How Many Miles Will A Mercedes Metris Last?

The Metris is currently part of the German automotive brand Mercedes-Benz van line-up. Whether for cargo, work, passenger, or recreational use, the Metris has you covered. If you are wondering how long this particular model lasts, we've researched it. This is what we found out. 

Generally, Mercedes-Benz vans can give you at least 300,000 miles of driving. But the data available is more heavily focused on the Sprinter line-up than the Metris. In general, most Mercedez-Benz average 150,000-200,000 miles. With that, you can expect the Metris to be along these numbers. 

However, you must remember that multiple factors, such as maintenance, ownership, driving habits, usage, and even build quality, will all play a primary role in how long any vehicle will last. 

Want to learn more details about how many miles you can expect from your Mercedes-Benz Metris? Continue reading as we will discuss additional questions, such as how well they hold up in value, engine specs, comparison with the Sprinter line-up, and many more.

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White van Mercedes-Benz W447 Viano in the city street during a heavy rain, How Many Miles Will A Mercedes Metris Last?

How long will a Mercedes Metris Last?

Usually, Mercedes-Benz vehicles will have an average lifespan of at least 150,000-200,000 miles. For most Mercedes vans, an average of 300,000 miles is typical. If the national average is nearly 13,500 miles driven per year, then, in theory, your Mercedes Metris should be able to last anywhere from 14-20 years of service life. 

With vehicles like the Metris, reliability and longevity are what potential and existing buyers expect, as the demands of performance from this type of vehicle will be high, particularly for work use. 

But there are a lot of factors that will influence your Mercedes Metris' lifespan. The following are the things that every car owner should consider if they want their vehicles to last long. 

Mercedes-Benz exhibit Mercedes-Benz Metris at the 2015 New York International Auto Show


This is one of the most critical parts of vehicle ownership. Maintenance is the overall upkeep of your vehicle. This includes the regular services needed by your vehicle, such as oil changes, wheel alignments, tire replacement, tire psi, etc. Basically, this ensures that the vehicle is in good condition and safe to use. 

Proper maintenance also includes regular check-ups such as PMS or preventive maintenance schedules. Here, mechanics will check your vehicle and do the necessary maintenance it needs. If there is a problem or something is broken in the car, getting it fixed immediately will help prevent more problems from developing.

This means that you should be prepared to spend money in order to have all this service done. Data suggests that a Mercedes Metris will cost more than $18,000 in repair maintenance costs for the first decade of ownership. 

Here is a list of maintenance intervals for some of Metris's most common maintenance services. 

Synthetic motor oil replacement Every 15,000 miles or a year
Transmission oil & filter replacement At 30,000 miles and then every 75,000 miles
Engine air filter replacement Every 45,000 miles or three year
Wiper blades set Every 10,000 miles
Spark plugs replacement Every 30,000 miles or three years for gas engines only
Brake fluid exchange Every two years
Cabin dust/combination filter replacement  Every 40,000 miles


Young mechanic recharging car air-condition in auto repair shop

Now, your maintenance upkeep will depend on your ownership. If you are a responsible owner, regularly checking up on your vehicle and getting repairs done once problems arise, your Metris can last a long time. 

As an owner, you should be aware of the vehicle's limits. Adhere to the towing and payload capacities, especially if you will be using the van for commercial use. The Metris has a payload capacity of 2,425 lbs and a towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. 

Staying with the given ratings of the manufacturer enables the vehicle to perform optimally and efficiently without overworking the engine and causing premature wear and tear to its parts. 

Driving Habits

Driving habit will also dramatically impacts how parts of your vehicle, such as your transmission, tires, etc., will last. Improper and reckless driving practices increase the chances of accidents and parts of your vehicle prematurely wearing out its parts. 

Types Of Use

If you use your Mercedes Metris for more heavy-duty stuff that requires a lot of driving, then it will have a shorter lifespan compared to those who use their Metris with less stress. 

Since it is a van, commercial work for the Metris is fairly common. It can be used as a cargo van where it will be required to transport payload or carry people with equipment around.

They can also be used as passenger vehicles like family cars. You could also convert it into a camper van where you can install a bed in the back for camping and boondocking. 

There are a lot of uses for the Metris. Some will require less compared to others. But it will still boil down to how well you take care of the vehicle and how regularly it will be serviced to maintain its condition, 

Build quality

Sometimes, even if you are careful, you will still encounter broken parts and defects in your vehicle. This might be due to the manufacturer's fault. Recently, Mercedes has issued a recall on their 2017-2022 Metris models for "fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source," which greatly increases the risk of fires.

If you have any of those model years, we suggest you immediately contact your nearest dealership and have the vehicle checked out, as this can be a huge safety risk. 

Is Mercedes Metris a reliable vehicle?

Dantaxi 4x48 on Mercedes-Benz Metris Passenger Taxi Van in airport

There's a 56.68% chance that a Metris will need major repair in the first ten years of its service life. This gives Metris a 17% more probability of breaking down compared to other vehicles in its segment. 

In recent years, newer Metris models have had unfavorable reviews and have performed poorly in surveys and vehicle reliability tests. It has had a total of five recalls since 2017.

This is also one of the reasons why Mercedes will discontinue the Metris after the 2023 model year. Poor sales performance is also a major reason behind this decision from Mercedes.  

Does it hold its value over time?

The Mercedes-Benz Metris has a depreciation value of 31% for the first half-decade of its ownership from the day it was bought. Assuming you bought the vehicle at a sticker price of $47,663, you will have a resale value of $32,887 after five years. 

Factors like vehicle condition, cosmetic issues, mileage, repair history, and even legal history of the vehicle will all affect the real-world appraisal of your Metris.

What class is a Mercedes Metris?

Mercedes Metris Van at Campground

The Mercedes Metris is a midsize van. It is the smaller, more compact version of Mercedes' flagship van, the Sprinter. It is also a more affordable version of the Sprinter but still on par with the performance. 

Is it worth buying a Mercedes Metris? 

Determining if it is worth buying a Mercedes Metris will vary from user to user. But the Sprinter line-up has been the better choice for consumers. 

If you are getting one in the used market, ensure the vehicle is checked and approved by a mechanic before purchasing. If it is one of the model years with recall, confirm with the seller if the dealer has checked the vehicle for repairs. 

The Metris is a cheaper and more affordable alternative compared to a Mercedes Sprinter. If you are looking for a vehicle that you could beat around and use for rugged work and don't mind the negative reviews, have a look at the Metris.  

Metris Vs. Sprinter

The Sprinter van line-up is obviously better in every aspect compared to the Metris. Compared to the earlier mentioned payload and towing capacity of the Metris, Sprinter vans are rated at an outstanding 7,500 lbs of towing and 7,430 lbs of payload capacity with the  Sprinter Cab chassis. 

The Sprinter also offers more cargo space, luxury, a more powerful engine, and better overall performance than the Metris. Although, it is more expensive. The 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter prices start at $43,500 to $47,300 without any modifications and upgrades. For the Metris, you can expect an MSRP of $34,900-$38,600.

You will get a turbocharged 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter direct injection gasoline engine fitted in seven-speed transmission with your Mercedes Metris.

Unlike the Sprinter, the Metris only comes with rear-wheel drive. This makes the Metris not that capable of off-roading adventures but still can be used for camping or basic RVing. 

White van Mercedes-Benz W447 Viano in the city street during a heavy rain

Mercedes-Benz vehicles generally have an average lifespan of 150,000-200,000 miles, while their vans commonly reach even more. Many factors influence the longevity of vehicles, such as use, ownership, maintenance upkeep, and build quality. All of these will eventually play the most significant role in how long your Mercedes Metris will last.

But with recent performance, Mercedes has decided to stop the production of the Metris in its US market, making the 2023 models the last year for the Mercedes Metris in the country. 

We hope that we have satisfied your questions about the Mercedes-Benz Metris. Do you have any more vehicle-related concerns, particularly about Mercedes-Benz vehicles? Check out some of our previously written articles below!

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  1. I have 257,800 miles on my 2017 Metris Cargo Van. One repair (fuel vapor canister replacement) and it still runs like new. Keeping it serviced is the key for me.

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