How Is The Hyundai Veloster In The Snow?

The Hyundai Veloster comes with many benefits and features, so it is no surprise if you have or are considering this vehicle. If you live in a cold environment, you might be wondering how the Veloster performs in the snow. We have researched this for you. 

Many Veloster owners agree that this vehicle struggles a bit in the snow. The biggest piece of advice they offer is to invest in snow tires. The Hyundai Veloster owner's manual offers other tips for driving in snowy weather, including: 

  • Changing to winter-weight oil 
  • Using recommended coolant 
  • Preventing locks from freezing 
  • Using approved windshield washing fluid or antifreeze 
  • Carrying emergency equipment 

We will discuss each of these tips in more detail so you know exactly what you need to do to prepare your Veloster for snow. Additionally, we will discuss the features that make driving the Veloster easier. 

Red Hyundai Veloster on display at motor expo, How Is The Hyundai Veloster In The Snow?

Tips For Driving Your Veloster In The Snow 

Veloster owners describe driving the Veloster in the snow to be similar to any front-wheel-drive vehicle. However, there are ways to make driving in the snow easier, many suggested by the Hyundai Veloster owner's manual

Snow Tires 

If you live in an area with deep snow, snow tires are your first line of defense against sliding on the road. In a discussion about snow tires on a Veloster forum, user Aceoasis shared a preference for Continental DWS tires.

While these are all-season tires and not recommended for deep snow, they may be a good option for those who drive a Veloster in mild winter conditions. 

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Winter-Weight Oil 

You likely have seen a combination of numbers and letters on oil types, such as "5W-30" or "15W-40." Firestone Complete Auto Care explains that the "W" in this series of characters stands for winter. The number to the left of it indicates how well it performs during winter weather. 

The oil best for use during the winter is 5W. This means that the oil has a lower viscosity and flows well through the engine, even in the winter months. Type 5W is the lowest viscosity available in regular oils. If you use synthetic oil for your Veloster, they go as low as "0W" which is even better for winter weather. 


The Veloster's manual indicates that only "high-quality ethylene glycol coolant" should be used because it prevents freezing and corrosion and lubricates the water pump. Make sure that you check that the coolant you use in the winter months can withstand the lowest temperatures your area is expected to get. 

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Prevent Locks From Freezing

While frozen locks don't have an impact on how well the car runs, preventing them from occurring will save you time and frustration. Car retailer Newport Motors suggests applying rubbing alcohol to your door locks weekly to prevent ice from forming. 

If you haven't treated your locks to prevent them from freezing and you find them iced over, you can apply a de-icer to help remove the ice. You can also heat your car key so it can cut through the ice. 

Take a look at this video for a tutorial and more defrosting ideas: 


Windshield Washing Fluid/AntiFreeze 

Like with coolant, the Veloster manual recommends specific window washing fluid and antifreeze. It is important to ensure that you put windshield washing fluid with antifreeze --not coolant with antifreeze-- in your window washing tank because coolant will destroy your paint's finish. Of course, it will also not clean your windows as effectively. 

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Carry Emergency Supplies 

Again, carrying emergency supplies with you will not impact the way your vehicle runs. However, it will help you get the attention you and your car need in an emergency, as well as improve your situation until help arrives. 

Winter Emergency Supplies for your Car

If your state allows it, tire chains are a good addition to your emergency supplies in the winter. With these, you can get your vehicle through deep snow that tires alone may not be able to push through.

Jumper cables and tow chains will increase the possibility of a passerby being able to help you with your emergency instead of having to wait for roadside assistance.

Include blankets, heat packets, and gloves in your kit to keep you warm. Flashlights and emergency flares should be available to grab attention, if needed. 

Hyundai Veloster's Winter-Friendly Features

A Hyundai Veloster outside Hyundai motor company dealership

According to Hyundai, the newest model year Veloster includes a variety of features that will prove helpful when driving in the winter. 

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist 

A standard feature on the Veloster, the forward collision-avoidance assist alerts drivers when they are too close to an object in front of them and at risk of a collision. This is particularly helpful when visibility is low, and you are worried about whether you are too close to the car in front of you. 

Other standard features that help drivers remain on the road when visibility is low are lane following assist, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot collision warning. 

Rear LED Taillights 

Not only is it important for you to see what is around you when you are driving, but it is also important for drivers to be able to see you as well. The standard rear LED taillights allow drivers behind you to see your vehicle in conditions of heavy snow or low visibility. 

Heated Side Mirrors 

Heated side mirrors play an important safety role, too, not just considered a feature of comfort and convenience. Your mirror can melt away snow and ice to ensure that you have full sight of the road, even in bad weather. 

Bluelink Connected Car Service 

While this feature is standard, it is only free for three years, and you must enroll in the service to use it. However, it is worth every penny, especially in the winter. The car service allows you to remotely start your car and set climate control, as well as send diagnostic information to your dealer in case of an issue. 

New Hyundai vehicles also come with five years of complimentary roadside assistance, so you don't have to be stranded in the cold if there is a problem with your vehicle. 

Is The Hyundai Veloster AWD? Is It Rear Wheel Drive?

2021 Hyundai Veloster N hatchback at a dealership

No. Hyundai reports that the Veloster comes with a front-wheel-drive drivetrain. 

What Does N Stand For In Veloster N? 

According to Hyundai, the "N" is the name of their high-performance brand. They chose this name for their brand to pay homage to two key locations in the N-brand's history.

The first is the brand's birthplace, the Namyang district in South Korea. The second location is the Nürburgring racetrack in Germany, where the cars are tested. 

The Veloster is one of six models in the N-line. Other Hyundai models include the i20, i30, i30 Fastback, Elantra, and Kona. 

Is Hyundai Veloster A Reliable Car? 

Reliability ratings for the 2021 Hyundai Veloster are not yet available. According to U.S. News, earlier model years earned a reliability rating of 7-8 out of 10. 

Is Hyundai Veloster Worth Buying? 

Like every other vehicle, there are pros and cons to buying the Hyundai Veloster. Vehicle experts at Car Buying Strategies identify affordability, popular standard features, and safety credentials as reasons to buy the Hyundai Veloster. 


While its front-wheel-drive makes the Hyundai Veloster a bit difficult to handle in the snow, there are a number of standard features available that make the experience safer and more manageable. You can also improve your experience by following the tips provided in your manual. They ensure that you are using the best products to keep your vehicle running smoothly this winter. 

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