How Much Can A Volvo V60 Tow?

The Volvo V60 is the great Scandinavian station wagon that can get you and your family around in luxury. But is it a good vehicle for towing? We've done the research, and we've got the information you need to know for towing in your V60.

The Volvo V60 has a maximum towing capacity of 2000 lbs (900 kg) with trailer brakes. Without trailer brakes, the maximum towing capacity is 1650 lbs (750 kg). This towing capacity is respectable for a station wagon but is lower than some of Volvo's other vehicles, like the XC90.

We'll look more at what you can tow with your Volvo V60. We'll also answer your questions about speed, reliability, and safety, as well as cover other information on towing with a Volvo. Read on to learn all about it.

A Volvo V60 at international motor show, How Much Can A Volvo V60 Tow?

What Can you Tow with a Volvo V60?

The V60's maximum towing capacity of 2,000 lbs falls short of more traditional towing vehicles, like pickup trucks. However, you may be surprised how much you can tow.

A luxurious Volvo V60 photographed in the side of the highway

Here are just a few options to consider:

Camper Trailers

When you think of camper trailers, the first image that pops into your mind might be massive home-on-wheels-style RVs. However, in recent years demand for lightweight camper trailers has been growing, and many manufacturers, old and new, have met that demand.

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

A newer face in RV manufacturers, Timberleaf started up in 2015 with their Classic model. The Classic has a base weight of 1,500 lbs, perfect for the V60 as long as you keep your cargo light. Their Pika and Kestral models are even lighter, 1,025 and 860 lbs, respectively.

MeerKat Trailers

The MeerKat mini RV manages to get a lot of functionality into its base weight of a mere 900 lbs. This leaves you plenty of wiggle room for your cargo or extra features.

The MeerKat's design looks great with retro color schemes for a mid-century meets modern feel.

Toy Haulers and Offroaders

Motocross and enduro bikes, ATVs, and more weigh well below the V60's towing capacity. You could tow them in a standard trailer, but you can tow them and have an outdoor shelter by getting a lightweight toy hauler.

The SylvanSport Go weighs just 840 lbs. With its 48"-by-84" cargo deck, you can haul even an ATV like this 580-lb Honda Fourtrax Rancher in your V60. Once you get your cargo unloaded, the cargo deck converts into a surprisingly spacious canvas shelter with two beds.

For even more ideas, check out our article, "How Much Weight Can a Toy Hauler Carry?" It covers a variety of popular toy hauler cargo that can get you informed and inspired for your next trip.


Campers aren't the only way to enjoy the great outdoors. Nothing compares with getting out on the water, whether river, lake, or sea. With the right choices, your V60 can get you there.

Personal Watercraft

Personal watercraft, often called jet skis or wave runners, are a great way to bring high-octane fun to your next outing.

When towing these, it's important to consider the weight of the trailer too. You can get a single watercraft trailer as light as 250 lbs and a double as light as 360 lbs. Your V60 could even tow two lightweight options, like the 423-lb Sea-Doo Spark, with ease!

Fishing boats

While many fishing boats are too heavy to tow with the V60, there are some lightweight options out there. The Lowe V1460 is an aluminum motorboat that weighs only 192 lbs! Your typical boat trailer weighs around 600 lbs, meaning the V60 can tow this boat with weight to spare.

Is Volvo V60 AWD?

An awesome red colored Volvo V60 photographed in an industrial zone

The Volvo V60 is available with a variety of options for powertrains. The T4, T5, and T6 are their gasoline powertrains. The T4 is only available as front-wheel-drive, but the T5 and T6 are available as either front- or all-wheel-drive.

The V60 is also available as a full or mild hybrid, with either the T6 Twin Engine or the T8 powertrains. These powertrains are available as either front- or all-wheel-drive.

The T6 and T8 are also available with Volvo's electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system, known as eAWD. This system responds faster and more efficiently than traditional all-wheel drive.

Is the Volvo V60 Fast?

White Volvo V60 Cross Country car moving on the street

The standard Volvo V60 has a top speed of 112 mph (180 km/h). For even more speed and giddyup, the twin-engine configurations have even more power. The T6 twin engine has a top speed of 140 mph, and the T8 twin-engine has a top speed of 155 mph, making it one of Volvo's fastest vehicles.

When it comes to acceleration, the V60 does get beat out by some other luxury station wagons, such as the Audi RS 6 C7, but still ranks well in its category, according to

How Reliable is Volvo V60?

The Volvo V60 is among the more reliable luxury wagons. It received a 4.5 out of 5 in reliability and safety by Car BuyerIn the 2021 award season, J.D. Power recognized Volvo as a brand for both quality and dependability.

According to Warranty Wise, Volvo is less reliable than some brands with reputations for reliability. In particular, Honda and Toyota stand out among the most reliable vehicles. However, Volvo outperforms many similar luxury brands, such as BMW and Audi.

When it comes to maintenance, Volvos are typically more expensive to maintain than many standard brands but less expensive to maintain than other luxury brands.

According to Car Edge, the Volvo V60 costs an average of $11,020 in maintenance over ten years. While this may seem like a lot, it is $2,865 less than the industry standard for luxury wagons.

How Safe is the Volvo V60?

A gray Volvo V60 photographed in the parking lot

While Volvo is just above average when it comes to reliability, where it really stands out is safety. This is particularly true of the Volvo V60.

Euro NCAP, which tests safety for vehicles in collisions at various angles, gave the Volvo V60 a full five-star rating for safety. This is consistent with the Scandinavian manufacturer's reputation for outstanding safety.

What Volvo is Best for Towing?

The V60 can pull a reasonable amount for a station wagon. However, if you're looking for a Volvo with heavier towing power, you may want to consider the Volvo XC90.

Equipped with trailer brakes and all-wheel drive, the XC90 commands a respectable 5,000 lbs of towing power. That's 2.5 times as much as the V60.

This increase will open up a world of options for your towing needs. This is enough to pull a trailer with a small boat or a couple of jet skis, as well as a number of lightweight campers.

You can even pull some toy haulers with the XC90. To learn more about them, check out our article "6 Small and Lightweight Toy Hauler RVs Under 5000 lbs."

Does Towing Put Stress on a Car?

Towing can put stress on the towing vehicle, but there are many ways to minimize the amount of stress your towing vehicle suffers.

The first is to follow the 80% rule. This means that you shouldn't tow more than 80% of your towing vehicle's total towing capacity. For a V60 with trailer brakes, this would be 1,600 lbs.

Towing following the 80% rule will not only put less stress on your vehicle; it will also make your ride much smoother and easier to navigate, as well as allow you to brake more safely.

Even when following the 80% rule, you may be putting excess stress on your vehicle. This can happen when the weight is not well distributed in the trailer you tow. You want most of the weight of the trailer to be over the axel or toward the front of the vehicle.

One more way to avoid stress on your vehicle is to check everything before you tow. Make sure all the connections are secure and that the tires are at the correct pressure. Make a habit of doing this before you set off as well as at each stop you make along the way.

Final Thoughts

Just because the Volvo V60 is a station wagon with an eye on luxury doesn't mean it can't be a great towing vehicle. We've learned more about how to tow with your V60, as well as some great options for when you do.

Whether you're taking a camper out for some peace and quiet or bringing your jet ski for some high-speed fun on the water, you now know how your V60 can help you do it.

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