How Long Is A Ford Fusion?

Being aware of the dimensions of any vehicle is important for a number of reasons, especially if you're trying to determine how much room it might take up in a smaller garage. If you are wondering how long a Ford Fusion is, we can help you. We researched this popular mid-sized car from multiple professional sources so that you will have a definitive answer.

The 2020 model Ford Fusion is 191.7 inches long. The overall length of the Ford Fusion has had minimal changes since this model vehicle was first launched in 2006.

Now that we know how long a Ford Fusion is, we'll take a closer look at the remaining exterior dimensions. You might also be curious how big the trunk is on the Fusion, or how much interior room this vehicle has. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what we've been able to uncover in our research. 

Ford fusion on the streets, How Long Is A Ford Fusion?

The Complete Exterior Measurements of the Ford Fusion

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the Ford Fusion measures 191.7 inches for the 2020 model year. This certainly makes it possible to fit into any standard-sized parking space or garage. You'll find that the remaining exterior measurements are in line with other modern sedans as well.

The width of the 2020 Ford Fusion is 75.2 inches, while the height is 58.1 inches. The wheelbase on this model is 112.2 inches. All of these measurements are identical across all five trim levels of the 2020  Ford Fusion.

The interior measurements of the Ford Fusion have not changed much over the years. First launched in 2006, the Fusion measured 190.2 inches long, 72.2 inches wide, and was 57.2 inches high in this production year. The wheelbase on this first incarnation of the Fusion was a bit smaller than the final production year, measuring 107.4 inches.

How Big is a Ford Fusion Trunk?

Ford Fusion, close-up of the open trunk, headlight, bumper, front view

Having a mid-sized sedan will typically mean that you will be able to enjoy a decent amount of cargo room in the trunk. Whether you're packing out groceries or hauling luggage for a trip, you'll want to be able to ensure that you have ample room on your journey. Too little room and you run the risk of your cargo spilling over into the passenger area, which limits the level of comfort.

According to U.S. News and World Report, the 2020 model Ford Fusion has a cargo hold that is larger than the standard for this class of vehicle. Yielding 16 cubic feet of room in the trunk, the Ford Fusion is promising when it comes to lugging objects around. 

For larger items, the Ford Fusion can accommodate you in ways that other vehicles cannot. The rear seats can be folded forward so that the seatbacks are flush with the rear seats. This makes it possible to haul larger and more cumbersome items that otherwise might not be able to fit inside the sedan's trunk.

Will Skis Fit in a Ford Fusion?

When it comes to hauling longer objects like snow skis and water skis, you might not think of a sedan as the vehicle to do the job. No trunk is large enough to fit items of these lengths, and not every sedan has the ability to safely install roof racks. So you might be surprised to learn that the Ford Fusion is absolutely capable of fitting your skis on the inside.

While the trunk on the Fusion is roomy for a sedan, it isn't long enough for the skis to be stowed away properly. The Fusion does, however, have rear seatbacks that fold forward, opening up the rear seating area for more storage. Longer items, like skis, can be fit inside the interior of the Fusion with no problem at all.

Keep in mind that when the rear seats are folded like this, you won't be able to carry any passengers in the back seats. Even if they were able to squeeze into place, the seatbelts would not be available. Be sure to plan your trip accordingly, so that all passengers on board can reach their destination safely. 

Young man packing his skis in the trunk of the car

Is a Ford Fusion Bigger than a Ford Fiesta?

Comparing the dimensions of model vehicles can be a bit time-consuming, as it usually means poring over various owner's manuals. We've done this research for you, so you'll be able to see the side-by-side comparison of each measurement. This way, you'll know for certain which vehicle is larger. 

Ford Fusion

Ford fusion on the streets of Batumi

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the Ford Fusion is roomy when compared to others in its class of vehicle. The measurements are the same across all trim levels of the Ford Fusion. This mid-sized sedan has the following exterior measurements:

  • 191.7-inch length
  • 75.2-inch width 
  • 58.1-inch height
  • 112.2-inch wheelbase

On the inside, the Fusion measures out in the following ways:

  • 44.3-inch front legroom
  • 38.3-inch rear legroom
  • 39.2-inch front headroom 
  • 37.8-inch rear headroom
  • 57.8-inch front shoulder room
  • 56.9-inch rear shoulder room
  • 55.0-inch front hip room
  • 54.4-inch rear hip room

Ford Fiesta

A stylish black Ford Fiesta Titanium, five door hatchback car

This compact car is looking to be noticeably smaller than the Fusion. According to Car and Driver, the Ford Fiesta has the following exterior measurements, which are identical across all trim levels of this vehicle:

  • 173.6-inch length
  • 67.8-inch width 
  • 58.1-inch height
  • 98.0-inch wheelbase

On the inside, the Fiesta measures out in the following ways:

  • 42.2-inch front legroom
  • 31.2-inch rear legroom
  • 39.1-inch front headroom 
  • 37.1-inch rear headroom
  • 52.7-inch front shoulder room
  • 49.0-inch rear shoulder room
  • 50.6-inch front hip room
  • 39.2-inch rear hip room

As you can see, the Ford Fusion offers plenty more room than the Ford Fiesta. As the Fiesta is a compact vehicle, it will have substantially less room on the interior than any mid-sized sedan on the market. You'll find that, like the Fusion, the Fiesta can have the rear seatback folded forward, allowing you to stow larger items.

Each vehicle will fit up to five adult riders. But as you can see from the above interior measurements, having three fully grown adults tucked into the rear seats might make it a bit cramped. Compact cars like the Fiesta are much better suited for small families or for those who might only be in need of carrying less than the five rider occupancy. 

Rear view of black Ford fiesta parked in the street

How Much Room is in a Ford Fusion?

As we discussed earlier in this post, the Ford Fusion has ample interior room in both the front seat and in the rear bench seat. A total of five riders can be aboard the Fusion, which is typical of a modern mid-sized sedan.

Car and Driver tells us that the seating is comfortable and offers plenty of leg, hip, and headroom for average-sized adults. They do caution, however, that taller individuals might find that the tops of their heads will possibly touch the headliner of the Fusion.

With a front passenger seat that reclines, more room is allowed for relaxation or sleeping on longer trips. This action will limit the amount of space available in the rear passenger area. 

Overall, the passenger area of the Ford Fusion totals 102.8 cubic feet. This amount of space is the same across all five trim levels of this vehicle. For a breakdown of each interior measurement, please refer to the above section in this post. 

The Agate Black car has black wheels, fog lights, and blacked out grille

In Conclusion

The Ford Fusion is a fairly roomy mid-sized sedan, much larger than the compact Ford Fiesta. With the ability to fold down the rear seats, you're able to maximize the amount of space you have for hauling larger objects. This versatility has, in part, made the Ford Fusion a popular choice among mid-size sedans for over 15 years. Drive safe!

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