How Long Is A U-Haul Car Trailer?

Preparing to tow a car takes a bit of homework and planning. Among other things, you'll want to be certain that the trailer you employ is the proper size. If you are considering a U-Haul trailer for the job and want to know the length, we can help you. We researched U-Haul trailers so that you'll have a definitive answer about their dimensions.

According to U-Haul, their car trailer has a deck length of 148 inches and a ramp length of 77.5 inches. The total length with the ramp extended all the way is 225.5 inches.

Now that we know the length of a U-Haul car trailer, we'll take a closer look at the dimensions. You might also be wondering how much a U-Haul car trailer weighs or how much weight this trailer can transport. For the answers to these questions and more, read ahead in this post to see what our research has discovered. 

A U-haul trailer is prepared to be loaded up for a move, How Long Is A U-Haul Car Trailer?

The Dimensions Of U-Haul Car Trailers

The dimensions of a U-Haul car trailer are key in determining whether or not you will be able to safely secure your vehicle to one. It's also important to know all of the dimensions so you'll know how much space you'll need to load and unload your vehicle. 

U-Haul is a moving equipment and storage rental company

U-Haul provides the following dimensions for its vehicle transport trailer:

  • Deck width: 79.25 inches
  • Deck length: 148 inches
  • Fender height off deck: 12 inches
  • Deck minimum width: 41 inches
  • Between ramp: 44.25 inches
  • Outside of ramp: 76.25 inches
  • Ramp length: 77.5 inches
  • Deck height: 19 inches

What Are The Towing Vehicle Requirements For A U-Haul Car Trailer?

U-Haul has outlined some very specific requirements for towing a vehicle with one of their rented car trailers.

These requirements are not just to protect their equipment but they also serve as safety guidelines to protect you and your passengers, the tow vehicle and the loaded vehicle, as well as the people you share the road with.

For the safest results, follow these guidelines when towing with a U-Haul car trailer:

  • If towing with an SUV, it must have a hard top. U-Haul will not allow any SUV to tow with their equipment with a soft top.
  • The tow vehicle and trailer must have operational lighting at all times.
  • The tow vehicle has to have a curb weight of at least 3,500 pounds. In addition, it must weigh at least 80% of the combined weight of the trailer and the vehicle being towed.
  • A 5,000-pound minimum weight-carrying requirement is needed for the vehicle's tow system.
  • Your vehicle needs to have a 1-7/8-inch or 2-inch hitch ball.
  • External mirrors are required on both sides of the tow vehicle.
  • The tow vehicle's lighting must be fully operational.
  • Maximum speed is recommended at 55 miles per hour.

When you rent a car trailer or any other piece of equipment from U-Haul, you'll be asked to sign an agreement stating that you understand these terms along with other guidelines. Failure to abide by them can result in you violating your rental agreement with U-Haul.

U-Haul Moving Truck Rental Location offers moving and storage solutions.

What Is The Biggest Size U-Haul Trailer?

U-Haul has a variety of trucks and trailers to offer that are sure to suit any moving need you might have. They come in a variety of sizes as well, with two styles of trailer tying for the largest.

There is both a 6x12 utility trailer and a cargo trailer available for rent from U-Haul.

The following are the remaining sizes of U-Haul utility trailers and cargo trailers:

U-Haul Utility Trailers

  • 4x7
  • 5x8
  • 5x9 (comes with a ramp)

U-Haul Cargo Trailers

  • 4x8
  • 5x8

All cargo trailers, according to U-Haul, are built with a locking cargo latch so that you can safeguard your property while stowed inside.

U-Haul trailer attached to Ford F-150 pickup truck relocating moving to another country

Can You Move A U-Haul Trailer By Hand?

U-Haul trailers don't weigh a ton but are still fairly massive in size. While there is equipment out there that can assist you in moving U-Haul trailers, you might be able to move these trailers on your own.

If you have a strong back and legs know how to properly lift heavier weights, you will certainly be able to move an empty U-Haul trailer by hand. A belt is recommended so that you can prevent a back injury. The trailer is on wheels, making it possible to slowly move it short distances by hand. 

It's strongly recommended to not attempt this alone. Having another strong back with you is advisable, or at the very least have another person present who can assist you in case of injury. Don't attempt to do this if you have a preexisting condition that would hinder your efforts.

How Much Does A U-Haul Car Trailer Weigh?

A U-Haul car trailer has an empty weight of 2,210 pounds. This includes the trailer and the ramp, along with the added equipment onboard the trailer.

A U-Haul car transport will include ratchet-operated tire straps, vehicle security chains, and an automatic hydraulic surge brake. These added pieces of equipment might add a bit more weight to the trailer, but they each provide a valuable safety service. 

Before you tow your car, understand how it needs to be secured with this equipment.

How Much Weight Can A U-Haul Car Transport Hold?

Being aware of the maximum amount of weight a U-Haul car transport can hold could save you from a serious accident. Overloading a car transport will not only damage the transport itself but can likely lead to the vehicles involved being destroyed.

Since overloading poses a danger to those on the road, these transports must be never overloaded.

U-Haul states that the maximum load for one of their car transports is 5,290 pounds, with a gross vehicle weight of 7,500 pounds max. Keeping under this amount will help keep you and your vehicles safe on your journey.

Trailer hooked into a ball-type tow hitch

Should I Use A Car Trailer Or A Tow Dolly To Transport My Car?

There are several options you might have when needing to move your vehicle. You might be considering a tow dolly over a car trailer, which is certainly a great option under certain circumstances. They are cheaper to rent but do require more time to get your vehicle ready for transport. 

A tow dolly works well for lighter-weight vehicles that only need to go a short distance. They usually have a maximum weight capacity between 3,450 pounds and 3,900 pounds. This is a clear disadvantage if you are needing to tow a large vehicle.

Before dolly towing your vehicle, make certain that it is not going to damage it in any way. Some model vehicles cannot be dolly towed and will experience severe damage to their transmissions if they are moved in this way.

Before you hook up your car for any type of tow, be sure to consult your owner's manual for guidance. 

In Closing

A U-haul trailer is prepared to be loaded up for a move

U-Haul has been a trusted name for generations, helping families and businesses move across town or the country. In addition to moving trucks and vans, U-Haul provides a wide variety of trailers to assist in smaller moves.

Of course, the car trailer is also a popular rental item provided by the company, which should only be put into use if the guidelines put forth by U-Haul are strictly followed. Drive safe!

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