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How Long Do Jayco Trailers Last

When buying things that are not cheap, we want the most out of what we paid for. A great example of this is purchasing a Jayco trailer. Jayco is advertised as a manufacturer of good-quality trailers, but is this truly the case? In this article, we have researched all over the internet and asked experts' opinions to know if Jayco trailers are true as advertised. 

The typical lifespan of trailers lasts 10 years on average, some even more, but Jayco is one of the best trailer companies today. They are an award-winning company with over 50 years of making high-quality and durable RVs. With proper care and maintenance, Jayco trailers can last more than a decade, maybe even a lifetime. With the industry's longest warranty service for their products, Jayco trailers are known for their longevity.

If you want to know more about taking care of your Jayco trailer, continue reading the post to pick up a few tricks to maximize your experience with your RV.

Jayco caravan beside a red pickup truck. How Long Do Jayco Trailers Last

How long is the Jayco warranty?

According to Jayco, their company offers what they call a 2+3 warranty that covers you up to 24 months or 24,000 miles accounting for two full camping seasons for your motorized parts, whichever comes first. They also added a structural warranty of up to three years, including components in areas like the roof, walls, and floors.

Jayco warranty also covers its 15 suppliers. For example, Congoleum flooring for the trailer has a warranty of three years, while electronics like a Samsung refrigerator (if included) have a warranty of up to five years.

The wheels of the RV, which are American-made Goodyear tires, are warranted for up to six years. Other components like your roofing are also covered as well It is best to check for the user's manual for more detailed information.

Do Jayco campers hold their value?

Jayco trailers hold their value better compared to other competitors in the market. This is because of reputed sturdiness and well-built trailers with an extra-long warranty for parts. Jayco also claims that their technology has a big part in the resell value.

The company says that "about 80% of the lasting value of a unit is in the unseen: the features and construction elements a buyer must entrust the manufacturer to engineer and assemble with due diligence. An owner’s best chance to influence this ‘unseen’ is at the point of purchase when they select an RV brand."

What features do Jayco trailers have?

Here we list Jayco's notable innovative technology engineered to make their trailers the best. All the information is from the company themselves and found on their website; we have listed some of the best features for you below. 

Strong foundations

As stated by Jayco, their frames are custom-built tailored for the best trailer experience. Their underbelly materials are tucked into the frame then screwed. This, combined with its integrated A-frame, helps in protection and climate defense. It also adds better-towing capabilities for your hauler.


JRide bolsters full air brakes, Hellwig® helper springs, superior shock absorbers, and jounce bumpers that help improve stability, comfort, and handling while driving your trailer. These features are unique to Jayco-built motorhomes.


Jayco's lamination technology, vacuumed walls are built with lightweight, fully-welded aluminum studs for strong support. This feature makes the trailer lighter but durable. Lighter trailers equate to better gas mileage for your vehicle.

Climate Shield package

This feature adds protection from the elements while you are in your trailer. Your wiring, plumbing, and electronics are also safe within the walls of your trailer because of their sealed weatherproof structure and come standard on several of their travel trailers and fifth wheels.

Note that some of these can be packaged on your trailer. It is best to see the nearest RV dealerships near you to see what kind of packages you can put in your RV. You can still go out on your camper without all the bells and whistles that your RV brand can offer, these are just some added protection and luxury for a better experience when RVing.

How to make my Jayco trailer last?

The key to keeping your trailers last is just like keeping any other things last, take good care of it! Proper maintenance is imperative when you have a trailer. On long trips, an unreliable trailer is a hassle and can be dangerous; that is why taking good care of it should not be overlooked. 

Annual checkups with your dealerships or RV mechanics are a good investment in the long run; these are what we call preventive maintenance. No matter how durable and well-built your rig is, if you do not properly maintain it, lots of problems can occur that will be an inconvenience for you.

So here are some tips and tricks to help you maintain your RV:

  • Wash and inspect your trailer after every trip.
  • Drain water waste tanks after every trip.
  • Drain fresh water tank once a month.
  • Check your tire pressure before every trip.

Never exceed your trailer's recommended weight. By overloading, you are putting extra strain, wear, and tear on its suspension and body. Know your camper's limit. If it is not designed for the terrain that you are planning to go through, it is best not to risk it. 

When things do break, it is best to go to an authorized repair shop or your dealership to fix it. Be sensitive with this matter; if you let anyone just fix your RV and they are not qualified to do so, it can cause more damage than repair. Also, avoid DIY repairs as much as possible, especially if your warranty is still active, so it won't be voided.

Luckily, Jayco trailers are high quality and have long warranty services, so if things go south, you are covered. But still, being meticulous with your RV is the best way for it to last. There are no cons when it comes to this because all of that expense is an investment for your safety. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

For a more in-depth guide in RV maintenance, check out one of our articles "49 RV Maintenance Tips (That Will Save You Time, Money, And Heartache)."

Does Jayco have an aluminum frame?

Yes, Jayco's sidewall construction of their trailers is done with a 5-layered sidewall exclusive to Jayco’s laminated products. Its frame is created from aluminum tubing that is lightweight but sturdy at the same time. The tubes are welded together for better and more reliable structural integrity.

According to Jayco, their StrongholdVBL™ Vacuum-Bond Construction "will never rot, warp, deteriorate, mold or mildew." Their aluminum frame is not just purely aluminum; it incorporates high-density block foam to create walls with higher insulation properties and sound-deadening qualities. Electro-galvanized sheet metals are also built in the frame for better mountings of interior walls and cabinets.

Fiberglass panels are also used for the body's exterior with durable build features and are easy to clean. The final layer of the sidewall is pushed with lauan plywood panels bonded between the fiberglass and the aluminum and foam wall assembly, giving that smooth finish.

What are common Jayco problems?

Even though Jayco trailers are known for their high quality, there are still some problems that occur in their trailer. Most problems occur because of hitting potholes or other hard surfaces that go unnoticed and lead to bigger problems.

In 2020, recalls of thousands of units from different RV companies such as Airstream, Keystone, Jayco, and Forest River were made. For the Jayco RV unit, problems with the brake hoses were the big issue. Contact with fender liners could mean major problems related to brake function.

Leaf suspensions as well were recalled for the lack of support on some specific RV models. Another recall, according to RV News, is with the leveling system mounting bracket. A failed mounting bracket could mean contact with the ground. This might lead to a possible detachment of leaking fluids.

In recent years, some models were having trouble with leaks and electronic wiring. But Jayco has to rest assured that they have addressed all these issues and have already made updates to avoid recalls. 

Still, wondering if Jayco trailers are really worth it? We compared Jayco and Forest River trailers in this article to help you choose between two of the best trailer company available.

People drive with camping trailer along Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. How Long Do Jayco Trailers Last

In summary

Overall, Jayco, throughout the decades, has built a reputation as one of the best quality RV companies out there. They are a company that has stood the test of time. But no matter how high and sophisticated your RV is manufactured, if you disregard the preventive maintenance and care required, no matter the brand, no matter the product, it will never last.


Laurine Buck

Monday 17th of October 2022

Extremely disappointed with my Jayco JayFeather 23RLSW electrical system. I bought this trailer new in 2017. By the second year 15 of the 17 led interior lights burned out.

Jayco dealership in Arizona where I purchased it told me there was a recall on the interior lighting because they could overheat and possibly cause a fire. They replaced 2 of the lights. All the others flickered and burned out before my trailer was 2 years old.

Jayco had a recall on these lights but when I spoke with Jayco headquarters they told me my vin number was not on the light replacement list so it’s now my problem.

The heater had an electrical issue and does not work. Several licensed mechanics can’t manage to fix it. There are a handful of other issues but I’m mostly concerned that I must use desk lamps for light and a space heater for heat.

I love the floor plan. The cabinets have all held up well.

Jayco, as a large, popular brand RV builder, I am very dissatisfied with your cooperation in fixing a manufacturing problem. I tell everyone that Jayco’s customer service is terrible.