How Long Does A Ford Mustang Last?

Ford Mustangs are some of the most noticed cars. They are extremely popular; therefore, they are easy to spot on the road. Because of this popularity, you may have questions about if they’re worth the price tag. Many people question how long a Ford Mustang can last and how many miles it can drive. We researched just how long one of these classic cars lasts. 

A Ford Mustang, when taken care of adequately, can last about 200,000 miles. The average miles driven per year is about 12,000 miles, making the average Mustang last about 16 years, once again, if it is maintained well. The car itself is built well, so making it last long is up to the owner to take good care of it.

You may ask if Ford Mustangs are reliable or maybe how expensive they are to maintain. Or you may be wondering if they are genuinely worth the money for the expensive brand name and sports car capabilities. You have questions; this article has answers. Keep reading to find out all the information you need on how long a Ford Mustang lasts and information on parts and the reliability of this sports car.


How Many Miles Does A Mustang Last?

The average Ford Mustang can last about 200,000 miles. That is an average as some have accidents before 200,000 miles, and some are so well-maintained that they last almost double that number of miles. The largest thing the mileage depends upon is how the car is taken care of. If you beat on your mustang, not taking care of it, not being careful with it, and not doing regular maintenance, it will not have 200,000 running miles in it.

However, if you take great care of your Mustang, checking the fluids often, and maintaining it well, it can last more than 200,000 miles. There are records of multiple Ford Mustang owners having theirs last 350,000 or 400,000 miles because they maintained it well and fixed any minor issues that came up.

How Long Do Mustang Parts Last?

A Ford Mustang’s battery can last from about four years to seven years if it is well maintained. One good way to maintain your car battery is to start your car at least once every day. Starting your car every day will help keep the battery active. Also, not leaving your lights on overnight often will help keep your battery lasting longer. Click here to see how much it costs to replace a car battery.

Tires on a Ford Mustang can last about 15,000 to 25,000 miles, but they can last longer if you rotate them often. A good rule of thumb is to rotate them every time you change the oil. Rotating your tires allows for an even wearing of the tread on your tires, making them safer to drive on and last longer. Also, buying better quality tires helps them last longer.

The transmission on a Ford Mustang is usually good to last about 120,000 miles, and the cost to replace the transmission depends on a couple of different factors. These factors include if your transmission is manual or automatic, where you will get it replaced, and how well you bargain.

Tips To Make Your Car Last Longer

There are many things that you can do to help prolong the life of your car. The first thing you can do is make a habit of parking in the garage; this will help reduce rust and other common wear and tear from the elements. Parking in a garage will also help your tires last longer because they will not have to withstand the sun's heat during the summer months. The sun can potentially damage the paint job on your car as well.

Another habit that will help lengthen your car’s life is making sure to wax your car every once in a while. It will keep your car looking new and help protect the body of your car. You should also check your car’s fluids regularly. This will ensure they don’t dry out and damage your car’s engine and other parts. Also, bringing your car to the mechanic regularly will allow for adequate maintenance, which will directly translate to a longer life for your car.

Are Ford Mustangs Reliable?

Yes, Ford Mustangs are considered reliable cars. J.D. Power rated the 2020 model a four out of five stars in the reliability category. Some owners of Ford Mustangs have said that they have gone upwards of ten years without any significant problems developing. Having said this, some models are not as reliable; the 2010-2013 Mustangs had some reliability issues reported.

Once again, however, it all comes back to how you take care of the car. If you do not check the fluids in your car and your car breaks down, that is not a reflection of the car's reliability; that is on you, the owner. You are partly responsible for the reliability of the car.

Are Mustangs Expensive To Maintain?

Compared to other automobiles, yes, a Mustang is considered expensive to maintain. However, compared to other sports cars, a Mustang is on the lower end when it comes to maintenance prices. Sports cars will always be more expensive to maintain due to the performance aspects of the vehicle. Sports cars have specific and unique parts that allow for better performance, whereas other cars have shared parts for cheaper and easier repairs and maintenance.

On average, a Mustang is said to cost about $750 per year, as stated by Mustang owners. This money, however, is well spent if it keeps your car running smoothly. Also, maintenance means fixing any problems that come up. Because of this, fixing minor problems whenever they arise will help reduce any major problems that can be expensive to repair.

What Year Mustang Should You Avoid?

Many people suggest that you avoid buying specific older models of the Ford Mustang. These include most models from 1969 to 1980. Some of the 1970s models are okay, but a few have issues that lead Mustang owners to suggest you don’t buy these models. This also goes for the 1980s models. Some are good, but some are suggested not to be bought, but it depends on who you ask and what you are looking for in your Ford Mustang.

Also, there is debate as to whether or not the 2006 model of the Ford Mustang is worth it to buy and own. It all depends on what you are looking for, whether you want your car just for looks and car shows, or if it will be your everyday car you take to work and the store. Depending on what you’re looking for, you may find it in these models.

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Thoughts To Conclude

How long A Ford Mustang lasts is all dependent on how you take care of it. By completing routine maintenance in a timely fashion and making sure you have enough fluids in your car regularly, you can make your Ford Mustang last so much longer. Park your car in the garage so as not to let it rust. By starting your car every day, you can keep the battery active. Because of this, your car will give you more years of safe and reliable driving.

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