that your car is well over five years old. Perhaps you may want to upgrade to the new 2022 Honda Accord. All the trims of the 2022 Honda Accord in the U.S. have push-button ignition systems.

How Much Is The 2022 Honda Accord?

Below are the starting prices of the different trims of the 2022 Honda Accord. These prices are accurate as of June 2022.

  • LX - $ 26,520
  • Hybrid - $ 27,720
  • Sport - $ 28,980
  • Sport Special Edition - $ 30,470
  • Hybrid Sport - $ 31,070
  • EX-L - $ 32,840
  • Touring - $ 38,450

Wrapping Up

Honda Accord dark color on the walkway of Dnipro city street, autumn time

To pull out your Honda Accord's key from the ignition, you need to make sure of the following:

  • You are using the right key.
  • The Ignition is in the "Lock" position.
  • You have unlocked your steering wheel.
  • Your shift lever is in the "P" or park position.
  • The ignition keyhole is clean.

In case your key breaks in the ignition or the ignition cylinder malfunctions, then you may need professional assistance. An automotive locksmith or your dealership can help you.

Thank you very much for reading. We hope that we were able to help you get your Accord's key unstuck.  

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