How Long Does It Take To Replace Sway Bar Links?

You may want to replace your sway bar links if they're making noise. We've got the answer if you're wondering how long it will take to replace sway bar links. We've done research on this topic, and here's what we found.

Replacing your sway bar links can be a fairly easy task if you are familiar with cars. The average time for replacing them is one hour. Make sure you prepare the necessary tools and materials before you get started. 

Continue reading as we tackle the time it takes to replace sway bar links, how to replace them, and when you should replace them. 

How Long Does It Take To Replace Sway Bar Links?

Close up Link stabilizer front mounted under the suspension of the car black and white, How Long Does It Take To Replace Sway Bar Links

Each tire in your vehicle contains a sway bar link. This component is essential for your car because it connects the sway bar and produces balance.

If your sway bar links are damaged, you can replace them in about one hour. Make sure to prepare the necessary tools before you get started.

How To Replace A Sway Bar Link

Close up Link stabilizer front mounted under the suspension of the car black and white

Replacing your sway bar link can stop the unintentional sways you are experiencing. Here is the procedure for replacing a sway bar link:

1. Gather Your Tools

Having all the necessary tools you need before you work is essential so you can efficiently finish your task. To replace a sway bar link, you will need a lug wrench, a socket wrench, a jack, and a new sway bar link. 

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You should wear safety glasses while working because you will be dealing with the sway bar link below your vehicle. Debris may fall into your eyes while working. Also, wear gloves to protect your hands.


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2. Lift Your Car

mechanic is using the jack to stand up safely in your car,Jack stands hold your vehicle up safely.

Make sure to park your car on a smooth, flat surface. Check that your car is in park as you will be working it, and it is important to have it at a complete stop to avoid serious injury.

A hydraulic jack will help you in lifting your car. Your goal is to remove the tire where the sway bar link is located behind it. Place the jack near the tire where you feel it's convenient. Jack up your car slowly to the height level you prefer.

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3. Remove The Tire

Jacking up a car with the emergency jack

Removing the tire is optional but can help in the process. You need to unfasten and remove the nuts from the tire in order to take it off. Using a lug wrench, loosen every nut in a counterclockwise rotation.

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4. Remove The Old Sway Bar Link

The sway bar link is located at the control arms and joins two suspension components. Two bolts keep your sway bar link in place. You can apply penetrating oil to loosen any corroded bolts.

Remove the bolts using the appropriate socket wrench. Turn it in a counterclockwise rotation. Slowly pull the sway bar link out of place.

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5. Install the New Sway Bar Link

New compared to old used car front sway bar links.

Make sure your new sway bar link is the same shape and size as the old one. Sway bar links are typically made of metal. They do not fit in their place even if they differ slightly.

This can affect the lifespan of your new sway bar link and may also affect the other components of your car and your vehicle's movement during travel.

Install the new sway bar in place of the old one. You can use the old bolts to fasten the new sway bar link.

6. Reinstall The Wheel

Reinstall the wheel using the lug nuts. Make sure to fasten each lug nut tightly so that the tire is secure. You can now lower your car and remove the jack.

7. Test Your Vehicle

Take your car for a test drive to see if the clunking noises and swaying movements are gone.

You should follow this step-by-step process to replace all of the sway bar links on your car. Watch the video below for more details.

Factors That Indicate A Bad Sway Bar Link

Sway bar links will inevitably degrade over time. Here are some factors that indicate a bad sway bar link:

1. Clanking Noises

You may hear clanking noises if your sway bar links are getting worn. These noises might not be apparent at first, especially on bumpy roads. But they will continue to worsen if you do not replace the links.

2. Unstable Vehicle

Your vehicle may feel unstable or lose traction if you're driving with damaged sway bar links. The links can affect the balance of your car because they serve as connectors for your suspension.

You can manually check your sway bar links to see if they are in good condition. Try to pull each sway bar link. If they feel loose, they are worn out.

3. Problems With Steering Wheel

Look out for a change in how you move your steering wheel. A freely spinning, wobbling, hard-to-manage steering wheel can indicate that your sway bar links are loose.

Accidents may happen if you drive with worn sway bar links, as they affect how you steer your car.

What Causes Damage To Sway Bar Links?

Car part and suspension concept - Close up new stabilizer bar or link arm ready to replacement into car suspension on cement floor in garage for repair and maintenance

Over time, your sway bar links can rust, experience strain, and deteriorate. When you drive on curvy roads or in rocky areas, the strength of your sway bar links is tested.

The state of the road is one factor that can impact your sway bar links. It may also damage their bolts over time which can cause your sway bar links to loosen. It is essential to regularly inspect and maintain your vehicle and check for any damaged components that can affect your driving.

Can You Still Drive With A Damaged Sway Bar Link?

You may not fully control your vehicle if you have damaged sway bar links because it tilts less than usual. Do not try to continue driving your car because it is hazardous, and you may be prone to accidents.  

If you notice your sway bar link is damaged, have it checked right away. You can also replace it yourself because it is quick and easy.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Sway Bar Links?

If you change the sway bar link yourself, it will cost less than going to a mechanic. The replacement costs increase because you have to pay for labor. But if you do not know how to replace the links, you should have a professional do the job.

The average expense for sway bar link replacement is $300. Note that some mechanics consider the brand of your car, which may also add to the cost, especially models with components that are hard to find.

In Closing

Remember that sway bar links can deteriorate over time, and you can replace them yourself or with the help of a mechanic. It takes about an hour to replace them. Regular maintenance for your sway bar links and lubricating them is also necessary because it lengthens their lifespan. 

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