Honda Civic EX vs LX – Which To Choose?

Honda Civic is a good choice when it comes to compact cars. But you may be wondering which is the best between Civic EX and LX. Fortunately, we have consulted experts in this field, and here is what they have to say.

The choice between Civic EX and LX should be made based on what the user wants. However, Honda Civic EX has more power and features since it is more expensive. Honda Civic LX is a better option if you are going for affordability and dependability.

Both serve their purpose with distinct features. Keep reading to get detailed information about Honda Civic EX and LX, along with their differences.

Comparison between Honda Civic EX and LX, Honda Civic EX Vs LX: Which To Choose?


Honda Civic EX Vs. LX: Which To Choose? 

The Honda Civic is a vehicle that most users consider a great choice. The LX and EX trim levels of the Honda Civic have been very popular due to their attractive exteriors and interiors, powerful engines, and good fuel economy. These characteristics have contributed to the models' popularity.

Several trim levels are available for the Honda Civic, and each one comes with its unique collection of standard features. The entry-level model of the Honda Civic is called the LX, and the top-of-the-line model is called the EX. 

The Honda Civic LX and the Honda Civic EX are the two Civic combinations that are frequently purchased by people. However, the Honda Civic EX delivers more features and better overall performance than the Honda Civic LX. But the Civic LX is more affordable when compared to EX.

If you want to go for EX, you should be ready to spend a lot of money because it has an upgraded engine and more features.

The Cost Of Civic EX And LX 

When choosing between the LX and EX, you should consider their prices. You should bear in mind that the cost of both of these Honda models will be high because they are both excellent choices, but one is more expensive than the other. 

However, either EX or LX may be better for your budget or have the features you desire. The Honda Civic LX has a starting MSRP price of  $20,550 while that of the Honda Civic EX begins at $23,700

EX is more expensive than LX. The prices for these two different Honda Civic models are reasonable. However, the manufacturer's suggested retail price [MSRP] for the LX and EX trim levels of the Honda Civic differs. 

Engine Type In Civic EX And LX 

The Honda Civic LX and the Honda Civic EX are both equipped with a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter engine. However, the LX only produces 158 horsepower while the EX is capable of producing 174 horsepower. On the other hand, when looking at the EPA's estimates for fuel efficiency, you may see the LX getting 25 and 36 mpg and an EX getting 32 and 42 mpg.

Features Available In Civic EX And LX

The Civic LX provides its user with comfort, convenience, and technology features, but the Civic EX has even more features, such as Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and a heated steering wheel to keep you engaged and connected while you drive. 

LX comes standard with a five-inch touchscreen in the center, a rearview camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and a music system with four speakers. The EX trim comes standard with all of the features included in the LX, in addition to Apple CarPlayTM, Android AutoTM, and a 7-inch touchscreen that includes messaging feature for sending and receiving text messages.

Honda Civic is a line of cars manufactured by Honda

Is Honda Civic EX Bigger Than LX?  

The LX and EX trims have nearly identical body dimensions. Also, they both have the same manual or automatic transmission with five speeds. 

In terms of headroom and leg space, the Honda Civic Ex has more space than the Honda Civic LX. The Honda Civic EX is better because it has ample storage space. Also, the front ground clearance of the Honda Civic EX is higher than that of the Honda Civic LX.

Despite the fact that each of the trims comes with powerful engines and other extra features, the Honda EX model comes with more features than the other models.

Does Honda Civic EX And LX Have Alloy Wheels?

Modern alloy car wheel

Steel wheels measuring 16 inches in diameter and wheel covers are standard features in the Honda Civic LX. The vehicle's tires measure 215/55 R16 and are for all-season. The rims and tires available for the Honda Civic have a beautiful and high-quality design while complementing the dynamic capabilities of each trim level.

Civic EX Sedan comes with alloy wheels and 215/55 R16 tires. Handsome alloys of 17 inches come standard on models like Civic EX-T/EX-L Sedan. They are covered with 215/50 R17 tires for all-season. 

The Si Sedan trim has an alloy design of 18 inches and comes standard with tires of 235/40 R18. Tires for just summer are also available. 

How Long Have Honda Civic EX And LX Been Around?   

The Civic EX and LX have been around since 1972. Honda has been producing this series of automobiles known collectively as the Honda Civic as early as 1972. Before the year 2000, Honda's Civic was classified as a subcompact vehicle. However, it has since been moved up to the compact car category. 

The 11th generation is ready to be launched for the 2022 model year with some good updates from the past generation like an updated size. The 11th generation Honda Civic is almost the same as the Honda Accord, especially in its style and comfort.

This is made possible by the vehicle's wheelbase measuring about 1.4 inches more than the past generation. Also, the new Civic is a bit wider than the past generations by approximately 0.5-inch.

What Is The Difference Between LX And EX?

The only significant distinction between the two trim LX and EX is that the Honda Civic EX features a more robust and bigger engine than the LX.

Both of these Honda models have wheels that are made of different materials, although they have an identical appearance from the outside. The wheels of the Honda Civic LX are made of steel, but the wheels of the Honda Civic EX are made of aluminum. 

A moon roof is another distinguishing feature that comes standard on the Honda Civic EX trim level. On the other hand, the Honda Civic LX lacks this feature.

Honda Civic Type R on a street

Additionally, compared to the Honda Civic LX, the curb weight of the Honda Civic EX is significantly higher. The Honda Civic EX has a starting weight of 2,747 pounds, while the curb weight of the Honda Civic LX is specified to be 2687 pounds.


Is Honda Civic EX and LX Reliable?    

Honda Civic LX on the street

The Honda Civic EX and LX are among the reliable automobiles. The Honda Civic will enter its 11th generation with the 2022 model year, and with it, the automaker will improve on everything that has made this model one of the most popular compact vehicles available. 

Both Civic EX and LX have good handling and offer a smooth ride with low fuel consumption. The addition of a turbocharger to the power plant gives the vehicle some serious street cred. 

The Honda Civic's interior is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology, all of which is housed in a slick and contemporary design. The trunk has an incredible amount of space for a vehicle in its class, and the second row of seats offers a lot of headroom and legroom. 

The Honda Civic has earned a reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, placing it third among compact cars out of a total of 36. The typical cost of annual maintenance is $368, the vehicle should be serviced often so it does not develop a serious problem.

The Honda Civic was selected as one of the best Compact Cars because it has an impressive quality and value when compared to most vehicles.

Does Honda Civic EX And LX Require Premium Gas?

Premium gasoline digital price display on black background of a pump

For some years, car manufacturers like Honda have started producing high-performance engines. These engines don't use premium gasoline. EX-L, Civic LX, EX, and CR-V models are some turbocharged Honda engines that do not use premium gasoline. So, the newly manufactured Honda that has a turbocharged engine can work perfectly without premium gas.

To Wrap Up

The Honda Civic LX and EX may be the right choice for you if you are looking for a compact car with excellent features. The LX model offers an engine with low fuel consumption and high security thanks to the standard Honda sensing technology. But the EX model offers a more powerful engine and other upgraded features.

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