How Big is the Cargo Area of a Toyota RAV4?

If you love long drives with your family, the Toyota RAV4 is an SUV that boasts many family-friendly features. When you have lots of stuff to bring on the road, you need to know exactly how much cargo space this vehicle offers. We did some research to give you a precise answer.

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV with ample cargo space. It has a cargo area of 37.5 cubic feet behind the rear seats. You can maximize the cargo area by folding down the back seats, thus increasing it to 69.8 cubic feet.

The Toyota RAV4 branding focuses on cargo and passenger space. It has the power and durability for long driving, serves well as a family car, and suits daily commuting. With such impressive features, you'll want to know if it has the space you're expecting. Keep reading to learn about this vehicle's cargo dimensions and other helpful features.

Toyota Rav4 has a big and spacious trunk good for family outing, How Big Is The Cargo Area Of A Toyota RAV4?

What are the Toyota RAV4 Cargo Dimensions?

The RAV4 is an SUV that offers a lot of cargo room. Here is its cargo volume:

  • 37.5 cubic feet behind the second-row seats
  • 69.8 cubic feet with folded second-row seats

2006 model of toyota rav 4 and its big vacant trunk

The second-row seats are easy to stow and can be folded in a nearly flat position on one side. The 60/40 split reclining rear seat feature can almost double the cargo volume as presented in the above figures.

When the rear seats are reclined, you still leave ample room for your passengers, while opening the cabin for more cargo.

With the above volume, take a look at these cargo dimensions:

  • cargo length (behind rear seats) is 40 inches
  • cargo widths are 39.4 up to 59 inches
  • cargo height is 34.5 up to 36.6 inches

Huge empty trunk for large capacity passenger

How Much Can You Carry in Toyota RAV4?

Toyota rav4 trunk has a ability to do some heavy transfer of items or transfering some items

The Toyota RAV4 has continued to be the favorite when it comes to dynamic cargo space despite its classification as a compact crossover.  It isn't a workhorse build SUV, but this crossover has some respectable features in its own right. Learn how much you can carry in it with some facts below:

In terms of cargo weight capacity, here are the numbers:

  • 20.5 cubic feet behind the rear seats 
  • 60 cubic feet with folded rear seats

Depending on the trim, most RAV4 models can carry a payload of around 1,200 pounds.

It is worth noting that the above cargo values are above average for a compact SUV. In fact, it is nearly the biggest in its category. This is mainly attributed to the lower roof and raked tailgate area. And equally important, it has a low cargo floor which is a big help for easy loading.

The RAV4 is best suited for casual loads like your family's grocery shopping and all other personal belongings. The trunk space has enough room to move sports equipment that isn't extremely heavy.

You could easily fit a longboard, paddleboard, or carry your mountain bicycle without removing its wheels.

Much more, the trunk space can accommodate a medium-size dog kennel, so bring along your pet.

With the rear seats reclined, you can load various loose items such as small pieces of furniture, boxes, band gear, or bulky cargo. A big box similar to the size of a big TV, plus two average size boxes towering above the box can be carried easily.

There is plenty of space for chairs, nightstands, small desks, and TVs, but not enough for a whole couch or loveseat. And if you go on long trips, having lots of space is good for stowing extra luggage, and larger items such as camping gear, tent, and comforter sets.

It is not recommended to haul bricks or cement bags unless it's just a handful. Forcing the Toyota RAV4 to carry extremely heavy cargo at the rear compartment may eventually damage the wheelbase.

What is the Luggage Capacity of the Toyota RAV4?

It can be a home depend on how you setup a trunk

In terms of luggage capacity, Toyota RAV4 has these numbers:

  • With rear seats up: maximum of 5 standard-size suitcases or 4 large-size suitcases
  • With rear seats folded: maximum of 8 suitcases with extra small bags and suitcases

The luggage compartment is box-shaped and projects a roomy and spacious interior. The boot space is enlarged by 1.8 cubic feet more than the older models.

Keep in mind this creates a 3.5 cubic feet storage area under the boot floor. There may be no space for the spare tire, but the suitcases can be neatly arranged to fit.

Rav4 and its loaded trunk full of travel bags

You can place two carry-ons or other loose items in the free spaces near the suitcases. Small items such as baby bags and small boxes can be placed above the suitcases, which resemble an overhead compartment.

You can carry a big stroller and golf clubs without worrying about squeezing them into tight spaces.

What are the Added Features of Toyota RAV4 Cargo Area?

The Toyota RAV4 has added features in its cargo area for convenient loading and added flexibility in storage capacity. Below is a list of added features:

Power Liftgate

This is an optional feature that aids in easy and quick loading heights. While you have your hands full loading precious cargo, there is a foot sensor under the rear bumper that opens the hatch in a few seconds.

You don't need to put down whatever you're holding to look for your key fob to manually open. This accessory can be conveniently adjusted according to your height.

Adjustable Floorboard

You can adjust the floorboard to add additional cargo height up to 2 inches for your taller or longer stuff. The adjusted floorboard creates a flat loading space for added convenience.

Individually Folding Rear Seats

The second-row seating is a reclining 60/40 split. Each split can be folded separately. You may opt to recline the whole row or choose which seat you need to fold.

Note this creates more room to comfortably fit more passengers and luggage. Also, this is an added convenience to load your extra-long cargo such as golf clubs, paddleboard, fishing gear, and similar items.

Spacious and gorgeous interior design of toyota rav4 in second seater

For example, you need to load your long fishing gear but don't want it folded. You would just fold one of the rear seats and gain enough space for a rear-seat passenger.

Hammock-Like Storage

The luggage floor isn't totally flat as it boasts hammock-like storage underneath. This space helps you organize small items such as coats and caps. 

The net compartment allows your small items to be conveniently visible and easily retrieved without getting mixed up with your bigger stuff. Also, the net storage is completely removable.

Spacious Car Trunk specially for family members

What are RAV4 Extra Storage Features?

It's not only for your big and bulky cargo, as Toyota RAV4 has storage space for small items. The following features make your travel convenient:

  • Black in-dash storage tray
  • Front storage tray
  • Front door storage pockets or coffee mug holders
  • Nets behind the seats to hold a water bottle, snack foods, reading materials, or tissue

You might need to empty your pockets while driving, so the shelf is perfect to hold small items between the upper and lower dash. The storage tray is located underneath the dashboard for easy and quick pickups.

For very large cargo items, the RAV4 2021 has you covered. With the right equipment, you can attach a small trailer capable of towing a maximum of 3,500 pounds.

Note this is perfect for your family’s vacation at the beach or mountains. It can hitch a watercraft, trailer with snowmobiles, and other big items.

Can You Sleep in a Toyota RAV4?

Trunk can also be used for sleeping area or you could also live on car

Car camping has increased in popularly in recent years. The Toyota RAV4 design keeps camping enthusiasts on trend. It allows you to sleep inside the vehicle with all the seats folded down giving you 73.4 cubic feet of space.

The Toyota RAV4 proves to be an excellent SUV to sleep in because it is very comfortable and spacious. The rear seats can be folded down flat with no bumps to create an even surface. A 6-foot individual can fully outstretch their legs and sleep pleasantly inside the compartment.

For RAV4 camping, it is recommended to have an SUV tent to sleep in. You'll want additional gear beyond your sleeping blankets and bags.

SUV tents are attached at the rear of the car using restraining straps that are fastened at the wheel wells. These tents look like an extension of the car's trunk space.

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What Toyota is the Next Size Up?

Toyota rav4 speciality its capacity for doing family outdoor

In terms of cargo space or payload, you might be considering upsizing to any of these three mid-size crossover SUVs of Toyota, the 4Runner, Highlander, or Venza. Among these three, 4Runner is the biggest with the highest payload.

Final Thoughts

Toyota Rav4 has a big and spacious trunk good for family outing

The Toyota RAV4 debuted as a compact SUV, but over time, the size has grown into a family car with practical design and spacious cargo.

Toyota RAV4 has a sizable cargo load yet it has small dimensions for comfortable driving. Since 2016, and with recent models, the back row seats have a more spacious design as well as the cargo area.

In terms of cargo space, the Toyota RAV4 is a contender when compared against other cars in its category!

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