How Many Seats Does A Chevy Suburban Have?

If you have a large family or frequently travel in large groups, a Chevy Suburban may be an excellent choice for accommodating your travels. It's large, spacey, and can fit quite a few people? But exactly how many seats does a Chevy Suburban have? We've done some digging into the specs on this famous SUV, and we'll discuss the answer to this question in this post.

The 2021 Chevy Suburban has a total of 8 individual seats. However, the LS model can seat up to 9 with the optional front bench seat. The Suburban also has a ton of room for passengers to sit comfortably. The latest models come with at least 34 inches of headspace and 45 inches of legroom in each row.

The seating capacity in a Chevy Suburban is one of the greatest things about owning this particular truck. You can also create more room in the vehicle by moving the seats around. Continue reading to learn more about the Suburban seating and other advantages.

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Does a Suburban have a 3rd row of seats?

Yes. The Suburban has three rows of seats, including the front driver and passenger row. In the standard configuration, the Suburban seats eight people. However, you can add a front bench to seat one more person.

The seats are power-adjustable and equipped with cloth upholstery. And the cool thing about the Suburban is that the second row has heated seats and its own ventilation ducts.

The interior of the Suburban is pretty comfortable. The second and third-row seats are comfortable, but they do not slide forward or backward. However, the second-row seats do recline for additional comfort.

The third-row seats don't recline, however, making them a bit uncomfortable for passengers during long drives. Lastly, the second and third rows also come equipped with a couple of child seat latch connectors for additional safety when traveling with small children.

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How do you fit nine passengers in a Chevy Suburban?

The Chevy Suburban comes with eight available seats. There are two seats in the front driver row, three in the second row, and three in the third row. However, you can order a model (The LS model) with an additional front bench seat, which will seat an extra person.

Can you remove the seats in a Chevy Suburban?

Yes. You can remove the second and third-row seats in a Chevy Suburban to create additional hauling room. However, the method for doing so will depend on the year and model of your Suburban. Let's look at the three most common ways to remove the seats.

Models that have a bolt-based system

For many Suburban models, the back seats will be connected in their current position by anywhere from four to six bolts. The process to remove them is pretty basic. All you need to do is unscrew the nuts using a Torx bit on a screwdriver.

You'll first need to fold the seats down to access the belt. Once the bolts are out, you will be able to lift the seat out of its position.

Models that have a clip-based system

Some Chevy Suburban models have seats attached to using clips instead of boats. These clips are more common in late model Suburbans. They're typically made of metal iron and a plastic releasing latch.

To access them, fold the seat down and find the clip located on the bottom side of the seat. Then use a screwdriver to press down on the plastic portion of the clip and then pull the latch out.

For some models, you may be able to pull the latch up to release the metal piece behind it. Overall, the process is still relatively simple and can be completed in about 5-10 minutes.

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Do Chevy Suburban seats fold flat?

Yes. The second and third-row seats of a Chevy Suburban fold flat, allowing you to have additional room when hauling equipment. The Suburban offers about 120 cubic feet of cargo space once the seats are folded down in the second and third row.

This allows you to make the space larger and super accessible. The process of folding the seats is simple. You need to lift the latch on the bottom and lay the seats forward so that they can be lowered and laid flat inside of the bottom storage area beneath the seating area.

Do Chevy Suburbans have captain chairs?

The LT model Chevy Suburban has captain chairs. You'll need to pay about $5,000 extra for these chairs, and they can be included in the purchase price or added after you've already bought the vehicle.

Which is bigger: Suburban or Tahoe?

The Chevy Suburban is about 14 inches longer than the Tahoe. The Tahoe is about 120 inches long, while the Suburban is 134 inches. Also, when it comes to cargo space, the Chevy Suburban wins by a landslide with about 144 cubic feet, compared to 123 cubic feet of the Tahoe.

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Other Advantages of Chevy Tahoe

Independent rear tire suspension

The Chevy Tahoe has a rear suspension system that significantly improves your driving experience. Not only does it make the SUV's handling easier, but it provides for a more stable drive over rough terrain. This also includes exceptional drivability in extreme weather conditions such as ice and snow.

Large cargo area

As mentioned previously, the cargo area in a Chevy Suburban is one of his best features. And the new Suburban's size has bypassed previous generations. The impressive 145 cubic feet allows you to easily and safely move large appliances, furniture, and sporting equipment. So if you're looking for a great vehicle for camping, hiking, or long road trips, here's one to consider.

It can be used for towing

The Suburban also has excellent towing capabilities and the muscle to tow up to 8300 lb relatively easily. This truck is large, rugged, and strong enough to haul boats, campers, and other vehicles.

Updated infotainment system

The new Chevy Suburban has an awesome infotainment system. The system comes with heated and ventilated seats, a wireless charging pad for your cellular and electric devices, and improved driver awareness instruments to help you drive safely and with more visibility.

Improved fuel-saving capability

One of the biggest downsides of owning a large SUV like a Chevy Suburban is fuel consumption. This truck has a 28-gallon fuel tank, meaning that you can pay upwards of $90 or more for one refill.

However, Chevy recognizes this and has equipped the latest model with automatic start/stop technology so that the SUV can retain energy while minimizing fuel consumption. This means that if the vehicle is stopped for a specific amount of time, gas will be blocked from entering the tank's cylinders, helping to reserve gas while idling.

Stable maneuvering and even weight distribution

SUVs are known for their safety features, but the Chevy Suburban is one of the best in its class. Not only does it have seamless power steering capability, but the vehicle's weight is completely centered.

This means that you don't have to worry about vibrating or wobbling when you travel at speeds greater than 50 miles per hour. The centered weight makes the vehicle more stable, which is noticeable during highway driving, on rough terrain, and in extreme weather conditions.

Competitive pricing

The new Chevy Tahoe starts at about $52,000 for the base model. This is a fairly competitive price for a truck in this class range. These vehicles are known to be dependable, long-lasting, and you'll never run into issues finding replacement parts.

However, additional features such as extra seating, entertainment systems, and additional navigational can cause the price to increase by as much as 20,000 to $30,000.

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Wrapping Things Up

The new standard Chevy Suburban comes with eight passenger seats. However, you can order a more expensive model that comes with the option to add one additional seat. Suburbans are reliable SUVs that are perfect for hauling, road trips, and winter driving. However, if you're looking to purchase one, it's best to plan for your gas budget, as it can easily eat up your monthly living cost.

That being stated, there are ways to reduce your gas consumption, including planning your trips, driving sensibly, and doing good vehicle maintenance.

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