How Long Is A Honda Pilot?

The overall length of your prospective new vehicle is important information to have. If you are considering a Honda Pilot and wonder how long this popular SUV is, we can help you. We researched this SUV from multiple professional sources so that you will know for sure its dimensions.

The 2022 Honda Pilot is 196.5 inches long. This length gives this SUV ample cargo room, which can be greatly increased by folding down the rear two rows of seats. In addition, the overall exterior dimensions will allow for ample space for passengers on board.

Now that we know how long the Honda Pilot is, we'll take a closer look at both the interior and exterior dimensions. You might also be wondering if the Honda Pilot will fit into your garage or how long the Pilot will last. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead!

A Honda Pilot parked on the side of a snowy road, How Long Is A Honda Pilot?

What Are The Interior And Exterior Dimensions Of The Honda Pilot?

The latest model year Honda Pilot has outstanding features onboard. But consumers and critics alike rate this vehicle higher than most in its class on the amount of room it offers. With three rows of seating, the Honda Pilot can hold up to eight riders and still have space for cargo.

A Honda Pilot trekking on a snowy trail

Here we'll break down all of the important interior and exterior dimensions of the 2022 model year Pilot. This will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this vehicle is right for you.

Interior Dimensions

You'll find that the interior of the 2022 Honda Pilot is quite roomy. In the front row, there are 40.1 inches of headroom, 40.9 inches of legroom, 62.0 inches of shoulder room, and 59.1 inches of hip room.

The second row will yield 40.2 inches of headroom, 38.4 inches of legroom, 62.0 inches of shoulder room, and 57.3 inches of hip room.

The third row is the smallest. It will give 38.9 inches of headroom, 31.9 inches of legroom, 57.6 inches of shoulder room, and 44.6 inches of hip room. This row is best reserved for children and smaller adults.

Exterior Dimensions

The outside of the Honda Pilot has the following dimensions:

  • Overall length - 196.5 inches.
  • Width - 78.6 inches.
  • Height - 70.6 inches.
  • Wheelbase - 111.0 inches.
  • Curb weight - between 4,030 and 4,321 pounds.

Will A Honda Pilot Fit Into My Garage?

Using the exterior dimensions we listed earlier in this post will help you determine whether or not you will be able to park the 2022 Honda Pilot inside of your home's garage. But you'll also need to have the measurements of this parking space.

A standard home garage will be 20 feet deep and 12 feet wide. The garage door will be nine feet wide. This is the standard measurement for a single-car garage.

As you can tell, it's easy to park this year's Honda Pilot in a home garage. As it's recommended to keep at least two and a half feet of clearance on either side of any vehicle once it's parked, you may need to ensure that your sidewalls are clutter and debris free.

This is for safety reasons and ease of entry and exit for your passengers.

Does The Honda Pilot Have Problems?

A Honda Pilot photographed during golden hour

Honda has historically put out model year after model year of vehicles with a solid reputation for longevity and reliability. But that doesn't mean that there aren't some hiccups now and again with specific models.

And while rated a great SUV, the Honda Pilot has had some known issues within the past model years.

The 2003 model year of the Honda Pilot is rated the worst year. Costly transmission problems plagued this first generation, often occurring at relatively low mileage.

The 2013 model year was also problematic. Drive train issues were among the top complaints among consumers. Braking issues and body deterioration were also common areas of dissatisfaction.

Finally, experts say to avoid the 2016 model year. This year the Pilot had hundreds of complaints surrounding various electrical issues and engine problems.

How Long Do Honda Pilots Last?

Even though there have been some model years of the Honda Pilot that it's best to avoid, overall, it has proven itself to be a reliable family vehicle. It consistently rates high among consumers and critics alike in these areas and is near or at the top in safety ratings.

A Honda Pilot 2021 parked near a body of water

You can expect a typical Honda Pilot to last upwards of 250,000 miles on the highway. There are reports of some consumers being able to keep their Pilots on the road beyond the 300,000-mile milestone.

Of course, you'll need to make sure that you are correctly taking care of any vehicle for it to get this many miles. Maintaining the Pilot to the manufacturer's standards in the owner's manual is highly recommended.

Doing so will keep your Honda Pilot on the road for many years.

What Is The Best Year Of The Honda Pilot?

While there are many model years of the Honda Pilot to look for in the used market, one year stands out among the rest of them. The 2015 Pilot is generally considered the best one available for those wanting a used version of this popular SUV.

The 2015 model was the last one in the second generation of the Honda Pilot. It received the best overall consumer reviews in the nearly 20-year history of this SUV.

Owners cited the up-t0-date onboard features, the overall fuel economy, and the dependability of the 2015 model year among the top reasons they preferred this vehicle.

A black Honda Pilot moving on the snow

But no matter what model year Honda Pilot you are considering, be sure to get a complete owner's history of the vehicle. Making sure that it hasn't been damaged in an accident is essential.

Ensuring that any factory-recommended maintenance has been completed is also something to consider. The best model year doesn't mean much if it hasn't been taken care of, so proceed with some caution.

How Big Is The Honda Pilot's Trunk?

Consumers like having ample cargo room, which is one reason why SUVs have been so popular. For Honda Pilot owners, there is a lot of available space depending on how the seats are laid back.

As this is a three-row SUV, it's easy to understand that the Pilot has less room behind the rear row than a standard two-row vehicle. But the 18.5 cubic feet of cargo room behind the third row is still roomy enough for a big trip to the grocery store or a trunk full of luggage.

Folding down the third row of seats increases the storage space to 55.9 cubic feet. And if you want to maximize the available storage space to 109.0 cubic feet, all you need to do is collapse the second row. They fold in a 60/40 split.

To Wrap It Up

A Honda Pilot parked on the side of a snowy road

The 2022 Honda Pilot is a large and roomy family SUV, but it's not so big that it won't fit inside a standard home single-car garage. The Pilot has a long history of reliability and dependability.

Still, a few model years have experienced some issues worth looking into if you are considering a used model. Take proper care of this SUV, and you can see it on the road for 250,000 miles or more. Drive safe!

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