How Big Is The Buick Envision? [Dimensions Explored]

Figuring out a car's dimensions can sometimes feel like an impossible task. Do you want to get the Buick Envision but don't know how big it is, or if it can fit enough passengers to work for your household and lifestyle? Well, we've done plenty of digging and have all of the answers waiting here for you. Let's get right into it.

The Buick Envision is a midsize SUV, measuring 183 inches long, 74 inches wide, and 65 inches tall. Although this car has a more compact design, the Envision offers quite a bit of cargo storage. On top of that, this midsize SUV seats up to five people comfortably, which makes it a great choice for families.

As we begin, we will cover all things Buick Envision and discuss the dimensions and capacity of this vehicle. Whether you currently own an Envision model or plan on getting one, we're here to offer some help. With that said, let's dive right into this post!

Buick GMC automobile dealership exterior. How Big Is The Buick Envision [Dimensions Explored]

Is The Buick Envision A Big Car?

No, we wouldn't consider the Buick Envision a big car. Considering this lineup has a more compact midsize SUV design, you aren't going to get the same amount of space as an Enclave or full-size SUV option.

Think of the Envision as a step up from an Encore GX and a step-down from an Enclave in terms of its size, although these vehicles all have their own distinct design and comfort features.

Again, it's hard to compare this lineup to some of Buick's other cars because it is one of their only three SUVs, so the pickings are slim.

three Buick Envision cars, brand new, on display at a dealers lot

Is The Buick Envision A Midsize SUV?

Yes! The Buick Envision is a midsize SUV. Buick considers the lineup a smaller luxury option, fitting up to five people, so we wouldn't say it is necessarily tiny either.

That said, the Envision lineup doesn't have enough cargo space to make it a full-size SUV, so it probably isn't the best idea if you need that type of space and passenger capacity.

How Much Cargo Space Does A Buick Envision Have?

The Buick Envision offers 25.2 cubic feet of cargo space with the rear seats folded up and 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space with them folded down. This is an impressive amount considering the car's smaller design, so the lineup does pack a punch in terms of storage.

Of course, this won't be as much as the Enclave's maximum cargo capacity of 97.4 cubic feet, but it still beats out many of their other vehicles.

How Big Is The Trunk In A Buick Envision?

You can expect the trunk inside a Buick Envision to be around 25.2 cubic feet. Like we said above, this is the total cargo availability with your SUV's back row folded up and doubles with them put down.

To put that in perspective, you should be able to fit everyday items like groceries and luggage in your Envision's trunk, while bigger things like furniture, bikes, or even a surfboard would require you to fold down the rear seats.

What Is The Buick Envision Comparable To?

For those debating on the Envision and needing something to compare it to, the Lexus NX, Lincoln Corsair, and Acura RDX are all comparable vehicles.

Considering this lineup is a midsize luxury SUV, you can expect it to have similar sizing/features to these brands, although Buick claims their design offers the most spacious interior.

Is The Buick Envision The Same As The Chevy Equinox?

Between the Envision and Equinox lineups, these two SUVs are very similar. The Envision and Equinox are virtually indistinguishable in their cabin space, although the Equinox does offer a bit more total cargo storage with 63.9 cubic feet.

On top of that, the Envision is a luxury option while the Chevy Equinox is not, so you're going to have fancier features and better craftsmanship with Buick.

Again, this comes down to what you want in your SUV, so if overall cargo space means giving up the luxury that an Envision will offer, that might be a decision to consider.

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What Is Bigger: Encore Or Envision?

As we covered earlier, the Buick Envision is bigger than the company's other SUV: Encore. Although both vehicles offer five-person seating, the Envision has more overall cabin and cargo space, making it better for families/bigger households.

That said, many Buick customers love the compact design of the Encore for city driving and parking, so if you need five seats but don't want to have issues in urban environments, it may be the best choice.

Which Buick SUV Is The Largest?

The Enclave will be the largest out of Buick's three SUV lineups. As we said, the Enclave offers the most cargo space and has a larger design than the Envision and Encore, making it their most spacious option.

The Buick Enclave also comes standard with three rows of seats and promises to fit up to seven passengers, which is considerable compared to the Envision and Encore's five.

Again, the Envision is more of a middle ground between Buick's three SUV options, which is why so many drivers love it.

Is The Buick Envision A Good Car?

Overall, we would say that the Buick Envision is a good car. Considering it seats five and offers plenty of luxurious features, all for under $32,000, the Envision is certainly worth checking out.

According to Kelley Blue Book, the 2022 Envision lineup scores a 4.7 out of 5.0, ranking especially high for its price point, sleek design, and driving capability. Based on 12 user reviews through their site, the Envision also is recommended by 93% of drivers, which is impressive.

Is The Buick Envision Expensive?

Considering this car is a luxury option, the Buick Envision has a very competitive price. The starting MSRP of a base trim Envision is $31,945, while its highest Avenir model starts at $40,220, which is still relatively low for a midsize luxury SUV.

That said, each Envision trim level does have optional add-on comfort packages that can cost upwards of $950, so Buick isn't going to let you off easy.

Again, compared to Mercedes, Audi, or even BMW, $32,000 is a great deal for an SUV of this size/style, so we recommend it.

rear view of Buick envision, tail light close up

Is The Buick Envision Expensive To Maintain?

In general, the Buick Envision should only cost about $8,521 for maintenance and repairs during its first ten years on the road. This also beats out industry averages for similar-sized vehicles by $359, which is great news for you and your wallet.

On top of that, the Envision lineup will also have a 25.14% chance of needing a major repair within its first decade, which is still relatively low for the brand/vehicle class.

How Long Does A Buick Envision Last?

Although there isn't much information on the lifespan of an Envision, you should be able to drive your car for 100,000 miles. Considering this SUV debuted in China during the 2014 model year and the 2016 model year in the US, the Envision lineup is still relatively new.

Again, Buick's tend to last a long time before running into serious issues, so you can expect to have your Envision stay operable for quite some time as long as you maintain it properly.

Is Buick Discontinuing The Envision?

No, luckily for Envision drivers and fans, this lineup is scheduled to remain in production through 2026. Of course, that is just the current forecast for this midsize SUV, so we could see these cars be made for much longer.

Following recent vehicle trends, smaller SUVs are "in" right now, so the Buick Envision falls perfectly into current demand. That said, Buick is constantly redesigning and re-imagining its cars, so we could even see a spin-off of the Envision brand if it keeps its momentum.

Where Are Buicks Made?

Although many people think Buick is made mainly here in the United States, the brand produces its vehicles worldwide. Specifically, Buick has production plants in the US, Canada, China, South Korea, and Germany.

That said, the Envision seems to come from Shanghai, China mainly, and is one of Buick's most popular models in that market, explaining why they make it there.

Again, that's not to say your Envision didn't have anything added or adjusted here in the US, but chances are, it originated overseas in China.

row of parked Buick SUVs and crossovers at a dealership lot. How Big Is The Buick Envision [Dimensions Explored]

To Wrap It Up

Whether you have a Buick Envision or want to purchase one, getting the dimensions right is essential. From what we found, the Envision measures 183 inches long, 74 inches wide, and 65 inches tall.

This midsize luxury SUV also packs quite a punch in cargo space, offering 25.2 cubic feet in the trunk and up to 52.7 with the rear seats folded down. On top of that, this lineup is a bit bigger than Buick's Encore, making it a great alternative if you need some extra space.

Regardless, make sure to check out Buick's three SUV options before making any decisions, and don't forget to enjoy the ride!

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