How Much Bed Liner Does It Take To Paint A Truck? [Plus 3 of the Best Liners]

Truck bed liner has grown quite popular in recent years because it preserves the vehicle and improves its cosmetic appeal. As you plan the coating of your truck, you're probably thinking about how much bed liner you'll need to paint it. We gathered information on the bed liner from various expert sources to provide you with a reliable answer.

You will calculate the square footage of the truck bed by multiplying the length by the width to get an estimate. As an example, a 10-foot length by 6-foot width would be 60 square feet. So, one gallon should be plenty for a 6-foot truck bed, on average. For an 8-foot bed, you can add 1 to 2 quarts.

Now that you know the average bed liner required to paint your truck, we'll look deeper at how to calculate the actual truck bed liner for your coating projects. You may also wonder about the best bed liners for trucks. Or, is bed liner paint durable? Does the bed liner stop rust? Read on to find out the answers to these questions and more.

A cargo bed in Mitsubishi pick-up truck, How Much Bed Liner Does It Take To Paint A Truck? [Plus 3 of the Best Liners]

Calculating Actual Truck Bed Liner for Coating Project

Some folks claimed many speculations about how much coverage and how many square feet a product will cover. These assertions are proven or disproven by basic math. Here are the facts to consider when calculating square footage for how much bed liner is needed to paint your truck.

  • A gallon is a unit of measurement that equals 231 cubic inches in volume
  • The majority of coating recommendations are expressed in mils, which is equal to 1/1000th of an inch
  • At a maximum thickness of 1 mil, one gallon covers 1,604 square feet
  • Any single portion of liquid dries out or evaporates to lose some of its volume
  • If a liquid contains 40% VOC (the part that disappears), it will only cover 60% of a 100% solids product area

Using Simple Math Steps to Estimate Your Coating Needs

To calculate your actual coating needs, follow these three easy math steps:

  1. 1,604 / (your chosen thickness in mils) = A (true sqft per gallon)
  2. Your total project square footage / A = B (actual gallons necessary with 100 percent solids); skip and go to step 3 if you don't have 100 percent solids
  3. B / (percentage of solids in decimal) = C (required total gallons)

To give you an example, divide 1,604 by 100 to get 16.04 square feet per gallon for a 200 square foot area with a targeted thickness of 100 mils. Then divide that amount by the needed square footage (200) to obtain the minimum number of gallons. In this case, it would require 12.5 gallons for a 200 sqft area.

This is the sample solution:

1,604 / 100 = 16.04, then 200 / 16.04 = 12.47

Real Math to Calculate Coating for Truck Beds

Bare pickup truck bed without liner

One gallon would cover 25.46 square feet at 63 mil thickness (required minimum truck bed liner thickness). To calculate truck bed coverage, divide the total square footage by 25, giving the 63 mils gallons needed -using 100 percent solids two-part coatings with no waste.

If utilizing a one-part product, follow step 3 above. SL&C recommends using only two-part products to provide natural truck bed protection. Also, add 10% for trash.

Let us help you calculate your truck bed surface area using this Truck Bed Coverage Calculator. Use this valuable tool by entering your dimensions for accurate truck bed coating estimations.

Amount of Bed Liner You Need For Specific Models

Cargo bed in pick-up truck

Here are some straightforward calculations to help you figure out how much bed liner you need for some truck models. You should always measure the trucks to determine the right amount:

Ford F150

A 6-foot, 5-inch bed Ford F-150 Regular Cab would need around three gallons to cover the vehicle and bed. Plan on using around a gallon for the bed and the rest for the truck's exterior.

Tacoma Toyota

Three quarts will cover the bed, and two gallons will cover the outside of the Toyota Tacoma 5-foot bed.

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline truck bed is 5-foot, 3-inches long. You will need one gallon for the bed and two gallons for the truck's external body.

Best Bed Liner Paint

If you are looking for the best bed liner, you can consider the following:

Herculiner Bed Liner Kit

It's a roll-on bed liner paint! This package contains a one-gallon bed liner coating, an abrasive pad, rollers, and a brush.

It doesn't depend on any high-priced equipment and is simple to use, and produces decent results. You can have rollers, brushes, and abrasive materials in this kit.

Click here to see this Herculiner Bed Liner Kit on Amazon.

Krylon Truck Bed Coating

It is a spray-on-type coating. It is an excellent alternative for those on a budget or working on little projects. It doesn't need any special tools and can reach deep into tight areas.

It is ideal for minor tasks and significant projects and has a good value in a small amount.

Click here to see this Krylon Truck Bed Coating on Amazon.

U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner

Professional liner set with eight 750 ml liner bottles, two one-liter hardener bottles, and a spray gun. To use the system, pour a hardener into the bed liner base bottle and connect it to the gun and compressor.

It has a spray gun, is simple to use, and provides exceptional outcomes.

Click here to see this U-Pol Raptor Bed Liner on Amazon.

Is Bed Liner Paint Durable?

Protective surface on a pickup truck

To protect the truck bed from the outdoors, some use Rust-Oleum as a spray. But it's capable of more. It may be applied on bare or primed metal truck beds and provides excellent durability.

This truck bed coating spray can give you the following:

  • Has outdoor resistant textured non-skid finish
  • Fits the truck bed perfectly
  • Reduces traffic noise
  • Protects against impacts, scrapes, weather, and fading
  • Is formulated to stop corrosion and rust

How Long Does Rustoleum Bed Liner Last?

Please don't consider it bed liner but spray paint-like. We've tried all long-lasting sprays, and this is by far the best. It will last four years without fading or requiring re-spraying if you mask off and spray it.

How Long Does Rhino Lining Last?

You and your car deserve the most significant protection for your investment. Guaranteed Rhino Lining spray-on bed liners protect and maintain your vehicle bed.

A Rhino Lining is a durable, spray-on lacquer that protects truck beds and other automobile surfaces. A Rhino Liner is built to last a lifetime, but some manufacturers back it up with a lifetime warranty.

How Much Does It Cost to Rhino Line an Entire Truck?

The price of a Rhino Liner varies based on bed size. However, a countrywide study of Line-X and Rhino Liner installers revealed an average installation cost of $470.41. That's approximately $100 more than a DualLiner, which protects your truck bed better.

Line-entire X's body spray cost ranges from $3,000 to $5,000, while Liveoak claims basic bed liner costs $450-$550.

Does Bed Liner Stop Rust?

If you have never had your truck protected, you will face oxidation. Maybe you're dealing with it right now. On the bottom of your automobile, Krown is perfect.

You can use Krown on rusty cars. It absorbs existing corrosion and draws moisture out of the metal, stopping oxidation and preventing rust spread.

Click here to see Krown Rust Protection & Lubricant on Amazon.

But don't wait to apply bed liner. No product, even one as excellent as Krown, can assist all the time. Krown should be used annually for optimum protection since it wears down over time.

LINE-X bed liners are a spray-on, so there are no seams for moisture to get inside. If you stop moisture, no rust can develop.

Can You Spray Raptor Liner Over Old Paint?

You can paint over old paint and ignore minor dings and dents if you paint over them. Using Raptor Liner is significantly simpler than painting an automobile. A typical paint finish is smooth and glossy.

The technique is simple. First, you estimate the area to be covered. You clean the surface and purchase the Raptor Liner kit. Then you shake it like a spray paint can and apply it. You can use Raptor Liner with a paint roller, but the results are less uniform; unwanted softness might develop in thicker places.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how much bed liner your truck needs, it's time to get started. In most situations, it's usually preferable to have too much than not enough merchandise on hand. We hope you can figure out how much bed liner to acquire and what is best to choose.

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