How Long Does It Take For A Car To Be Delivered To The Dealership

A new car gives you a sense of security because you don't have to worry about hidden flaws. You could be curious as to how long it takes to have a car delivered to the dealership. Well, we asked experts, and they gave us some answers.

It will depend on how far the car has to travel before it gets to the dealer. The car could take a few days to a few weeks. Custom-made cars and special orders could take from several months up to a year.

Buying a new car does not have to be a daunting experience. Continue reading to find out what else could affect the time a car will get to the dealers.

New cars on truck delivery, How Long Does It Take For A Car To Be Delivered To The Dealership

The Time A Car Takes To Get Delivered To the Dealership

Manufacturers ensure that they produce cars with the general public in mind. Stock cars are available on-demand in dealerships. You need to walk into a dealership with payment and walk out with a car.

However, when you purchase a special-order car, it might take a while to be delivered to the dealership. The dealership has to check the availability of the vehicle at the nearest port for delivery. The procedure could take a few weeks or months.

Finally, custom-made cars take the longest to arrive. Custom-made cars are specially manufactured for the client. From the moment the custom order is placed until delivery, it may take several months to a year.

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Why Do Cars Take Long To Get To The Dealerships

The dealership will let you know when your car arrives. There are several factors that might affect the delivery time of your car.

If you purchase a car that is mass-produced, you can leave the dealership with your car the very same day. Special orders or custom-made may take long to get to your dealership because of:

Shipping Company

When you purchase a car you will inform the dealership how you'd like your vehicle delivered. You can choose either to have the car delivered by a broker or by a car carrier company. Ensure that the shipping company of your choice is insured and has a license.

Time Of The Year

Warmer months are more conducive for delivery. The harsh winter months make delivery slower. 


When the car has to be retrieved from a close pickup point, you can get it in a matter of days. However, it may take weeks if your car is in a warehouse across the country. 

Supply Shortage

Special orders or custom-made vehicles might require supplies that are out of stock. Delivery will be delayed due to a longer manufacturing time.

Size Of Vehicle

Large vehicles need special carriers that the company might not have on-demand. Outsourcing for special carriers could take a while.

Road Conditions

Delivery largely depends on the road conditions and encounters. Speed limits matter for large vehicles too!

Low Sales

Low sales tamper with consignments because manufacturers cannot deliver half-empty car carriers.


Manufacturers could take longer to finish expected models. Mistakes made during production and their correction could delay delivery. 

How Often Do Dealers Get New Inventory

Generally, it can take four to six weeks for dealers to get new cars in the shops from factories. Sometimes, the shipments might be held longer to fill the shipping container. It could take up to two months before the next consignment arrives.

How Far Ahead Should You Order A Car

Patience is the key when placing car orders. It is difficult to guess how far ahead you should place a car order.

Vehicles that are assembled locally could take six to eight weeks to arrive. While vehicles that are assembled overseas could take about three months.

Electric cars definitely take longer to get to their buyers. You will likely wait for four to six months.

Is It Better To Order A Car Or Use A Dealer's Inventory

It boils down to individual choice. Each buyer has an understanding of what they want from the vehicle of choice

Cars at the dealers are readily available and you can walk out with the vehicle you desire. The downside might be not getting the color you like. The specs you want might not be in the model available at the dealers.

On the other hand, ordering a car will get you the specific car you have designed online. Although it may take longer to get the car, it will be worth the wait. Whatever the case, you have to consider many factors before the actual purchase.

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Tips For Buying A Car

Before you start worrying about the delivery of your new car, you should go about its purchase strategically.

Here's how to buy a car without diving into the deep end of your finances. We'll cover some of the key points, but for an even more in-depth understanding, you may want to refer to a guide like the one below.

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Preapproved Loans

Look up the car you want to buy and the price range. Ensure that you have a preapproved loan. Impulse buying could land you with high rate loans. Shop around to see what you can afford and which lenders aren't risky.

Long-Term Loans 

Long-term loans make you pay a lot more in interest. Five-year loans don't have high interest. In general, it's best to avoid loans that exceed five years.


Only reveal the essential information to your dealer. Before you set foot at a dealership, know whether you are buying a new car or trading in. Salespersons at the dealership should not influence your decision-making.


Avoid any add-ons at dealers at all costs. Any extras a salesperson might offer you will cost a lot more in the long run. The best answer to any suggestions on add-ons is a no.

Used Cars

Consider buying a used car to save money. You'll find a lot of used cars in excellent condition. Sometimes the purchase of a new car can take up a huge chunk of the family's budget.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Car

Who doesn't like a bargain? The thought of saving some money when buying a car might have crossed your mind. 

The holiday season is a fantastic time to buy a car. October, November, and December are good times to go car shopping. You can get deals during public holidays and model change over periods.

Dealerships also drop car prices during low customer season to increase sales.

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How Can You Get The Best Car Price 

No dealership will tell you they are expensive or that their prices are hiked. Therefore, you must have an idea of which make and model you want. 

Here are some points you should tick when purchasing a car.

  1. Use the internet to research to understand the price range. Look up dealerships and what they are offering.
  2. At the dealer's, name your price and see if they can beat it. Remember, the salesperson gets paid for each vehicle he sells.
  3. Pay in cash when you are satisfied with the outcome of the haggle. Stick to the main deal and avoid any extra stuff that may be offered.

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Car

Buying a car is a serious step, and one needs to be level-headed. Avoid these mistakes for a better buying experience.

The pitfalls can be:

  1. Being afraid to walk away from a deal you're not sure of
  2. Buying a car on impulse
  3. Preferring close-by dealers
  4. Purchasing an unsuitable car for the sake of it
  5. Making a purchase alone without a second opinion from a friend or family
  6. Allowing the dealer to determine the price and your buying power
  7. Agreeing with the price tag on the car
  8. Talking about trading in your car when the deal hasn't been finalized
  9. Letting your guard down when the papers have not been signed

Trading In An Old Car

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Understand how to trade in your car, so as not to leave money on the dealer's table. Use the Edmunds website or the Kelly Blue Book to find out the value of your vehicle.

You may sell your car and get a good deal too! Never hand in your car keys to a dealer before you have a good price for the new car.

Here's a lighthearted guide on how to trade in a car like a pro.

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In Closing

Shipping Modern Vehicle to Car Dealership From Auction Lot. Transportation and Cargo Theme.

The time it takes to have your new car delivered will depend on its location. You could opt for a car in the dealer's stock.

Special orders and custom-made cars take longer to arrive, but they are worth it. Never make any important purchases on impulse!

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