How Long Does A Hyundai Accent Last [Incl. In Miles]

Compact family cars are popular, and the Hyundai Accent is also. The Hyundai Accent is a vehicle that comes packaged with comfort, advanced technology, and style on a budget. You might be curious as to how long a Hyundai Accent lasts. Well, we asked the experts, and they gave us exact answers.

A Hyundai Accent lasts over 200,000 miles. In terms of years, it lasts somewhere between 10 to 15 years. It might even last longer if the vehicle is well maintained.

Hyundai Accents are petrol-powered with a mileage of 16km/h. They are very efficient sedans, especially within the city. Continue reading to understand what type of vehicle the Hyundai Accent is.

Urban car Hyundai Accent Varna or Solaris 2017 on country road at sunset, How Long Does A Hyundai Accent Last [Incl. In Miles]

5 Qualities Of A Hyundai Accent

Watch the video below, and see that the Hyundai Accent is a premium car inside and outside. The features that characterize the Hyundai Accent aren't new to other vehicles, but they are up a notch in quality compared to other compact ones.

Aside from the engine lasting over 200 miles with good maintenance and a life expectancy of about 15 years, the Hyundai Accent has 5 top qualities that you shouldn't overlook when purchasing a compact family vehicle. These qualities are what make this car competitive.

1. Style

The Hyundai Accent is very stylish. It has newly updated headlights and tail lights and an upgraded grill in front of the car. These updates are in the sedan and the hatchback version.

2. Space

For a compact car, the Hyundai Accent is very roomy. The front and back seats are spacious enough to accommodate tall individuals. It has got enough cargo space for your shopping.

3. Fuel Economy

You might think that with all the fancy and newer features, the Hyundai Accent will consume a lot of fuel. On the contrary, this four-cylinder engine car is very economical in fuel consumption. It hits 38 miles per gallon on manual and 37 miles per gallon on automatic.

4. Shock Absorbant

For a compact car, the Hyundai Accent smoothly glides on uneven roads easily. It has a shock-absorbing system that makes any rough commute easy and smooth.

5. Standard Features

In addition, the Hyundai Accent has the standard and updated features you expect to find in other automobiles despite it being a budget car. It has a USB port, Bluetooth streaming audio, a six-speaker audio system, and a sunroof in the sedan version.

How Much Does A Hyundai Accent Cost?

Brown Hyundai Accent 2016 on the parking lot.

One of the most appealing aspects of the Hyundai Accent is the price. This vehicle costs well within the price range of compact cars. Around the country, you'll be able to get a brand new Hyundai Accent for $15,500 to $19,500. The price will vary according to whether it's a new or older model.

Which Is Better A Hyundai Accent Or Elantra?

White motor car Hyundai Elantra at the countryside.

The Hyundai Accent and Elantra are family cars with enough room for five. These sedans have relatively the same features, but the most prominent differences include:

  1. The Hyundai Accent can cost up to $5000 less than the Elantra.
  2. The Elantra has a better horsepower at 147 than the Accent.
  3. The Accent consumes fuel more economically, saving you time and money by reducing your trips to the filling station. 

These differences don't make both the Hyundai Accent and Elantra less popular. But when you are purchasing one, know your budget and what you expect from the vehicle.

How Long Does A Hyundai Elantra Last?

Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra might seem like a twin sister to the Accent. Although the features might be the same, a Hyundai Elantra might last 100,000 to 150,000 miles.

With proper maintenance, you could milk 250,000 miles for an Elantra. On the downside, the Elantra might only give 50,000 if abused.

How Fast Is A Hyundai Accent?

The Hyundai Accent is a car that drivers like. This compact car has a top speed of 120 to 130 mph. The Hyundai Accent can go from 0 to 60 miles in just 7 seconds.  

Here's a video that demonstrates how fast a Hyundai Accent gains speed:

Thanks to the Smartstream Intelligent Variable transmission, the Hyundai Accent can handle corners with agility. The reliability and versatility of the Accent are what drivers find appealing.

Is The Hyundai Accent A Reliable Car?

 Brown Hyundai Accent 2016 on the parking lot

Yes, it is. This car rarely undergoes repairs when properly maintained. A brand new Hyundai Accent won't have extraordinary issues. On the other hand, a used Hyundai might have some problems here and there.

You should check that the following items are always in working order in your Hyundai Accent. Although this is a reliable car, ensure that you keep an eye on these common issues that tend to plague the Hyundai Accent:

Transmission Failure

The Hyundai Accent sometimes might have transmission failure. It might be due to a problem in the engine or the inability to change gears. Ensure that you check the transmission and never ignore any noises from the engine.

Accelerating Or Slowing Down Randomly

If your Hyundai suddenly slows down or accelerates, it might be because of the throttle sensor. The throttle position sensor ensures that the right amount of fuel gets to the engine. Its failure will influence the vehicle's speed.

Airbag Issues

Airbags are a vital safety feature in any vehicle. If the airbag fails to deploy during an accident, it can be fatal. Have a mechanic check how the airbags in your Hyundai Accent works to be on the safe side.

Soy Wiring

Most wiring in other cars is plastic-coated, unlike the wiring in Hyundai Accents. Wiring in a Hyundai Accent is soy-based for a more environmentally friendly Hyundai Accent. But this created an extra problem—rodents! You'll have to wad off the rodents to stop them from building nests in the vehicle's hood.

Nonetheless, the Hyundai Accent is still a vehicle that most drivers find favorable. When purchasing a brand new or used Hyundai Accent, ask the dealer for the car's details and history.

Maintaining A Hyundai Accent

The car Hyundai Solaris is parked in nature.

Maintaining your Hyundai Accent should be usual practice. Vehicle maintenance isn't rocket science, and any car owner can handle this task easily. 

Here's a guideline on what you should ensure is in working order in your vehicle. 

  • Start by understanding your car. Familiarize yourself with your vehicle, both the interior and exterior. The car user manual will assist you in this task.
  • Once you know your vehicle, ensure that you change and refill the fluids. The oils and liquids will become dirty, freeze, or dry out. Therefore, keep a close eye on them.
  • When changing the oils, don't forget the filters in the car. They also require to be changed regularly. Use good quality engine oil.

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  • Vacuum the interior of the vehicle often. Don't forget to clean the exterior also from grim and dirt. Cleaning will stop dirt from corroding the car.
  •  Don't overheat your car, and regularly check the car engine to ensure that it's running smoothly.
  • Check the air and pressure in your tires always. Have a mechanic change worn-out tires for proper grip.
  • Have a look at the lights in and out of the car.
  • Finally, always visit a service center regularly for a routine check. Proper diagnostics will expose any hidden problems your car might experience.  

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Preventive maintenance, as it's sometimes called, is what any vehicle needs—and the Hyundai Accent is no exception.

Have a look at this video guide for more clarity:

What Colors Does A Hyundai Accent Come In

The Hyundai Accent is a vehicle that comes in several colors. To showcase your taste or personality, choose any color available in the market.

Some of the colors are bold, while others are more subtle. You can pick your family car from the following options:

  • Pomegranate Red
  • Diamond or Absolute Black
  • Frost or Pearl White 
  • Urban Gray
  • Olympus Beige
  • Linen Beige
  • Admiral Blue

The exterior colors are bold, but the interior colors are softer and blend seamlessly with the exterior. The Hyundai Accent might not be a luxury car, but it comes in luxurious colors.

In Closing

A black Hyundai Verna(Solaris-Accent) in a dried lake

Since the early 2000s, the Hyundai Accent has been a popular family car. It is one of the most dependable and compact economical cars.

The Hyundai accent has shown that it will give a good run for its money. Its features are updated and in vogue to help you stay in tune with the latest perks of a modern car.

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