How Big Is the Back Seat of a Toyota Camry?

How Big is the Back Seat of a Toyota Camry

Perhaps you have your eye on a Toyota Camry. You take it for a test spin, maybe literally kick the tires. Hop in the back and sit a minute. How big is the back seat of a Camry? We did the research. Read on and you just might find yourself wanting to ride in the back of the car.

The Toyota Camry has an airy, spacious interior cabin overall. The Camry has a total passenger volume of 100.4 cubic feet. And a good portion of that space is dedicated to the back seat.

The specific back seat dimensions of a Camry are as follows:

  • Rear head room: 38”
  • Rear shoulder room: 56”
  • Rear hip room: 55”
  • Rear leg room: 38”

The Camry comfortably seats up to five passengers.

We threw some numbers at you. In this post we will cover the Camry’s back seat dimensions in more depth. From passengers to cargo, we’ve got you covered, so keep reading.

Larger Dimensions Means Back Seat Comfort

Sedans like the Toyota Camry are a popular car type.  As a family- friendly car, there is always a need for space in the back. No one wants to be squished or uncomfortable on a long road trip.

A roomy back seat matters a lot and Camry’s are known for generous rear-seat space. Not only can three adults ride in the back seat of a Camry, they will sit comfortably, stretching their legs into 38” of space. Don’t worry the front seat passengers will still have plenty of their own leg room.

Car Seats and Booster seats

How Big Is the Backseat of a Toyota Camry?
Novosibirsk, Russia – July 31, 2019: Toyota Camry,close-up of the black leather rear seats with seats belt. modern car interior

Younger passengers will have plenty of space to spread out. And, the Camry easily accommodates rear-facing and forward-facing child car seats.

Being a family-oriented vehicle, the Camry is equipped with two sets of LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) connectors. The anchor points are clearly marked and accessible for easier infant or child car seat installation. The roomy cabin also makes it less of a hassle to get infant carriers in and out of the passenger car doors.

And when the kids move up to booster seats, no problem. Just utilize any one of the three rear seat belts.

Furry, Four-Legged Family Members

Large dogs, small dogs, even pet carriers with your cats will fit in the back seat with ease. Enjoy the almost effortless in and out access out of the rear doors.

Back-Seat Armrest With Bonus Cup Holder

A nice feature for one or two back seat Camry passengers is the center-seat armrest. It folds down with a gentle pull. The armrest is not only a place to, well, rest an arm, but it also doubles as a cup holder. There are two bottle/cup holders built within the armrest.

When the armrest is not in use or there is a middle-seat rider, it folds up flush into the seat back.

Where to Put Your Haul of Goods

Without back seat passengers, there is ample room to haul your goods around without using the trunk. Pack in your weekly grocery haul. Or maybe those garage sale finds. Fill up the back with sports equipment like that giant hockey bag or bulky set of golf clubs. You will have room to spare.

Now, if you have riders in the back and lots of stuff, it’s okay—you have space for that. The Camry has a big trunk for storage. And if that’s not enough, there’s more. The back seats completely fold forward, making the back seat and storage capacity even bigger.

What's a Toyota Camry 60/40 split rear seat?

How Big Is the Backseat of a Toyota Camry?

Long gone are the days of a back seat that doesn’t fold down flat. In fact, the Camry offers a 60/40 rear-seat split. The split means that the back seat can fold down in sections instead of just one piece. It’s genius. You get more storage without sacrificing the entire back seat if you don’t need to.

As a Camry owner you can fold down one side of the seat to increase your back seat or cargo storage. You will still have plenty of room for riders in the back.

With the 60 split configuration up and the 40 split configuration down, there is seating for two riders: one in the back middle seat and the other by the window. The far left or far right window seat will fold down depending upon vehicle design specs. So, when the 40 side split is up and the 60 split is down, there is seating for one by the window.

If you recall, the back seat has a center armrest that folds down and provides cup holders. When the split is in the 40 configuration down, the armrest can still be accessed.

Stuff the car with shopping finds and treasures. You’ve got room to grow.

Note: The entry-level L model of the current Camry does not have the 60/40 split listed as a standard option.

Folding the 60/40 split

It’s super easy to fold down your Camry’s back seats if you have a 60/40 split. Using the trunk button inside your car or the trunk button on your key fob depress and open the trunk. You will find pull tabs on the upper left and right side of the trunk—one for the 60 and one for the 40 split.

Pull the tabs and the seats will release from the latch. Once released you can push the seat flat from the trunk. But it’s probably easier to walk around to the passenger door. Grab the headrest and gently push the seat forward until it’s flat.

When you are ready to put the seats back up, find your way to the back doors of your Camry. Get a hold of the headrest, lift and then push the seat back toward the trunk until you hear the latch click into place.

Remember, you can fold one or both sides down depending on how much cargo you need to haul.

Enjoy the Ride, Even in the Back Seat

When thinking about a Camry, don’t forget about how big that back seat is. Fill it with passengers, car seats or furry friends. Fill it with a bunch of cool stuff. You will have ample space from floor to ceiling and from back to front seats. It’s a big back seat. Stretch out and enjoy the smooth ride.

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