How Do I Know If My Mercedes Has Remote Start? [Read This!]

Remote start is in many cars today, making it more convenient to start it. However, do you know if your Mercedes has one? We researched to help you find and provide more relevant information.

You can know if your Mercedes has remote start, by 

  • Checking the key fob
  • Asking your car dealer
  • Checking your manual

Keep reading to know if your Mercedes has a remote start, how to test it, and how you can install one.

Red car mercedes benz c63 stay on asphalt road in city, How Do I Know If My Mercedes Has Remote Start? [Read This!]

How To Find Out If Your Car Has Remote Start

Remote start is a convenient way of starting your car while away from it. As long as you are within a reasonable distance, you can start it by pressing the remote start button on your fob.

It gives the car time to warm up before you can get inside. This especially comes in handy during the winter season. 

To find out if your car has a remote start you need to carry out a few checks, including:

Check Your Key Fob

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There are buttons on your fob with different symbols on them. If you notice a button with a curved arrow on your fob, your car has a remote start. 

Automatic door key fob or smart car key

Ask Your Car Dealer

You can ask your car dealer if your car has a remote start, and they will check the vehicle identification number (VIN). The VIN is a number that shows the manufacturer and the unique features of your vehicle.

If you prefer not to ask your dealer, you can look for it in your Mercedes on the dashboard or door jamb on the driver’s seat. 

Another place to check for your VIN is from your insurance policy, and the place you registered your car. 

car dealer agent making deal and signing on agreement document contract in auto showroom

Check Your Manual

Open your manual and read through it to find out if it is fitted with a remote start. If it has one, you’ll also find the instructions on how to use it. 

Mechanic reading instructions under open hood

How To Test Your Remote Start

After confirming your car has remote start, it’s best to test it to ensure it works. The basic steps of testing the remote start of your car include:

  1. Press the lock button to remind your car that you just bought it. 
  2. Press the remote-start for a few seconds, after which you should see the lights come on.
  3. To cancel, hold down the remote start button for a few seconds. 
  4. After starting your car, press the button on the door handle to open the door.
  5. When you enter, press the brake and push the start-stop button to start running all the functions in your car.

The video below provides a visual representation of the steps above:

Which Mercedes Have The Remote Start?


The first remote start installation in a Mercedes began with the 2010 year models. They later included the 2016 models, and the Mercedes-Me-Connect app was introduced. This app is accessible either through your computer or smartphone. 

It's good to note that the Mercedes vehicles from the late nineties to the mid-2000s are not compatible with the remote start system. Therefore, it's impossible to install them with a remote start. 

From wherever you are, you can remote start your Mercedes using this app, and you can access a lot of other features remotely, including:

Locking Or Unlocking Your Car

You no longer have to worry that you did not lock your doors. By simply tapping a button, you can lock or unlock the doors. 

Locating Your Vehicle 

Locating your Mercedes anywhere with this app is a breeze. 

Receive Updated Data

Quickly receive an update on the fuel levels, tire pressure, mileage, and much more. 

Can You Install Remote Start In Your Car?

You can have the remote start installed if your car does not one. We shall guide you on installing the remote start, noting that the instructions vary between vehicles. The steps to follow are:

Purchase The Correct Remote Starter

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Call the Mercedes car dealer to advise you on the remote starter compatible with your model. It also has to match the anti-theft system in your car, or else you will have to purchase anti-theft bypass modules, which will incur more costs. 

Carefully Read Instructions

Read the instructions in your manual, as well as go through the wiring diagrams. Learn the wire connections in your starter and the ignition. Others include accessory and power controls such as the air conditioning, radio, and alarm system. 

Assemble Tools And Equipment

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Find out from your manual the tools and equipment you need like digital multimeter, wrenches, electrical tape, wire cutters, utility knives, soldering iron, and screwdrivers. 

Decide Where To Install The Remote Starter

The usual location for the remote starter is inside the dash under the steering wheel. However, you may  decide to install it in another location like above the glove compartment or radio. 

Before you begin, check to ensure everything is working well, and repair any electrical wiring that is not working properly. These include the battery, lights, switches, and other electrical components. 

Remember to disconnect the battery before working on the electrical system because it prevents potential shocks. Though when testing the wiring, the battery has to be connected. 

Access The Wires For Your Starter

To access the wires to connect your starter, use a screwdriver to remove the panel covering the steering wheel. If your panel is attached using nuts and not screws, use a socket to remove them.

Connect The Wires Correctly

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Start connecting the wires by stripping ½-1inch coating on the wire. Wrap the wire you are attaching to the stripped wire. With a soldering iron, solder them together, and then wrap electrical tape around this connection. 

Next, connect your ground wire which is normally black and is part of the starter. It’s best to connect this wire inside the kick panel, preferably on a metal surface that is not painted. 

Identify the 12V constant wire and attach it to the power wires. The 12V constant wire is attached to the battery and also attached to the ignition switch. Use a multimeter to confirm. 

If your Mercedes has a constant wire that is more than 12V, check the power with higher amperage, and attach it to the primary power wire. Protect them by tapping around the connections, and avoid touching the airbag wires that are yellow. 

Attach The Starter Accessory Wire To The Accessory Wire In Your Vehicle

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The accessory wire is responsible for transporting power to the air conditioning controls and transfers it to the 12V constant wire. 

To locate this wire, attach the multimeter while the key is turned off. It should read zero. Next, turn your key in the first position, and if you have located the accessory wire, the voltage will be between 11.5V and 14V, or around 12V. If you have more than one accessory wire, connect them using a relay. 

Find And Connect The Ignition Wire

The ignition wire, which is attached to the ignition switch, transfers power to the ignition system and fuel pump. After locating this wire, use a multimeter to test and confirm it is the one.

Turn your key to the first position, and the voltage should read zero. When you turn the key to the second position, but not starting your car, you will see a reading. This shows you have found the ignition wire. If there is no reading, continue looking for it until there is a reading. 

Attach The Starter Wire

Test the potential starter wire that you have identified with a multimeter. It should read zero with the key in all positions, except when cranking the engine. With the key is in 2nd position, it should read 12V while cranking the engine. It will return to zero when you release the key before your engine turns over.

Connect Brake Wires To The Parking Light

You need to connect the brake wires to the parking light, hence you need to look for the brake wire. While your car is on, locate the brake wire by pressing the pedal and test it using a multimeter. With the pedal still down, the wire should read between 11.5 and 14V.

It’s crucial to connect to the brake wires because it prevents one from driving away in your car as it runs from the remote starter.

Next, find the tachometer wire and connect it to the tachometer output wire. Due to this connection, the remote starter disengages the starter when you start your car.  

If your car requires that you connect the remote start to the door locks or anti-theft systems, read the manual further for instructions. You might need a special system for this.

Test Your Remote Start

Test to see if your remote start is functioning well, including your brake lights to ensure all connections are working properly. Your car should be able to start, run and drive your car using the remote start key.

If everything is working well, place the remote sensor and the wiring into the compartments and replace the kick panel and the panel that covers the ignition switch.

In Closing

Red car mercedes benz c63 stay on asphalt road in city

It is easy to find out if your car has a remote start, which you should test. The latest vehicles have this feature and it is highly unlikely they can be installed in older vehicles.

However, if your car does not have one and is compatible with a remote start, you can have it installed by a professional. 

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