How long is a GMC Canyon? [By truck model and trim level]

There are numerous reasons why you might want to know how long a GMC Canyon pickup truck is. You might have a tight squeeze in your garage or carport and need to know how much space a truck like this will take up. You might have a preference of only driving shorter vehicles, or have a specific piece of equipment or item you might want to haul.

Either way, this is a very common question to ask. The exact length of this vehicle varies depending on features, such as whether it has an extended cab and the bed length. In most cases, the total dimensions of a GMC Canyon measure between 212.4-inches and 224.6-inches long.

The other thing that you’ll want to pay attention to when it comes to the size of a GMC Canyon is the height. This model has two options: the shorter Elevation Standard and the taller Elevation Trim package.

A standard size garage bay in most homes is 216-inches to 240-inches, which is about eighteen to twenty feet in length. Thus, the GMC Canyon would fit in some garages, but not all. To be sure, make sure you measure your space accordingly.

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GMC Canyon Extended Cab Elevation Standard

The smallest of the 2021 GMC Canyon vehicles, this model measures 212.4-inches long. There is no option to purchase this vehicle in a single cab, so this is the only choice you have if you’re looking for a truck of this line that fits in a tight space.

With this model, the bed of the truck is approximately 74-inches long, which is ample room to carry items from the local home improvement store or other necessities. The Elevation Standard trim puts the height of the truck at 70.3-inches tall. It does not come with any frills, such as heated seats or lumbar support.

If you’re looking for a good base truck but don’t need four doors in the back, this is a good option to choose. It is also the shortest of the various 2021 GMC Canyon trucks available and available in 2WD or 4WD.

GMC Canyon Extended Cab High Elevation Trim

Much like the Elevation Standard version, the 2021 GMC Canyon with High Elevation Trim also measures 212.4-inches long. It automatically comes with a long bed, which is 74-inches long. Again, this is plenty of space to haul whatever you need, from basic groceries to camping equipment and much more.

However, the High Elevation Trim package places the vehicle a little taller at 70.4-inches. While a tenth of an inch doesn’t seem like a whole lot, it does make a difference when you’re out on the road. This package also comes with numerous additional perks including leather-appointed seats, a heated steering wheel, and power lumbar control adjustment on the driver’s seat.

If you’re in need of a smaller pickup truck to fit in your garage or parking space, you’ll have no problem with the GMC Canyon Extended Cab High Elevation Trim. It is only available in 2WD.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Bed Elevation Standard

For those that want the option of comfortably hauling passengers, consider the GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Bed Elevation Standard. Four doors do add length to the vehicle, but the shorter bed helps make up for the additional length.

The total length for this version of the GMC Canyon is 212.4-inches. This includes the shorter bed box, which comes in at 61.7-inches. For most people, this is still plenty of space to haul basic items. But the two back doors make it easier to carry interior cargo or passengers on a regular basis.

Again, the Elevation Standard model does not come with nearly as many frills and is shorter at only 70.5-inches tall. But, if you have a limited budget, it is still a nice ride with an economical price point. This vehicle is only available in 2WD.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Bed High Elevation Trim

If you’re looking for something with more frills, the GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Bed with High Elevation Trim is an excellent choice. Just like with the Extended Cab version, the High Elevation package includes that gorgeous jet black interior and added seat comfort features.

The length of this vehicle comes in at the same 212.4-inches long, as the trim package does not affect overall length. It does, however, change the overall height of the truck. In this case, the 2021 GMC Canyon Crew Cab pickup measures at 70.7-inches tall. With this trim package, you have the choice of either 2WD or 4WD.

While some aren’t fans of the four-door crew cab paired with a short bed, this is an example of where it makes sense. Length is a problem in certain circumstances and making sure you have the ability to close your garage door without damaging your vehicle is incredibly important.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab Long Bed Elevation Standard

If you’re really looking for some room to haul necessities, the GMC Canyon Crew Cab Long Bed is a great option. This vehicle measures a whopping 224.6-inches long, which is the largest of the 2021 GMC Canyon models. The bed alone is a spacious 74-inches long.

Again, we have another situation where you have a choice between the Elevation Standard Package and the more luxurious High Elevation Trim. However, the High Elevation model is only available in 4WD.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab Long Bed High Elevation Trim

In addition, there’s the 2021 GMC Canyon Crew Cab Long Bed with the High Elevation Trim package. This is the longest of the truck options and comes in at a whopping 224.6-inches total. The bed alone is 74-inches, which again is ideal for hauling.

Since height is a big deal when it comes to these trucks, this version measures 70.7-inches tall. While this still isn’t as tall as a Silverado or other pickup, it is still an important figure to know.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab AT4 Short Bed or Long Bed

If you’re looking for the next step up in luxury, there’s the 2021 GMC Canyon Crew CabAT4. This trim package offers stoutier rims and tires with the option of a Duramax diesel engine and is available in both a short bed variety and a long bed option..

However, when it comes to length between this model and the High Elevation trim package, there’s absolutely no difference. The overall length of the GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Bed AT4 is still 212.4-inches long and the Long Bed is 224.6-inches. Choose between 4WD or 2WD.

GMC Canyon Crew Cab Denali Short or Long Bed

For those set on having the most luxurious option possible, the 2021 GMC Canyon Crew Cab Denali is an excellent choice. This model features all the features you’d expect from a top line model including wireless cellphone charging, a Bose premium audio system, and spray-on bedliner.

Again, the length of this truck is still pretty standard for most GMC Canyon Crew Cab pickups. The short bed comes in at 212.4-inches long and the long bed is a pretty standard 224.6-inches. The only real difference between the Denali and other models is the features, not the actual length of the vehicle itself.

Lengths of Similar Trucks

If you’re comparing the GMC Canyon to other small pickup trucks, you’ll want to look at the lengths of similar brands. The 2021 Chevrolet Colorado is built on the same chassis and measures an identical 212.4-inches to 224.6-inches long. Likewise, the Ford Ranger 210.8-inches long and the Toyota Tacoma comes in at 212.3-inches to 225.5-inches long.

Wrap Up: Length of a GMC Canyon Pickup Truck

silver gmc canyon bumper shot close up

When it comes to size, the GMC Canyon is pretty comparable to other models. However, it is still shorter than a Silverado or Sierra, which can be difficult to park in tight spaces thanks to their bigger size. In the end, the 2021 GMC Canyon is a great choice with a compact length.

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