How Long Are Showers At Truck Stops?

Along major highways, just off the exits, many travel stops cater to those who live most of their lives on the road. You may have heard the announcement over the loudspeaker, "Your shower is ready." If you are curious about how long a truck stop shower can be, we've studied this question and have found the answer.

Major truck stops strive to make the shower experience as comfortable as possible and usually do not limit the shower time. Among commercial drivers, it is generally understood that shower time should be kept to under 30 minutes. 

If you've never seen a shower at a truck stop, you may be curious about what they are like, which stops are likely to have showers, and even whether you should tip the shower attendant. Keep reading as we discuss these questions and more!

Dozens of trucks parked at a truck stop while being refueled, How Long Are Showers At Truck Stops?

What Are Truck Stop Showers Like?

Truck stop showers owned by major chains are usually cleaner and better maintained than a regular public bathroom. Since the attendants have to clean the showers after each use, many commercial drivers have found that the quality and cleanliness in many truck stops is what you would find at a quality hotel. 

Shower size can differ from truck stops and rest areas that offer basic shower stalls to major chain bathrooms that are private with their toilet and sink area separate from the shower.

Are Truck Stop Showers Nice?

In recent years, major chains have invested millions in upgrading their showers to provide a luxury experience to their customers. Many truckers appreciate the long-lasting hot water, and some stops even offer different options for the shower pressure and spray. One truck stop stated that they even upgraded their showers with tile from Italy.

Independent truck stops may vary in their standards. Some may be older but very clean, while some drivers have reported less than desirable conditions at others. If you are not familiar with the stop, we recommend viewing the shower before paying, as most establishments will not refund a shower if you change your mind.

How To Get A Shower At A Truck Stop

There are two main ways to get and pay for a shower at a truck stop. You can go up to the counter and ask the attendant for a shower. They will take your payment and then schedule and assign a shower for you.

Larger and full-service truck stops will have a screen telling you your wait time and alert you when your room is available. Many also announce over a speaker that your shower is ready so that you can browse while you wait. As wait time can vary widely, some truck stops have a lounge where you can wait for your turn.

Another way to get a shower is to use the truck stop app. Most major chains allow you to get wait times, reserve, and pay for the shower through the app. You may be able to start waiting in line before you arrive at the stop.

What Do You Need For A Truck Stop Shower

A truck stop sign on the side of the road

Truck stop showers usually will provide anything you need to take a shower. Still, if you are on the road a lot, you may want to keep your shower kit as the quality of the towels and soap may vary from five-star hotel quality to basic commercial grade.

Some supplies you can pack in your shower bag include shower shoes or flip flops, shampoo, disinfectant wipes, a change of clothes, and a second bag for your dirty clothes. Though truck stops do provide towels, you can bring your own.

This microfiber compact towel has a carrying case that can fit in a pants pocket or shower bag, allowing you space for your other toiletries. It's discreet, and you won't have to worry about carrying a big bag of supplies into and out of the truck stop.

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This shower caddy is great for those who spend time on the road and need a versatile way to carry and organize shower supplies. It is made of a quick-drying mesh and hung over the showerhead or from a peg.

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Can Couples Take Showers At Truck Stops

When two or more persons traveling together use the same shower unit from the same rental time slot, it is called a team shower. Some facilities will offer team showers at one price, while others will still charge two separate showers while assigning the same shower. 

Some facilities may not allow more than one person in a shower room simultaneously. Most truckers state that many stops do not have a problem with it and do not verify how many people are using the same shower.

If you wish to notify the attendant and request a shower for more than one person, go to the desk and ask if they can assign you a shower for a team. They may provide you with extra towels and a shower room for a team that may be larger.

Do You Tip At Truck Stop Showers?

If you plan on being a repeat customer and have been treated well, consider a tip for the attendant. Sometimes they may go above and beyond regular customer service and give extra towels or provide another type of upgrade; some truckers will tip the attendant around two to five dollars to ensure a great visit every time.

Which Truck Stops Have Showers

There are many independent truck stops along the highway that may have showers. TA, Flying J, and Love's are leading chains that usually have showers. Consult the travel center's app or website to confirm if the one you'll be stopping at has a shower.

Do All TA Truck Stops Have Showers?

Most TA truck stops have showers. Currently, only two locations were listed as not having a private shower. You can get a full list of facilities and amenities offered by location on their website. They take pride in offering showers with hospital-grade cleanliness.

To shower at a TA, download their app TruckSmart, and select instant shower. The app allows you to reserve and pay for the shower with a credit or debit card. You'll also be able to unlock the shower door from your app.

How Much Is A Truck Stop Shower

Trucks lined up at a truck stop

Commercial drivers who fill up on diesel may often shower for free as many truck stops offer loyalty and reward programs that give shower credits based on the amount of diesel gas pumped. For a shower not offered by a reward program, you may pay between $10 and $15.

For a more in-depth discussion on how much you may pay for showers on the road, read our article "How Much Do Showers At Truck Stops Cost?"

How Do I Get A Free Shower At TA?

To earn free showers from TA, you'll need to be a professional driver. They offer UltraOne credit after 60 gallons of fuel through their reward program.

Does Love's Truck Stop Offer Free Showers

Love's Travel Stop provides free showers for higher-level members through their reward program for professional drivers. Through the My Love Reward program, drivers at the base level can earn a free shower after 50 gallons of gas.

The website does not mention free showers for non-professional drivers. You may still schedule a shower and pay through the Love Connect app.

How Can You Get A Free Shower At A Flying J

Pilot Flying J Stores are one brand of truck stops that offer free showers through a reward program for non-professional drivers. Request an RV rewards card at the counter to take advantage of many of the same benefits as professional drivers.

If you are a frequent RV traveler, then you can earn shower credits when you purchase gas. A credit for the shower is given after a 50-gallon fillup, or earn half a credit for 14-49 gallons of gas. Households can share shower credits between cards.

In Closing

Dozens of trucks parked at a truck stop while being refueled

Now that you know how long a truck stop shower should take and what you can expect when you get in one, try it out for yourself. Major travel stop chains may now offer you a five-star hotel quality hot shower for a fraction of the price you would pay for an average room at a motel. 

Are you interested in more about life on the road? Continue with these articles as we discuss staying in RV parks and which one you choose will affect the way you shower!

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