How Many Seats Does A Chrysler Voyager Have?

The Voyager has replaced the Dodge Grand Caravan as of 2021, making it the new face of Chrysler's minivan. Like the Grand Caravan, the Chrysler Voyager rides smoothly, has impressive performance, and can seat a whole family. But how many family members can it seat? Below we have laid out the seating configurations of the Voyager.

The Chrysler Voyager L seats up to 7 passengers. The LX's upper trim level has second-row bucket seats and three seats in the third row to seat 7 passengers. The LXI model has second-row bench seating and the third row with three seats, making it capable of seating 8 passengers.

The Chrysler Voyagers seating arrangement is great for family and friends! This article will take a closer look at the seating arrangements, including the different trim levels, upholstery, and stow-and-go cargo space.

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How many passengers does Chrysler Voyager seat?

The new Chrysler Voyager is a rebadged version of the Dodge Grand Caravan. Chrysler making a move from the Caravan doesn't mean it was a poor vehicle. It just was time for a new face for the minivan lineup.

The Chrysler Voyager comes in three different packages: L, LX, and LXI. The L base trim comes standard with second-row bench seating with two passenger seating in the third row.

The LX's next level up comes standard with second-row bucket seats with two seats in the back. This is an excellent option because you get easier access to the third row without losing an extra seat. The LX trim also adds an 8-way power seat and underfloor storage bins!

If you want a seating capacity of eight, then you will be looking at the LXI. The LXI comes standard with second-row bench seats and three seats in the third row!

The Voyager's 32.3 cubic feet of cargo space behind the third row is smaller than other minivans, and there are no available features like a power liftgate or hands-free opening system. Removing both rows of seats to create maximum capacity requires physical effort on your part as well, so it might be best for you to select another option if these factors play into what matters most when purchasing a car for your family's needs.

The Voyager also boasts a high roof making it more comfortable for taller passengers. Consumers will also be glad to see that there is ample leg and shoulder room in the van.

Additionally, the front grille has been redesigned for pedestrian detection, which can detect pedestrians in dark clothing or at night and those inside your vehicle, like children who may be sleeping in back seats. Finally, parking sensors are also available, so you know when something is behind your car, ready to hit it if not careful enough while driving!

Does 2021 Voyager have stow-and-go seats?

Yes, all models of the Voyager have stow-and-go seating! What is stow-and-go seating, you ask? This is the best feature for any minivan.

Stow-and-go seating allows you to store seats on the floor. Then, fold them down into the floor when they are not needed, be it for passengers or cargo storage!

Consumers can also fold down both the second and third-row for increased cargo space. When doing this, the cargo space is 140.5 cubic feet! So if you need to make a run to the hardware store or want to throw an air mattress in it for a night of camping, you will have plenty of space.

Keeping with the more modern feel, Chrysler made sure that the new design of the interior was stylish and clean. The dashboard is easy to use and incredibly convenient, with storage compartments for passengers as well. In addition, the center console offers just the right amount of space to store your items without taking up too much room.

Does Chrysler Voyager have leather seats?

Unfortunately, you find leather seats in any of the trim options. Chrysler didn't go very luxurious with the Chrysler Voyager. This could be due to looking for a budget-friendly family vehicle for the market or because the added cost was unnecessary.

However, if leather seats are a must, you might want to check out other minivan options, such as the 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan or Toyota Sienna.

The Chrysler Voyager also comes equipped with a Uconnect multimedia infotainment system that is 8.4-inches in size, AM/FM radio, and SiriusXM.

For the ultimate experience in entertainment, you can opt for an eight-inch touchscreen, navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto smartphone compatibility, or go wireless by opting for the Chrysler Voyager's available Chrysler Wireless Pad.

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Does 2020 Chrysler Voyager LXi have heated seats?

If you are a person who needs a little extra warmth during cold days, then you should get leather seats! The Chrysler Voyager LX and LXI come with heated seats, but that's not all. Both of these packages also come with heated leather seats.

The Voyager is a great choice for passengers and cargo alike. The interior features good quality materials, tons of space available on board, and the standard equipment list isn't too bad either.

When the LXI debut was listed around $30,000 compared to about $27,000 to the base trim, L. Consumers will have to weigh the pros and cons of paying $3,000 more for the heated seats and steering wheel.

How much luggage can a Chrysler Voyager hold?

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Whether your family is constantly on the go or you have a sudden need to haul some items, the Chrysler Voyager has plenty of trunk space.

The Voyager has 32.3 cu. ft. of space in the cargo area behind the third row. Whereas if you laid down all of the seats behind the front row, you would expand to 140.5 cu. ft. of space.

If you still need to fit five passengers and need extra room, no problem! Behind the second-row bench seating is 87.5 cu. ft. space.

How much luggage you can carry in the Voyager is speculative because of its different seating configurations. Each family and person will be different in how they load the car and use the cargo space. Some may be better at luggage Tetris than others!

With that being said, if you are looking for extra interior features and need extra seating, then the 2020 Voyager LXI is the best bet. Unfortunately, as of 2021, Chrysler only makes the Voyager in the L and LX models.

In addition, the LXI model is the only trim off the Voyager that offers a power liftgate and power sliding doors. These are handy features for kids and when your hands are full.

Does Voyager or Pacifica Seat More?

As of 2021, the Voyager and Pacifica seat the same amount of passengers totaling seven. However, if consumers want that extra seat, they can go to the 2020 Chrysler Voyager LXI and get a three-seater third-row bench.

When you compare the two vehicles, the Voyager is almost identical to the Pacifica on the inside and even the outside.

Not only that, but the Chrysler Pacifica has the same cargo dimensions as the Voyager. So what's the difference? Honestly, as we mentioned above, the Pacifica has a more luxurious interior, exterior, and safety feature options.

Which has more interior room: Voyager Vs. Grand Caravan

While their footprint is almost identical, the Voyager is more spacious on the inside. Consumers will notice that the Voyager offers more legroom, headroom, and shoulder space side by side.

Another difference between these minivans is their horsepower. It's not a huge difference, but the Chrysler V6 engine puts out a little more horsepower than the Dodge Grand Caravan. Again, they are the same engine, but the Chrysler has more pep in its step.

Between the two, this isn’t a tough choice. The Voyager has more modern technology and offers extra space for similar money as its counterpart Grand Caravan. As a result, it's an easy pick if you're working with budget constraints but don't want to sacrifice quality or comfort, especially when considering that it comes in less than the starting price tag on Chrysler Pacifica models!

Overall, it will come down to your needs and preferences. The best thing to do is take a test drive list and try your top choices before buying. 

Final Thoughts

While the Chrysler Voyager isn't the most high-end or even "fancy" minivan on the market, it gets the job done. It offers enough space and features on a modest budget. However, if consumers look for more features with the same drive quality, the Pacifica is worth adding to the test-drive list.

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