What are the Honda Odyssey Interior Dimensions?

What are the Honda Odyssey Interior Dimensions?Minivan owners and enthusiasts love these multi-purpose vehicles because minivans can move passengers comfortably and cargo efficiently. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, a move, or a DIY project, the next time you plan to fully-load the minivan you might want to know what are the Honda Odyssey interior dimensions. We looked to Honda to find the answer.

At the time of release in 1995, the Honda Odyssey had less interior space than competitors. A substantial remodel in 1999 made Odyssey as large and in charge as the most spacious minivan among Dodge, Toyota, and Ford. Second-generation models (1999 - 2005) boasted passenger volume of 170.7 cubic feet and maximum cargo volume of 163.3 cubic feet.

Slightly wider third-generation Odyssey (2006 - 2011) increased passenger volume to 171.4 cubic-feet but moderated cargo volume behind the first row to 147.4 cubic feet.

Honda completely restyled the fourth-generation Odyssey inside and out with bold exterior features and techy interior upgrades. Interior measurements remained expansive for 2011 to 2017 Odyssey models:

  • Headroom (front/middle/rear):  39.7 in / 39.5 in / 38.0 in
  • Headroom: Wide Mode (front/middle/rear):  39.7 in / 38.8 in / 38.0 in
  • Legroom (front/middle/rear):  40.9 in / 40.9 in / 42.4 in
  • Shoulder Room (front/middle/rear):  64.4 in / 63.3 in / 60.9 in
  • Hiproom (front/middle/rear):  58.2 in / 66.1 in / 48.4 in
  • Cargo Volume (behind 3rd-row):  38.4 cu ft
  • Cargo Volume (behind 2nd-row):  93.1 cu ft
  • Cargo Volume (behind 1st-row):  148.5 cu ft
  • Passenger Volume:  172.6 cu ft
  • Seating Capacity:  7

Honda’s all-new fifth-generation Odyssey outperforms Toyota and Chrysler when it comes to overall seating, comfort, and cargo space. Interior measurements for 2018, 2019, and 2020 Odyssey models are impressive: 

  • Headroom (front/middle/rear):  40.7 in / 39.5 in / 38.3 in
  • Legroom (front/middle/rear):  40.9 in / 40.9 in / 38.1 in
  • Shoulder Room (front/middle/rear):  63.1 in / 61.6 in / 60.0 in
  • Hip Room (front/middle/rear):  58.6 in / 64.8 in / 48.4 in
  • Cargo Volume (behind 3rd-row):  32.8 cu ft3 / 38.6 cu ft4
  • Cargo Volume (behind 2nd-row):  88.8 cu ft3 / 92.0 cu ft4
  • Cargo Volume (behind 1st-row):  144.9 cu ft3 / 158.0 cu ft4
  • Passenger Volume:  163.6 cu ft
  • Seating Capacity:  7

Talking about the Honda Odyssey's massive interior space in terms of measurement does not give the best idea of what you can actually fit inside. Let’s talk about the Odyssey’s interior seating to answer how many passengers can enjoy Honda’s built-in comforts along the ride. Keep reading, and we will also discuss cargo volume, with diverse seating arrangements to enable you to haul anything and everything. The figures in this post are based on the official manufacturer's website.

What is the Honda Odyssey Seating Capacity?

The Honda Odyssey has three rows of seating for seven (7) passenger capacity on the base model and eight (8) passenger capacity on EX, EX-L, and Touring trims. Easily access the cabin through power slide doors. Second-row seating configurations are available as Magic Slide seats, with armrests and walk-in feature, or Multi-Function center seat. A one-row, 60/40 split Magic Seat comes standard for the third-row seating on all trim packages.

The driver’s seat has 12-way power adjustment and 4-way power lumbar support (except base trim). Driver and passenger front seats are heated on EX, EX-L, and Touring trims.

Secure child safety seats using LATCH connectors for second-row seating and outboard, third-row seating. The middle, third-row seat is equipped with an upper tether.

Spill-resistant, cloth upholstery comes standard on the Odyssey’s interior. Leather trim is optional for front and outboard second-row seats on the EX-L and Touring trims.

What is the Honda Odyssey Legroom for Each Row?

Adults and children ride comfortably in the Odyssey with ample legroom in each row. The driver and front passenger each enjoy 40.9-inches of legroom and 48.6-inches of hip room. Second-row seating has ample 40.9-inches of legroom and 64.8-inches of hip room. No more need to squeeze into the third-row seating with 38.1-inches of legroom and 48.4-inches of hip room. The Odyssey outmatches the Toyota Sienna with an extra 0.4-inches of legroom overall and equal hip room.

What is the Honda Odyssey Headroom?

A tall cabin top gives ample headroom in the Odyssey. Front passengers have 40.7-inches of headroom and a wide, 63.1-inches of shoulder room. Second-row passengers have 39.5-inches of headroom. With 61.1-inches of shoulder room, the second-row is spacious for anybody. Third-row passengers have 38.0-inches of headroom and only slightly less shoulder room at 60-inches. Everyone has a good viewpoint through large, side windows and optional power moon roof on EX-L and Touring trims.

What is the Honda Odyssey Cargo Space?

Easily access the Odyssey’s cargo space via the power tailgate on EX-L trim and hands-free power tailgate on Touring. When all the seating is in use, the Odyssey has 32.8 cubic-feet of cargo space behind the third-row. Toss in groceries, sporting gear, or tools for your latest DIY project. Increase cargo space to 38.6 cubic-feet behind the third-row when the seat is folded down. The nearly flat floor is a great space for your furry family members to ride.

Behind the second-row of seating, Odyssey has 88.8 cubic-feet of cargo space while the seat is in use and 92 cubic-feet when the seat is folded down. That is enough space to move a full-sized sofa, moderately sized dining table, or home office furniture.  

Behind the front row of seating, Odyssey has 144.9 cubic-feet of cargo space which increases to 158 cubic-feet when the second and third-row seats are folded down. There is plenty of flat space to stack several 4-foot by 8-foot sheets of plywood for your next big project. When you are finished hauling, easily clean out the Odyssey with the built-in HondaVAC (Touring and Elite trims).

Odyssey's seating is easy to reconfigure. Check out Honda's helpful video tutorial on how to remove the center, second-row seat. With the center seat removed, you can reconfigure the second-row Magic Slide seats for cargo or walk-in space. Completely remove the second row of seating maximum cargo capacity.

Additional cargo space for small items is found throughout the minivan:

  • Sunglasses Holder (front)
  • Bag Hook (front)
  • Locking Glove Box (front)
  • Upper Seatback Pockets (second row, Touring trim)
  • Lower Seatback Pockets (second row)
  • Under Floor Storage (second row)
  • Storage Well (rear)
  • Garment Hooks (second and third rows)
  • Cup Holders (front and all rows)

Can You Fit a Full Sized Mattress in the Honda Odyssey?

With a bit of maneuvering, you can fit a full-sized mattress (53-inches by 75-inches) into the cargo space of the Honda Odyssey. You will have to remove the second-row seats and third-row seats for the mattress to fit. Check out Honda's ">YouTube tutorial for simple instruction for seat removal.

Can You Sleep in a Honda Odyssey?

Remove the second-row seat and third-row seat to transform the Odyssey into a camper van. Many people modify the spacious Odyssey to add a home-built or purchased bed frame and sleep comfortably using a full-sized air mattress or 5-inch memory foam topper.

The Odyssey’s 68.3-inch height, 203.4-inch length, and 78.5-inch width let you get creative to design a camper van. You can reconfigure the seating, or completely remove the seating for an open floor plan to design stacked, storage and living spaces for your Odyssey.

With diverse interior configurations, ample cargo space, and plenty of modern comforts it is no surprise that the Honda Odyssey is a top-ranking minivan. The versatile Odyssey will not only move people but easily take your cargo wherever you need to go.

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  1. Useless article. Just reposting standard specs. I have been googling for about 15 minutes, now, trying to find the ACTUAL INTERIOR DIMENSIONS of a Honda Odyssey. That is, the actual length, width, and height, in inches, of the cargo area in the back of an Odyssey. The only height measurements this article has is exterior height and headroom. Headroom is from the seat surface to the interior ceiling. What does it take to get the actual interior dimension from the floor to the ceiling?

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