How Long Does It Take To Install Remote Start On A Vehicle?

Adding remote start is one of the most significant improvements you can make to your car, because it will help you make it through hot summers and cold winters. Are you wondering how long it takes to install remote start on a vehicle? We've researched this topic and gathered the best information to share.

Installing remote start can take three to five hours. The time will depend on the installer and the type of vehicle.

Having remote start in your car offers benefits other than just allowing you to have comfortable driving conditions. In this article, we will discuss if it is worth it to have remote start, how to install it, and how long the process will take. Continue reading to find out the answers to these queries.

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How Long Does It Take To Install Remote Start?

The average time for installing remote start on a vehicle is about three to five hours. Remember that installation timeframes depend on the installer and the type of vehicle. 

Is Remote Start Worth Installing?

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A remote car starter is a wireless gadget that you can use as a remote control to start your car's engine from a certain distance. Remote start offers many different advantages and functions. 

The remote control has buttons used by car starter systems to start the ignition and perform additional tasks, including locking and unlocking the doors.

Below are the benefits of installing a remote start on your vehicle:

1. Manages Extreme Heat and Cold

starting engine and warming up the icy car in severe frosts in winter

Climate control is typically the primary reason individuals install remote start. The interior of vehicles can get either hot or very cold, depending on the season. With remote start, you can set your car's interior to the ideal temperature before you even get in.  

Scorching seats and steering wheels won't be a problem anymore. You can turn on your car's air conditioning from the comfort of your house with the aid of a car remote starter.

You can also heat window defrosters during the winter season. You can enter the vehicle with a windshield free of frost if it has already warmed up, saving you time in the winter.

Additionally, remote start benefits your engine. When it gets colder, the oil in your car gets thicker. You can increase the lifespan of your drivetrain by allowing the engine to warm up first.

2. Security

Security is one of the advantages of having a remote starter in your vehicle. If you start your automobile remotely, the doors will stay locked. Your vehicle's safety is not at risk when you remote start because you don't have to turn the keys in the ignition physically.

Additionally, you can turn on the engine as you approach your automobile if you notice any curious onlookers checking it out.

3. Can Operate Through an Application

Application for remote engine start and car warm-up

You can operate your car's systems through a smartphone app. GPS-enabled smartphone remote starters allow you to track your vehicle online so you can keep an eye on its whereabouts for security.

4. Increases Car's Value

If you want to sell your automobile, you might find it easier because remote start is an addition many individuals are looking to buy.

5. Convenience

Remote start might help you improve your efficiency if you have to leave quickly due to an emergency. This system can save you some time and make travel more convenient.

Remote start enables you to start your car's engine without a key from inside by just pressing a button. You may start your car without a key from inside, whether you're at home or work.

With remote start, you can also lock the doors and leave your keys in the ignition, allowing you to dash into the store to run errands and return to a warm, cozy car.

A Guide To Installing Remote Start On A Vehicle

Remote start technology can make your life easier. It is inexpensive and straightforward.

Because installation requires bypassing systems and an in-depth knowledge of electronics, you should leave it to the experts.

However, there is a manual included when you purchase a remote starter. It's crucial that you carefully read and understand the directions.

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You can handle the work yourself if you're handy and can follow simple wiring instructions.

Here is the procedure to follow if you want to install remote start on your own:

1. Verify Parts

Make sure that the battery, switches, and other electrical systems are in working order before installing the control module.

2. Disconnect the Battery

When you're ready to start the installation process, disconnect the battery from the car's negative terminal to lessen the likelihood that you'll get shocked.

3. Detach the Coverings

Remove the covering from the steering panel and the kick panel. Using a screwdriver, unfasten all the screws attached. Then slowly pull the cover to detach.

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The parking light switch is necessary. Remove the storage cover underneath the parking light switch to access the cables.

4. Mark the Cables

You must indicate the cables required for each function to know which ones to connect.

5. Remove the Edges of the Wire

After you mark the wires, remove their edges using a wire stripper. 

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6. Select a Location for Your Module

Choose a location for your main module. Remember that it needs to be in a safe area with no intense vibration or heat. Typical placement is in the bottom dash, next to the steering wheel.

7. Connect the Wires

The most challenging phase of the operation is dealing with the wiring. Make sure you fully understand the process before attempting to install remote start in your car.

Ensure that you connect all the system's cables to their appropriate inputs. During installation, you may encounter wiring for the power, ignition, and alarm systems.

Although installing the system yourself can save you money, your time will be wasted if you install the device incorrectly.

8. Solder Wires

It is advisable to solder the wires together using a soldering gun to achieve a strong connection.

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9. Apply Electrical Tape

Apply electrical tape to every section of soldered wire to prevent grounding.

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10. Reassemble

Reassemble everything after connecting all the wires. Make sure the car is just as it was before disassembly.

11. Install the Antenna

The typical place to install your antenna is beneath the rearview mirror.

12. Test

It's time to test the electrical systems once you've finished installation. Verify that your car will operate with your key. This will guarantee that regular vehicle operation is not affected by the installation.

Test the controls of your remote to see if it functions right with your commands.

How Much Does Remote Start Cost?

Car Auto Alarm and Remote Central Lock. Car Keys in Driver Hand Sending Signal to the Vehicle.

These days, remote starts are widely available and incredibly affordable. The cost of a remote start varies depending on the brand. The average price is between $50 to $200. Always be ready to put in the effort to produce extremely clean wiring.

The installation expenses are likely to be higher with more sophisticated systems that have advanced features like a two-way remote that can alert your car when it has been started.

In Closing

Remote start is a wonderful feature, and it only takes a short time to install. Consider installing one to enhance your driving experience in all weather conditions. 

Depending on your car, installing a new starter can be difficult, but there are approved dealers who have completed thousands of installations.

Keep in mind that poor installation can harm your car's costly electronics. To get the best results, let an expert do the installation.

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