How Long Should Jeep Tires Last?

Tires are, of course, an essential component of your vehicle. Do you have a Jeep and don't know how long you should wait between changing its tires? How long should tires on a Jeep last anyways? For your convenience, we have brought you these answers. 

Jeep tires should last you between 40,000 and 60,000 miles, or around six years. That said, Jeep's off-road tires have a slightly shorter lifetime, ranging from 30,000 to about 50,000 miles, or roughly five years.

As we begin, we will cover all things Jeep tires and discuss how to keep them in good shape. Whether you just purchased your first Jeep or have had them in the past, knowing how long their tires will last is always important. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

Bottom view of large off-road car (Jeep Wrangler) wheel on landscape, How Long Should Jeep Tires Last?

Do Jeep Tires Last A Long Time?

The 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara off-road with the ocean and cityscape in the background

Generally, Jeep tires will last you five to six years, depending on what terrains you choose to drive them on. Jeep tires, although somewhat durable, won't usually last longer than 50,000 miles, especially if you take them off-roading or drive on the highway frequently.

That said, not all Jeep tires are made the same, so their design can heavily impact how long they last.

Do Jeeps Wear Out Tires Faster?

Unfortunately, this is true; Jeeps tend to wear out tires faster. Unlike your typical sedan or SUV, Jeeps are designed for more rugged driving, which in turn can wear down their tires quite a bit.

On top of that, many Jeep owners often misuse their vehicle's four-wheel drive, which isn't great for its tires. According to CarShtuff, the four-wheel-drive on a Jeep is only for dirt and snow, so using it on dry pavement can damage your tires over time.

What Tires Come On A New Jeep Wrangler?

Typically, a new Jeep Wrangler will come with 15- to 17-inch factory highway tires. These are essentially their on-road, standard tires that will last you around five to six years.

Although you can upgrade to a more aggressive, off-road option, Jeep's standard tires will usually last you longer and are known for being reliable. That said, you can go off-roading in Jeep's factory tires, but this will cut down their overall lifespan.

For more info on Jeep Wranglers, check out this article: How Long Does Jeep Wrangler Last?

What Is The Biggest Size Tire I Can Put On My Jeep?

The tire size that you can put on your Jeep depends on your vehicle's model. According to Four Wheel Trends, most Jeeps will need a lift for tires 33 inches or bigger while some can't handle more than 31 inches.

For example, if you have a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited LJ, your tires can be up to 31 inches without a lift, whereas the JKU and JLU models can safely go up to 33 inches. That said, before you make any decisions, check with your local Jeep dealer to see what they think is best.

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Do You Have To Replace All 4 Tires On A Jeep?

Bottom view of large off-road car (Jeep Wrangler) wheel on landscape, How Long Should Jeep Tires Last?

Although replacing all four of your Jeeps tires can be costly, it is a good idea. Especially if your Jeep has all-wheel drive, replacing only one of its tires can end up damaging your vehicle, so it's best to replace as many as possible.

According to Repair Pal, if your tires don't all have a similar circumference, they can cause an abnormal load to the transfer case of a vehicle, which can lead to serious problems. If your tires are relatively new, like under 5,000 miles, we would say you are okay only to replace one.

How Much Should 4 New Tires Cost?

Typically, you can expect to pay between $500 and $700 for four new tires. Of course, if you prefer a thicker or specialty tire option, your price tag can get closer to $1,000 for all four, which can make replacing them difficult in the future.

According to one of Jeep's dealers, 2021 pricing for a new Wrangler tire is between $150 and $350, and for high-performance options, it can be upwards of $500 per tire. You don't have to purchase tires through Jeep, although this is usually the best option.

What Causes The Most Wear On Tires?

Most times, things like the following cause the most wear on tires:

  • Improper alignment
  • Overinflation
  • Underinflation
  • Worn-out suspension

Other factors like potholes, harsh weather, and poor quality roadways are also to blame for tire wear, so the list is endless. With that said, purchasing higher quality tires that can handle a beating is a good way to avoid the repair shop but expect to pay the price.

How To Increase Jeep Tire Life

When it comes to keeping your Jeep's tires on the road longer, there are a few ways to do this. Most importantly, make sure to rotate your tires regularly, especially for mud terrains and off-road tires.

Another good way to increase a Jeep tire's life is to always keep its pressure in the recommended range and check it frequently. On top of that, you want to keep your tires as balanced as possible to prevent them from vibrations and uneven wear.

Do Jeep Winter Tires Last Longer?

A parked silver 2008 Jeep Wrangler, this particular Jeep has a custom shock kit and winch and is known as the Sahara edition

For those in places with heavy winters, yes, winter tires will last longer than standard options. Generally, winter tires will have higher tread than other designs and are made with stronger, more durable rubber.

Another benefit of using these tires is that they won't wear out as quickly in cold weather because their rubber is thicker. That said, winter tires aren't meant for year-round use, so this might not be ideal for your situation.

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Does Jeep's Warranty Cover Tires?

Jeep's basic 36,000-mile warranty will not cover tire-related issues. However, Jeep does offer a roadside assistance warranty that includes flat tires for up to 60,000 miles, so that might be worth checking out.

Although Jeep doesn't offer much help when it comes to their tires, most third-party tire manufacturers will have a one to five-year warranty on their products, so keep an eye out for those options.

Do All New Jeeps Come With A Spare Tire?

In general, most new Jeeps will not come with an included spare tire. Although many Jeeps will include a tire replacement kit, you usually need to pay an extra fee or upgrade your vehicle to get an actual spare tire. 

For example, a 2021 Jeep Cherokee, regardless of model, will not automatically come with a spare tire, but you can add one for an additional fee. Jeep's other popular vehicle, Renegade, does feature an included, full-size spare tire, but only if you choose its Trailhawk model.

Do I Need To Have A Spare Tire?

Having a spare tire in case of emergency is always helpful. Of course, keeping a spare tire, especially an off-road or high-performance option, can add weight to your car, which can negatively impact gas mileage.

Ultimately, this will come down to your preference, but we would recommend having a spare tire just in case anything happens and you can't get in contact with your insurance or other roadside assistance.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you want to buy a Jeep or have had them forever, it is important to figure out how long their tires last. Jeep tires will typically last you 40,000 to 60,000 miles or around six years, but this varies.

When it comes to Jeep tires wearing out quickly, this is a common issue because of Jeep's off-road design and its customers misusing its all-wheel-drive feature. Price-wise, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $700 for all new tires, but with high-performance options, prepare to spend closer to $1,000. Regardless of what model you drive, make sure to rotate your Jeep's tires regularly and keep them as balanced as possible.

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