How Much Does An Arctic Cat ATV Cost?

In the market for an Arctic Cat ATV and wondering about how much it is going to cost? Look no further! After researching Arctic Cat ATVs, we have the answer for you.

Based on the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), before taxes and fees, a 2020 Arctic Cat ATV costs between $6,000 and $21,000. If pricing a model with an undisclosed price, expect it to fall within this range but contact Arctic Cat for specific details.

So why does the cost of an Arctic Cat ATV vary so much? Read on to find out what factors affect the total price for these ATVs. We'll also delve into whether Arctic Cat maintains its value over time, and when is the best time to purchase a new ATV. Please note that all prices discussed for this article are based on MSRP. 

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Arctic Cat's Price Range For ATVs

The primary factor in determining the cost for Arctic Cat ATVs is the size, and consequently, the passenger capacity of the vehicle. Let's take a look at specific models to get an idea of other factors that influence the overall cost.

Arctic Cat Alterra Models 

The Alterra 570 is a basic, starter ATV model priced at $6,099. Whereas the Alterra EPS has added features to raise the price to $8,999. In terms of size, both models have identical ground clearance, and both are single-rider vehicles. These models are rated with the same towing capacity. But they differ in that the Alterra EPS model has over-molded front and rear racks. For more information, check out Arctic Cat's website for a same page comparison.

Arctic Cat Stampede Models 

The Arctic Cat Stampede XT EPS is the standard, two-passenger model priced at $15,099. It has a towing capability of 2,000 lbs with a 600lb tilt-capable bed. Stampede XT EPS is a full enclosure ATV equipped with doors, including a hardtop and hood rack.

Comparatively, Stampede LTD EPS is also a two-passenger model and has the same towing capacity, and tilt-capable bed yet is at $17,999. Added features to influence the cost of this enclosed ATV include full poly doors and front and rear windshields. These features also make Stampede LTD EPS higher in price than the Stampede four-passenger 4XT EPS model

Stampede 4XT EPS is priced at $16,599. This model has an identical towing capacity to the previous Stampede versions and is also enclosed, although it has non-shield doors. Four-passenger capacity brings the 4XT EPS to mid-range cost-wise based on the larger size.

Undisclosed Costs

For some Arctic Cat ATV models, the manufacturer does not disclose the price online; you can either find a dealer near you or contact Arctic Cat directly. Namely, the Alterra 90, Alterra TRV 500, Alterra 300, and Havoc will not have listed MSRPs.

Alterra 90 is Arctic Cat's youth model. It has parent-friendly controls, so your child learns to ride safely.

The Alterra 300 and Alterra TRV 500 potentially list for the low-to-middle price range.

The Havoc potentially lists near the higher end of the price range.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy An ATV?

If you are looking for the best deal and don't mind not having the newest model, the best time of the year to buy an ATV is right before next year's models are released. Dealerships try to unload the inventory at the end of the autumn season, so supply is high, yet demand is low. At this point, places are trying to get rid of the inventory they have left. Supply is high, and demand is low. Start your search from late September to early October for a buyer advantage.

Some ATV shoppers claim that starting even earlier, between July and August, is best to find a fair price. At this time, dealerships are already trying to sell stock in anticipation of newly released models. Whatever time works for your schedule, getting an early start can be suitable for your budget.

What Is The Average Cost Of An ATV?

The average cost for an Arctic Cat ATV is $13,000. But, throughout the ATV industry, you can expect to spend, on average, $8,000 for a single-passenger vehicle and $16,000 for a multi-passenger vehicle. 

Do ATVs Hold Their Value?

Similar to any vehicle, ATVs also fall into the category of a depreciating asset. It is unavoidable to lose value on a used vehicle. The make and model, miles accrued, type of use and overall maintenance put into an ATV affect the overall value over time.

A brand new ATV losses significant value upfront. As soon as you drive it off the lot, expect the resale cost to drop by 15%. Although the brand of ATV plays a role in the depreciation value, high mileage will also keep the resale cost at a low rate.

Purchasing Your Arctic Cat ATV

Ultimately, your intentions are an essential factor when it comes to purchasing an ATV. Are you the type to keep this vehicle for the long haul? Or, do you see yourself having a new model every few years? To get the best value out of an ATV, you should buy used (about three to four years old). Now that you know typical Arctic Cat ATV prices, you can feel confident when browsing these models for your ideal ATV.

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