How Long Does It Take To Build A GMC Yukon

Designing cars and clothes to suit your every whim is a dream come true. So how long does it take to build a customized GMC Yukon? We've researched this question thoroughly and found the information that you need.

It takes seven to 14 weeks to build a GMC Yukon. The process depends on the additional applications you'd like to see in your vehicle and the availability of some components such as electronic chips.

Continue reading to find out other factors that could delay the assembly of your vehicle. In this post, you will also find out if it's possible to shorten the waiting time.

The 2018 Yukon Denali on display at the Chicago Auto Show, How Long Does It Take To Build A GMC Yukon

Building Time Of A GMC Yukon

Once you decide to order a custom-made Yukon, you want to know how fast you can get the keys into your hands and enjoy your new ride. It could take seven to 14 weeks to build the car, from placing your order to collecting the car keys from the dealers. The duration could be prolonged by many factors.

A Red 2018 GMC Yukon Denali on display

Causes Of Delays In Building A GMC Yukon

Vehicles are composed of different parts outsourced from different parts of the globe. Recently, causes for delays in building a GMC Yukon or any other vehicle have increased due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The most common causes of delays are: 


Recently, most motor components have become scarce. The wait and search for substitutes may take longer. The build-up time for cars has been affected.


The production company might have to redesign the preordered vehicles when some components are no longer available. GMC will let the customers know before redesigning the build-up cars.


Due to shortages, the production companies have changed the technology used. For example, diesel powertrains might be substituted with an automatic transmission. Some of the features you'd like to see in your vehicle may not be available.


The pandemic shuffled the cards and caused many assembly plants to close. Some assembly plants didn't reopen after the lockdown, which has resulted in less available manpower. Moreover, resumed production in fewer plants is making the build-up time longer. 

Weather Conditions

Car parts that might have to be shipped may be delayed due to unfavorable weather conditions.  Whether they're being shipped by air or sea, it might be difficult to predict the exact moment of arrival if the parts are out of stock.

The Process Of Building Up A GMC Yukon

Building up a GMC Yukon is easy, and you can do it directly on the GMC website or at a dealership. The GMC Yukon is a large car that is rather costly. Therefore, customizing it to fit your needs and getting the most out of it makes sense.

Some customization options will help create the ideal model for you. When building up your GMC Yukon, you should pay attention to: 

  • Trim options in multiple packages.
  • Engine options include a turbo engine.
  • Suspension and ground clearance.
  • Luxury options.
  • Trailer packages are available.

A GMC Yukon XL Denali on display February 13th,

The Cost Of A Custom GMC Yukon

Of course, the cost of a custom-made GMC Yukon won't be the same as a mass-produced SUV. The GMC Yukon retails at $51,600 with the standard features.

Once you start building your dream car, the price will increase depending on the trims you add. This pricey SUV can get to $70,000 and above for a custom-made vehicle.

Is The GMC Yukon Worth It?

The GMC Yukon is a great family car. It's a tough, roomy vehicle with a firm grip on the automobile market. According to the Kelley Blue Book, it retains almost half its worth in the resale market.

The Most Popular Customs Trims

The GMC Yukon has evolved and now offers impressive features. The available trims have allowed potential buyers to enhance the interior with updated software, more seats, and high speeds.

These upgrades are possible because of better design skills, updated manufacturing processes, and improved materials.

Pros & Cons Of Custom-Made Vehicles

Custom-made vehicles are a well-deserved luxury. But there are some ups and downs to owning a custom-made car. If you couldn't find the car you like at the dealers, you could consider building your version. However, beware of the following before contemplating a custom-made vehicle.


  • You'll get exactly the vehicle you desire.
  • You might get fantastic discounts on an array of features.


  • If the manufacturers don't have the components of the required trims, they might have to make do with what is available.
  • You'll put down a non-refundable fee.
  • Long waits for orders.
  • Some trims might have been discontinued.

Can You Purchase A Custom-Made Car From the Manufacturer?

No, you can't! Franchise laws make it impossible for manufacturers to make direct sales to clients.

Even when you custom-make a vehicle on the manufacturer's website, you will still get it via the dealership closest to you. Make sure you don't get carried away at the dealers with unnecessary add-ons

What A Top-Notch GMC Yukon Has

A top-notch GMC has the following features that are well worth its cost. 

  • A sophisticated interior with premium leather seating.
  • Wood paneling with exclusive color themes.
  • Sliding out of sight center console.
  • An acoustic panoramic sunroof in every premium model.
  • A powerful engine.
  • Media touch screens and numerous charging ports.
  • Spacious cargo allowance.

These are just a few touches of what you should expect in a custom-made premium GMC Yukon.

Where Are GMC Yukons Manufactured?

The GMC Yukon is manufactured in the United States. The headquarters is in Detroit, Michigan, but the assembly plants are all over North America. The GMC Yukon is assembled at a plant in Arlington, Texas.

How Long Does A GMC Yukon Last?

Black Yukon Denali GMC SUV at exotic interior exterior

Having spent a fortune and what seems like a lifetime waiting for your GMC Yukon, the car should last more than a lifetime! A well-maintained vehicle should last 200,000, miles, which translates to 13.5 years. To get the most out of your investment, make sure that you practice good driving habits.

The GMC Yukon & Its Competitors

Auto manufacturers have stiff competition, just as fashion designers do. The competition helps clients get the most from custom-made and mass-produced cars at competitive prices.

The GMC Yukon is no exception in its class. The most popular competitors of GMC Yukon on the market today are:

  • Lincoln Navigator
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ford Expedition
  • Chevrolet Tahoe
  • Infiniti QX80

History Of The GMC Yukon

The first concept GMC Yukon appeared in the market more than 30 years ago. This symbol of style and sophistication made its first appearance in 1992. The vehicle has evolved in all aspects, making it irreplaceable in the market.

Used GMC Yukon Models To Avoid

Based on customer reviews, some used GMC Yukon models are more of a headache than a bargain. Perfection is what any manufacturer aims for. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, they might fall short. 

The list is relatively short for a vehicle that has been in the market for three decades. The age-related issues can be found in models manufactured in the early 2000s. The 2015 and 20016 models also fall into this category.

Common GMC Yukon Problems

Common issues with the older GMC Yukon aren't common in newer models. The following issues have tangible solutions owing to modern technology and better building materials.

Some GMC Yukon drivers have complained about:

  • Large size
  • Faulty AC
  • Transmission vibrating
  • Excessive oil consumption

Auto mechanic working in garage Repair service

Scheduled Maintenance & Cost Of A GMC Yukon 

Maintenance is something you should not compromise on with high-end luxury vehicles. Major repairs might not be necessary for the first few years and could cost about $800.

The cost will increase to about $9,225 in the first five years, with an average of $1,845 per year. Before purchasing a GMC Yukon, shop around for the best insurance policies and service maintenance centers.

How Often Should You Change Oil In A GMC Yukon

One of the most important things in vehicle maintenance is an oil change. A full oil and filter change is ideal every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

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A synthetic oil change is recommended between 7,500 to 10,000 miles. Check  your vehicle's manual to avoid any issues. 

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Final Thoughts

The 2018 Yukon Denali on display at the Chicago Auto Show

Building your ideal GMC Yukon can be a fun process. However, brace yourself for delays and have an alternative vehicle to use during the wait.

Check out the dealers for a vehicle with similar or close trims to what you desire to avoid waiting if you're in a hurry. 

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