How Long Is A Mazda 3 [Plus Other Specs And Dimensions]

The Mazda 3 is a compact four-door sedan and is one of Mazda's best-selling vehicles. If you're comparing Mazda 3 Hatchback versus Sedan models, you might wonder about the dimensions of these popular vehicles. We have consulted automotive experts on the exact dimensions of both Mazda 3's body styles. Here is what we got from them.

The Mazda 3 Sedan has:

  • a wheelbase of 107.3 inches,
  • a length of 183.5 inches,
  • a width of 70.7 inches,
  • and a height of 56.9 inches.

While the Mazda 3 Hatchback has:

  • a wheelbase of 107.3 inches,
  • length of 175.6 inches,
  • a width of 70.7 inches,
  • and a height of 56.7 inches.

Also, both vehicles have a ride height of 5.5 inches.

Included with both Mazda 3 styles is a set of 18-inch aluminum wheels wrapped with 215/45 tires, the only difference will be the wheel design for both styles and different trims. The Mazda 3 also comes with disk breaks in all four corners. For more information about the Mazda 3, keep reading below.

Mazda 3 in the city street at night, How Long Is A Mazda 3 [Plus Other Specs And Dimensions]

Is The Mazda 3 Spacious

The new Mazda 3 has two body styles; you can choose from a four-door sedan or a four-door hatchback. Both vehicles have a similar front end with a minimal difference and similar contours down the line before it reaches the rear of the vehicle.

When looking at the back end of both vehicles, that's when you'll see the different personalities of the two Mazda 3's, the sedan having a more corporate look while the hatchback has a more sporty look.

Having enough space inside your car is essential to maximize the comfortability and practicality of a vehicle. With the Mazda 3, whether it be the sedan or hatchback, you will get a decent amount of passenger space and cargo space.

Interior if the compact hatchback Mazda 3, How To Reset The Check Engine Light On Mazda 3?

Though the two styles of the Mazda 3 may look different, their interior dimensions are basically the same, with cargo space being the only difference between the two.

The Mazda 3 has:

  • headroom of 38 inches up front and 37.3 inches at the back,
  • legroom of 42.3 inches up front and 35.1 inches at the back,
  • a shoulder room of 55.7 inches up front and 53.5 inches at the back,
  • and lastly, hip room of 54.6 inches up front and 50.9 inches at the back.

The Mazda 3 has a total passenger volume of 92.8 cubic feet. With this much space, you can fit five people inside the vehicle. Keep note that taller passengers may find the Mazda 3's ceiling a bit low.

Is Mazda 3 A Luxury Car

all new Mazda 3 Fourth generation at Geneva International Motor Show

Unfortunately, the Mazda 3 is not a luxury car, but it does feel like one, especially if you get the Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo AWD or the Mazda 3 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus AWD. A Mazda 3 is like a premium car without the premium price tag. The Mazda 3 started as a relatively cheap sedan that was built to rival the Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and many more.

Interior Features

With the new Mazda 3, this feels like Mazda's attempt to build a compact car as luxurious as possible. The Mazda 3 has high-end features such as a heads-up display, leather interior (steering wheel, seats, dash), sunroof, i-ACTIV AWD, and lastly, Blind Spot and Lane Departure Warnings Accident Avoidance System.

When looking at the interior you are greeted by a lot of leather finish, there is also decent size infotainment found on the dash, but unfortunately, it is not a touch screen. For the front seats, you also have bucket seats that are comfortable and do hold you in place.

When you look down at your gear selector, you may also notice that it has a resemblance with BMW's design. If you compare the Mazda 3's specs with other luxury vehicles, the Mazda 3 will be equivalent to an entry-level luxury car.

High-tech Safety

The Mazda 3 has very high-tech side mirrors that are equipped with warning lights, cameras, and repeaters. These features that come with your side mirror is a great addition because it adds an extra layer of safety while driving.

Mazda 3 Engine Size

White compact car Mazda 3 with the opened bonnet near the garage

Whenever you hear the sizes of engines, it is given in a unit of volume. With the case for most cars that are being produced, the size of the vehicle's engine is given in liters (liters is the metric unit for volume). With a larger displacement, an engine can produce more power, but with a lower displacement, you can save more fuel. 

The Mazda 3 has a 2.5 liter naturally aspirated inline-four engine; that's available for the Select, Preferred, and Premium trims.

A 2.5 liter turbocharged inline-four engine is available for the S, Turbo, Turbo, Turbo Plus Premium trims.

Lastly, a 2.0 naturally aspirated inline-four engine is available for the FWD package. All of the engines available for the Mazda 3 have a great driving range and fuel economy.

Does A Mazda 3 Have Sunroof

Open hatch in a car roof in hot summer day

Yes, the Mazda 3 does have an express open/close sliding and tilting glass sunroof. Usually, a sunroof is a feature that is reserved for a higher-end or premium vehicle. Unfortunately, the sunroof is only available for the higher trims of the Mazda 3, so if you want to have one, you'll need to spend a bit more money for a higher trim.

To activate the Mazda 3's sunroof, you have to toggle the switch located above your rearview mirrors. With the Mazda 3's sunroof, you can tilt or open it completely. Having a sunroof on your vehicle will make your car look more premium and increase its resale value.

A sunroof is a great way to get sunlight into your vehicle; it also generates airflow and somewhat gives you a sense that you are in a top-down. Don't worry if you don't want your sunroof to be see through since there is a blind that you can pull out to block out the whole sunroof. 

How Big Is The Mazda 3's Gas Tank

Open fuel tank door on car for fueling gasoline or diesel

Having a large tank of fuel is great because you'll be able to store a lot of gasoline, but the downside to that is your car will be heavier. The heavier the vehicle, the more power the car will need to get itself moving. That's why car manufacturers have carefully thought out the right fuel tank size to maximize your vehicle's driving range and fuel efficiency.

The Mazda 3 has a fuel tank that can carry 13.2 gallons of fuel. With that amount of fuel, the base model Mazda 3 can drive 323.20 miles in the city or 463 miles on the highway before its fuel completely runs out. Note that the stronger the engine, the lesser the distance you can drive since it will consume more fuel.

Is A Mazda 3 A Hot Hatch

When looking at the Mazda 3 Hatchback's exterior body style and specs, it seems like it can be a hot hatch, but unfortunately, it isn't one. A hot hatch is a short word for a hot hatchback; for a car to get this designation, it has to be a high-performance hatchback.

Some examples of a hot hatch are the Toyota GR Yaris, Ford Focus ST, and Volkswagen Golf R.

With the Mazda 3 Hatchback Turbo AWD specs, you would expect a brightly colored car that would rumble when driving beside you, but the Mazda 3 on the road isn't like that at all. The new Mazda 3 was the successor to the Mazdaspeed 3 ,which was discontinued back in 2014.

Though the new Mazda 3 is quicker than the Mazdaspeed 3, its transmission is holding it back from being considered a hot hatch. The Mazda 3 has a pretty slow 6-speed transmission which hazes the connection between the driver and the vehicle.

Other than that, the Mazda 3 has a great engine that pushes out 227 horsepower and 310-pound feet of torque; with that the Mazda 3 can do 0 to 60 Mph in 5.6 seconds.

The Mazda 3 also handles very well, whether in the city or country road hairpins. Overall the Mazda did not intend the Mazda 3 to be like other sporty hatchbacks that are more focused on speed and handling. The Mazda 3 is a refined car that is meant to appeal to a more mature audience that wants to have a bit of a sporty feel to their daily vehicle. When the Mazda 3 is being driven as intended, it is one of the best vehicles in its class.


The Mazda 3 is a great compact car that has a premium feel. One great thing about the Mazda 3 is the option to choose either a sedan or hatchback body style. Though the Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback may look different, they have similar dimensions for their interior. 

Another great thing about the Mazda 3 is it has multiple engine options to choose from; you also have a choice between an FWD or AWD drivetrain. Overall the Mazda 3 is a great car with good handling, a powerful engine, and great mileage.

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