How Long Is A Toyota RAV4?

It's good to know the dimensions of a vehicle, so you have a rough understanding of how to best maneuver a car. A longer car needs more clearance to move around, so awareness of a car's specs is essential. We consulted automotive experts to learn the exact length of the Toyota RAV4. Here is what we discovered.

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 is not a long vehicle despite being an SUV. The RAV4 only has a total length of about 181.5 inches, so the length of this vehicle is shorter than some mid-sized sedans. Though the RAV4 is shorter than most of its competitors, it is still a very comfortable vehicle.

The RAV4 has to keep its length short to stay within the compact crossover SUV class. To learn more about the dimensions and other features of the RAV4, you'll want to keep reading.

A white Toyota Rav4 photographed at a shipping dock, How Long Is A Toyota RAV4?

What Is The Size Of The RAV4

The RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV made by Toyota. It's the perfect SUV for driving in the city and venturing out-of-town. The RAV4 is compact, which helps it navigate tighter spaces, but it still retains the practicality of a normal-sized SUV.

A Toyota RAV4 photographed on a gravel road

The total length of the RAV4 is 181.5 inches. When a vehicle has such a short length, you might think the car is cramped, but it isn't. You can comfortably fit up to five passengers inside the vehicle, and still have enough trunk space available, with 37.16 cubic feet located at the SUV's rear.

With the overall size of the RAV4, you shouldn't have a difficult time fitting into a parking space because this compact SUV won't need a lot of room to park. Below we'll cover some other dimensions of the RAV4.

Other Dimensions Of The RAV4

When designing a vehicle, the dimensions of critical sections must make sense. Balanced dimensions ensure a car will be structurally sound and that there's enough room to install all necessary features.

Toyota has done a great job designing the RAV4 because although it may be a compact SUV, it is still spacious and comfortable.

Here are some exterior dimensions of the Toyota RAV4.

  • Wheelbase - 105.9 inches
  • Width - 73.4 inches
  • Height - 68.6 inches
  • Front Track Width - 62.6 inches
  • Rear Track Width - 63.3 inches
  • Minimum Ground Clearance - 8.6 inches

Here are the interior dimensions of the Toyota RAV4.

  • Head Room - 39.5 inches front/ 39.5 inches second row
  • Leg Room - 41 inches front/ 37.8 inches second row
  • Shoulder Room - 57.8 inches front/ 56.4 inches second row
  • Hip Room - 54.3 inches front/ 47.7 inches second row

With the Toyota RAV4, you get a total of 98.9 cubic feet of passenger space for comfortable seating. You can also expand the RAV4's 37.16 cubic feet of cargo space by putting down the rear seats, extending it to a generous 69.8 cubic feet.

The RAV4 may have a compact design, but Toyota has taken steps to ensure its users will not feel confined.

The wheelbase of the RAV4 is also pretty wide, which helps give the vehicle more stability when going around corners. There is also a pretty high ground clearance on this SUV, which allows you to better traverse snow or rougher terrain.

Overall the proportions of the RAV4 are great, and it's almost as long as some average sedans while keeping its other dimensions somewhat SUV-sized. Note this design helps keep the vehicle compact while still being very practical.

What Tire Size Best Fit The RAV4

A car mechanic replacing the brake pads of the car

If you're looking to replace your stock OEM tires, it's best to know what tire or wheel size fits perfectly on your vehicle. Getting aftermarket tires is not a bad option since tire and wheel companies make different kinds of car products to satisfy your needs.

Having the right set of tires can make a significant difference when driving. Proper tires could give you a smoother ride, more traction, and better handling. The choice of wheel size and rubber of the tire also affect the vehicle's performance.

Having a tire that's too small or too big can cause many adverse effects and may make a vehicle dangerous to drive. Some negative effects you may notice with a wrong tire size is shaking, rubbing, instability, and loss of traction.

The best wheel or tire size setup to put on your Toyota RAV4 is 17 to 19 inches big. Note this is the perfect size to maximize the performance of your vehicle.

With 17 to 19 inch wheels, you could do different setups, such as installing all-season tires, full off-road tires, and even high-performance tires. The type of tire you choose will ultimately depend on how you will most use your vehicle.

When choosing the tire or wheel set up you want, it's best to check your local auto shop. You'll want to check out the tires and wheels in person to see firsthand what is available and best for your ride.

The staff at an auto shop can also help advise you on what tires and wheels would be most suitable for your SUV.

What Engine Does The RAV4 Have

Opened hood of a car showing the engine

The engine is like the heart of a car, and its performance influences how a vehicle will run. While the RAV4's engine is nothing remarkable when it comes to performance, it is reliable.

Toyota is known to make reliable engines, and that's still the case for the RAV4. In the current model of the RAV4, Toyota has opted to provide its users with a hybrid-powered engine. Below we'll cover different engines available for the 2022 Toyota RAV4.

Combustion Engine

The Toyota RAV4 has a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-four engine, which can be seen on the engine bay of most of its trims. This 2.5-liter inline-four engine has a power output of 203 hp at 6,600 rpm and 184 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm.

The RAV4 is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission to deliver power to the vehicle's front or all four wheels. A traditional transmission is more appreciated compared to a continuously variable transmission (CVT) because you can feel when the vehicle is shifting, unlike the CVT, which has only one gear.

Keep in mind the RAV4 will have different MPG ratings with this engine, depending on what drivetrain your vehicle has. For the FWD, you get 27 MPG in the city, 35 MPG on the highway and 30 MPG combined. The total driving range you get is 507.50 miles on the highway and 391.50 in the city.

While the AWD trims get 25 MPG in the city, 32 MPG on the highway and 28 MPG combined. The total driving range you get is 464 miles on the highway and 362.50 in the city.

Although the Toyota RAV4 is not a fast car by any means, it is far from slow. Its engine provides you with the appropriate power to merge on highways and overtake other vehicles.

Hybrid Engine

Toyota RAV4 parked on the side of the street

A hybrid vehicle is a car that uses two different engines, one is a typical combustion engine, and the other is an electric motor. With the hybrid model, you still get the 2.5-liter naturally aspirated inline-four engine seen on the other RAV4s. 

But it has an addition to the combustion engine, and you also have an electric motor at the front and back of the vehicle. The addition of an electric motor in the Hybrid RAV4 means that all of its trims are equipped with an AWD drivetrain.

For the hybrid engine, you get 41 MPG in the city, 8 MPG on the highway, and 40 MPG combined. The total driving range you get is 551 miles on the highway, and 594.50 in the city.

The RAV4s with hybrid engines are perfect for daily driving in the city because there is a significant difference in driving range and MPG when driving on the highway. Note the hybrid is similar in power to the combustion engine.


A white Toyota Rav4 photographed at a shipping dock

When it comes to the overall length of the Toyota RAV4, it is shorter than most mid-sized sedans. Because of its compact design, the RAV4 is perfect for city driving because it can traverse city roads smoothly, and you still get a comfortable ride.

When choosing a new tire or wheel setup for the Toyota RAV4, you'll want to select a 17 to 19-inch wheel. Do this to ensure you get the best performance out of the vehicle. Also, you'll be glad to know that Toyota offers the RAV4 with two different engines, a hybrid and a combustion engine.

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